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Photo of Ben Meland
Ben Meland
Co-Founder and Managing Partner Enclave Companies

At Enclave, we approach every project by first spending significant time understanding the beneficiaries of the finished project, including end users, the neighbors and the community. This important step allows the team to develop communities that serve the end user, while having a positive impact on its neighbors and the community. We recognize that financial and market analysis will drive what makes sense to build, who it will be built for, and what budget we have to work with. However, we believe a well-designed community does not have to come at the expense of budget, and budget doesn’t have to constrain our ability to create a well designed and built community.

Our foremost talent is to complete thoughtful projects for defined target markets, on time and on budget. To date, 100% of our projects have been delivered on time and within budget.



By assembling the right partners (architects, engineers, lenders, investors) and working closely during the design phase, Enclave is able to design project budgets that work and successfully manage project specifications and schedules to deliver developments that achieve goals across every level.

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Photo of Barry Maring
Barry Maring
President Sonmar Companies

Mr. Maring is a longtime entrepreneur with management experience in several diverse industries. He graduated Cum Laude from Concordia College, Moorhead, MN with a BA in Business Administration and Accounting with a minor in Spanish. Barry developed his financial skills as an auditor with KPMG in Minneapolis, MN and he passed the CPA exam the fall after graduation. Subsequently, Barry joined the North Dakota Department of Banking as a Bank Examiner. Barry began following his entrepreneurial spirit early in his career when he developed a quick-serve Italian restaurant and purchased and developed various restaurants. He is now with Sonmar Management and Right at Home in Fargo, ND.

Married 27 years to Elizabeth with a 22 year old son, Jack and a 20 year old daughter, Brooke. He enjoys golfing and relaxing at the lake in his free time.

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Photo of Mike Meagher
Mike Meagher
Founder and President Sagency

Mike found meaningful work early in his career, but was constantly intrigued by how people engaged in their work and what led to team success. When teams were doing well, he noticed better communication and clear direction. When teams struggled, it was because they weren’t on the same page and they didn’t appreciate each other’s unique strengths and contributions.

He began reading and researching what impacts business success and found some common themes. People and healthy organizational dynamics (culture) are the primary drivers of success. Strategy matters but leadership is everything.

What was once simple intrigue, became the passion and the cornerstone for Sagency. When he founded Sagency in 2011, he was (and still is) eager to take on the challenge of guiding clients to achieve healthy growth.

Mike believes success and healthy growth always center around people:

  • Leveraging the talent of people on a team to achieve bigger goals.
  • Finding the right people.
  • Developing the capabilities of people.
  • Engaging people to create and execute plans to win.

“Our incredible team has a simple mission: We help leaders create a culture where everyone knows and does what it takes to win as a team. We take pride in being trustworthy guides. We’ve been there before, so we know the way to help you achieve healthy growth.” – Mike Meagher

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Photo of Anthony Molzahn
Anthony Molzahn
CEO | Co-Founder Project Phoenix
Photo of Amber Metz
Amber Metz
Executive Director Lake Agassiz Development Group


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Photo of Matt Magness
Matt Magness
Executive Director Offutt School of Business | SBDC West Central
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Photo of Kia Mikesh
Kia Mikesh
CEO, Partner Adams Independent Testing, LLC

A champion of the farming industry, Kia cofounded Adams Independent Testing (AIT) after the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 approved legalized cultivation and commercial production of industrial hemp. Leveraging her deep industry knowledge of Federal regulations, testing operations, and software innovation, Kia established what would become one of the first hemp testing laboratories in the state of North Dakota. With Kia’s guidance, AIT has emerged as a reliable third-party testing partner committed to what is arguably one of the quickest turnaround timelines in the United States.

Kia is also the Vice President of North Dakota Grain Inspection (NDGI), where she has worked since 2011. NDGI is one of the largest agencies in the United States Federally licensed to sample and grade grain under the United States Grain Standards and Agricultural Marketing Acts. Kia has been instrumental in leading the company’s strategic growth initiatives, with NDGI currently operating out of nine states. Additionally, Kia acts as Project Manager of AdamsNet, a software development company creating innovative solutions for grain inspection agencies like that of NDGI. It was this background that equipped her with the knowledge and tools needed to establish a hemp testing facility and have it fully operational within a short period.

Keen on never becoming stagnant, Kia’s commitment to professional growth and continual learning has been fundamental in a business with frequent regulatory changes. In recognition of her dedication and expertise, Kia has been appointed to serve on multiple boards over the years to promote and support economic sustainability in the agriculture sector. For example, Kia is currently a member of the Board of Directors for American Association of Grain Inspection and Weighing Agencies. She was also appointed by the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture to serve on the U.S. Department of Agriculture Grain Inspection Advisory Committee, where she discussed issues within the grain industry and provided recommendations and solutions to better programs and services under the U.S. Grain Standards Act.

In December 2016, Kia was recognized in Prairie Business magazine’s “40 Under 40” publication, a list honoring the top regional business professionals under the age of 40 making significant impacts in their professions, industries, and communities. She earned a bachelor’s degree from Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, MN, with a double major in Industrial Relations and Entrepreneurial Management.

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Photo of Adam Martin
Adam Martin
Founder F5 Project

Help for the incarcerated by the formerly incarcerated.

Prior to starting the F5 Project, Adam realized that every program available to help felons was offered by people who had never been to prison.


The F5 Project is a 501c(3) non profit organization that meets formerly incarcerated and those trying to overcome addiction where they’re at to help them start fresh.


After 5 felony convictions, Adam was given the chance to focus on his past or focus on is future. Adam got a chance to hit the refresh key on his life. Since been given that opportunity he has committed his life to doing the same for others.


The F5 Project is 100% privately funded and works tirelessly to change laws, rules, regulations and stigmas that negatively affect those trying to create a new life for themselves. We are always looking for criminal justice reform warriors who would like to join our cause. Donate here or contact us to volunteer.

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Photo of Patrick Metzger
Patrick Metzger
Professional EOS Implementer PM and Associates, LLC


As a Professional EOS Implementer®, keynote speaker and coach, I partner with small to medium size businesses and organizations as a facilitator, teacher and coach in helping you clarify, simplify and achieve your vision.

In working directly with leadership teams, the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®) helps to get everyone on the same page with where your organization is currently at, where you’re going and exactly how you’re going to get there.

Along with developing a simplified and extremely effective strategic plan, we bring discipline and accountability to your organization so everyone makes progress each day toward achieving that vision by using simple concepts and practical tools.

Finally, we build a more healthy and cohesive leadership team. As you know, so goes your leadership team, so goes the rest of your organization.

The result: A healthy, focused leadership team and organization that makes continual progress towards achieving everything in your vision.

Core Focus™: Partnering with and supporting teams and leaders for growth and success

Core Values: Humbly Confident, Grow or Die, Do What We Say, Do the Right Thing, Help First

3 Uniques™: Open & Honest, Relatable & Real, Above & Beyond

Offerings: Professional EOS Implementation, Keynote Speaking, Professional Training & Development, High Performance Coaching

Specialties: Team Communication, Functionality & Health, High Performance, Self-Development

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Photo of Brett Meyers
Brett Meyers
Owner | Broker Ag Experts Land & Auction
  • Western College of Auctioneering, Montana
  • Partner, Meyers Farms, Galesburg, ND
  • Previously Realtor, Crary Homes and Real Estate
  • Member since February 4, 2020
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Photo of Kurt McSparron
Kurt McSparron
Founder and President The100,Inc., dba The Executives’ Club of Fargo-Moorhead
  • Hometown: Grandin, ND
  • 1986: School of Communication Arts, Minneapolis, MN | Radio/TV Broadcasting
  • 2010-15: ND Member Representative NFIB National Federation of Independent Business
  • 2020: Editorial Board, Fargo INC! Business Magazine
  • Schedule a meeting at your office
  • Member since August 13, 2015 | Founder
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  1. Wes Henry
  2. Josh Christy
  3. Don R Grande
  4. Dean Vollmer
  5. Ron Fuhrman
  6. Doug Johnson
  7. Debra M Asp
  8. Ben Meland
  9. Todd Fisher
  10. Mark Giddings
  11. Jim Kasper
  12. Jon Kungel
  13. Tom Kading
  14. Nolen Bertsch
  15. Harlan Goerger
  16. Patrick Emerson
  17. Rick Berg
  18. Darcy Pope-Fuchs
  19. Bob Gibb
  20. Kristi Larkin
  21. Zach Paxton
  22. Kevin Johnson
  23. Scott Thuen
  24. David Dietz
  25. Mike Graham
  26. Jim Buus
  27. Ben Koppelman
  28. David Reid
  29. Cindy Cole
  30. Cindy Tyo
  31. Jon Lowry
  32. Brady Nash
  33. Dan Parker
  34. Kent Satrang
  35. Joe Gudding
  36. Dave Anderson
  37. Mike Dragosavich
  38. Matt Lachowitzer
  39. Shawn Weyer
  40. Kari Score
  41. Art Rosenberg
  42. Brandon Pittenger
  43. Brook Lyter
  44. Stu Stockmoe
  45. Jodee Bock
  46. Mason Orth
  47. Kim Bjoralt
  48. Russell Schell
  49. Richard Cossette
  50. Robert Sinner
  51. Jim Howe
  52. Dave Ekman
  53. Barry Maring
  54. Roger Christianson
  55. Mike Meagher
  56. Kelly Wentz
  57. Tim Eissinger
  58. Rob Burke
  59. Jessica Hoppe
  60. Rachael Boyer
  61. Paul Highness
  62. Carissa Olsen
  63. Sheri Larson
  64. Steve Dusek
  65. Paul Smith
  66. John Reimer
  67. Alex Warner
  68. Dayna Del Val
  69. Darren Rogness
  70. Anthony Molzahn
  71. DJ Colter
  72. Amber Metz
  73. Don Arvidson
  74. Barry Gish
  75. Matt Magness
  76. Dave Nelson
  77. Robin Nelson
  78. Bill Erickson
  79. Andrea Hochhalter
  80. Paul Bougie
  81. Stacie Loegering
  82. Beth Jansen
  83. Patrick Kirby
  84. Melissa Brandt
  85. Jared Ferguson
  86. Michael Johnson
  87. Sylvia Lunski
  88. Kia Adams-Mikesh
  89. Dan Cash
  90. Dana Sand
  91. Dave Harmon
  92. Trent Lee
  93. Dan Retzlaff
  94. Peter Schott
  95. Mark Bjerke
  96. Todd Berning
  97. Adam Martin
  98. Matt Chaussee
  99. Sandra Vigen
  100. Michelle Swanson
  101. Lisa Bortnem-Wiser
  102. Shelle Hagen
  103. Ole P Rygg
  104. Janelle Albrecht
  105. John Fisher
  106. Ryan Such
  107. Miranda Burfeind
  108. Sarah Koustrup
  109. Beau Flom
  110. Trenton Gerads
  111. Shanna Cramer
  112. Susan Hozak
  113. Austen Schauer
  114. Mark Puppe
  115. Maddie Schultz
  116. Amy L Nash
  117. Patrick Metzger
  118. Jackson Strom
  119. Matt Breker
  120. Brett Meyers
  121. Gary Johnson
  122. Steve Hallstrom
  123. Linda J Pederson PE
  124. Joe Tjosvold
  125. Cheryl Bergian
  126. Jason Orloske
  127. Allen Ralston
  128. Maren Gemar
  129. Pete Christopher
  130. Gail Nelson
  131. Erik Jacobsen
  132. Landon Vogel
  133. Heather Aal
  134. Beverly Boone
  135. Shelley Lenz
  136. Tom Stadum
  137. Shaun Engelsrud
  138. Julie Halvorsen
  139. Chris Poer
  140. Cassie Temple
  141. Kurt McSparron

Our Members by first name, A to Z

  • companies headed/partnered

Adam Martin

Alex Warner

Allen Ralston

  • Empower Digital Marketing

Amber Metz

Amy L Nash

Andrea Hochhalter

Anthony Molzahn

Art Rosenberg

Austen Schauer

  • ProSource

Barry Gish

Barry Maring

Beau Flom

Ben Koppelman

Ben Meland

Beverly Boone

  • Boone Charitable Foundation

Bill Erickson

Bob Gibb

Brady Nash

Brandon Pittenger

Brett Meyers

Brook Lyter

Carissa Olsen

Cheryl Bergian

Cindy Cole

Cindy Tyo

Dan Cash

Dan Parker

Dan Retzlaff

Dana Sand

Darcy Pope Fuchs

Darren Rogness

Dave Anderson

Dave Ekman

  • Bridge Hospitality

Dave Harmon

Dave Nelson

David Dietz

David Reid

Dayna Del Val

Dean Vollmer

Debra M Asp

DJ Colter

Don Arvidson

Don R Grande

Doug Johnson

Erik Jacobson

  • SA-Fargo/Moorhead
  • EJ- Contract Employment
  • Blue Line Walleye Tournament

Gail Nelson

  • Journey Counseling

Gary Johnson

Harlan Goerger

Heather Aal

Jackson Strom

Janelle Albrecht

Jared Ferguson

Jason Orloske

Jessica Hoppe

  • Alerus Financial

Jill Christopher

Jim Buus

Jim Howe

Jim Kasper

  • Asset Management Group, Inc.

Jodee Bock

Joe Gudding

  • Avalon Events Center

Joe Tjosvold

John Fisher

John Reimer

Jon Kungel

Jon Lowry

Josh Christy

Kari Score

Kelly Wentz

Kent Satrang

Kevin Johnson

Kia Mikesh

Kim Bjoralt

Kristi Larkin

Kurt McSparron

Landon Vogel

  • Prairie Ag Products

Linda J Pederson

Lisa Bortnem-Wiser

Maddie Schultz

Maren Gamer

  • Touchmark

Mark Bjerke

Mark Giddings, CPA, CGMA

Mark Puppe

Mason Orth

Matt Breker

  • Merrill Financial Advisor

Matt Chaussee

Matt Lachowitzer

Matt Magness

Melissa Brandt

Michael Johnson

Michelle Swanson

Mike Dragosavich

Mike Graham

Mike Meagher

Miranda Burfeind

Nolen Bertsch

Ole P Rygg

Patrick Emerson

Patrick Kirby

Patrick Metzger

Paul Bougie

Paul Highness

  • Pro Resources

Paul Smith

Pete Christopher

  • Lake Agassiz Habitat For Humanity

Peter Schott

Rachael Boyer

Richard Cossette

Rick Berg

Rob Burke

Robert Sinner

Robin Nelson

Roger Christianson

Ron Fuhrman

Russell Schell

Ryan Such

Sandra Vigen

Sarah Koustrup

  • National Hospitality Services

Scott Thuen

Shanna Cramer

Shawn Weyer

Shelle Hagen

Shelley Lenz

  • Killdeer Veterinary Clinic
  • State Avenue Veterinary Clinic
  • Ometepe Veterinary Clinic
  • Sustainable Vets International

Sheri Larson

Stacie Loegering

Steve Dusek

Steve Hallstrom

Stu Stockmoe

Susan Hozak

Sylvia Lunski

Tim Eissinger

Todd Berning

Todd Fisher

Tom Kading

Trent Lee

Wes Henry

Zach Paxton