about the100,inc.


To create unequivocal value for business owners and executives by connecting people to people, connecting people to projects and helping leaders lead.

To accept the challenge of epitomizing self-reliance while being the benchmark for collaboration.

To lead by example.


Initiative. Creativity. Resourcefulness. Transparency. Honesty. Empathy.

Lonely at the top: New executive club provides support for CEOs and business owners


FARGO—Many CEOs and business owners say it’s lonely at the top, but it doesn’t have to be thanks to a new executive club called the100.

Founder Kurt McSparron said he was motivated to start the100 because most of the business groups in town are geared towards sales professionals hoping for referrals. He saw the need for a group that would support those at the top.

“It’s a peer-to-peer development group where CEOs can support each other, share ideas, find solutions and do business directly with other owners,” he explained.

Membership is by invitation-only and capped at 100 in order to limit competition among members. McSparron said the goal is to represent as many industries as possible.

“What we did was sort of create a business owners’ shopping mall where everything a CEO needs on a daily basis, the group more than likely provides it, from CPAs to attorneys to marketing firms to contractors,” McSparron said.

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Dan Altenbernd of H2M in Fargo talks to members about marketing and advertising at a meeting of the100, a new executive club for CEOs and business owners, Wednesday, May 18, 2016, at the Avalon Event Center in Fargo.
Dave Wallis / The Forum

Growing a Business: Fargo hosts Executive Expo 2018

FARGO — Growing your business is not a solo act.

That was a key message at the first ever Executive Expo.

The 100 Inc., an initiative focused on growth in business at all levels, hosted the event to expand business opportunities and build relationships within it.

Keynote speakers and breakout sessions focused on ethics, leadership, and networking – an ongoing issue in the F-M business community.

“We can all work independently and do well alone but if we use the energy of the other business leaders, it’s just that much easier,” says Kurt McSparron of The 100, INC.

McSparron says he founded the group BECAUSE OF the need for collaboration between executives in the F-M community.


First Ever Executive Expo Gives Business Leaders Networking Opportunities


who we are

the100,inc. is a stellar collaboration of Fargo-Moorhead area Presidents, CEOs, Owners and Business Leaders from all industries, of all sizes and all business structures, for-profit and non-profit.

It is an intentionally diverse assembly of top-level executives with a desire for experience-based knowledge, unbiased feedback, fresh perspectives, peer-level networking and early insight to projects and new ideas.

The Members of the100,inc. are dreamers, who understand the risk, thrive on the responsibility and celebrate the success of our fellow entrepreneurs. We appreciate our liberties and give back to our community with leadership, mentorship and volunteerism.

what we do

the100,inc. is a 100% business initiative, providing opportunities to network with area business leaders; to share new and innovative management strategies; to promote yourself and your organization in a diplomatic circumstance; share best practices and learn executive solutions with those who’ve “been there, done that”.

the100,inc. provides tools necessary for the daily performance of your business. Our Membership roster is a CEO’s Shopping Mall, an executive resource network of business products and services necessary to successfully own, operate and grow your organization. Our Member businesses are privately-held, locally-owned and have a reputation for excellence.

We host regularly-scheduled events for both Members and non-Members on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis, for the sole-purpose of helping leaders to lead better.

why join us

Business leaders join the100,inc. to gain the collective wisdom and multiple perspectives on operational issues through private Member-to-Member discussions, as well as open-forum, unbiased presentations.

They join to gain valuable information, knowledge and insight from other experienced CEOs.

They join to save time and money doing business directly with the owners and key personnel in a zero-pressure, “we’re-here-when-you-need-us” atmosphere.

They join to understand how to avoid the common pitfalls, leadership mistakes and unexpected roadblocks of organizational growth.

They join to have fun, with no requirements or expectations!

Thank you for your interest in the100, inc.!

We’re honored that you’ve taken the time to learn more about, what we believe to be, the most trusted collaboration of business leaders in the Fargo-Moorhead-West Fargo area!

the100, inc. business, leadership and growth initiative takes great pride in allowing our Members to control the destiny of our organization, by suggesting topics for our events, generating new ideas for community involvement and referring the area’s  best business leaders to join us. With no national bureaucracy determining our direction, we are free to initiate projects, collaborate with other business organizations and update our policies at any time, without interference or hesitation.

This makes us a unique business organization, together with other fundamental principles:

  • I have dedicated myself to the growth and prosperity of the100, inc. full-time, meaning I am available to you every day and at all hours, if necessary. Your annual Membership, in addition to the unlimited networking opportunities, has bought you a full-time “executive assistant”, in that I am available for one-on-one confidential meetings, professional introductions and referrals and to offer an outsiders perspective to your organization for ideas, feedback and suggestions.

  • Our collaborative commitment is to see that no Member of the100, inc. be forced to downsize, layoff, liquidate or close your doors while actively enrolled in our initiative. This organization was designed as an “Executive’s Resource Network”, meaning that everything you need to own, operate and grow your organization is available within our Membership. While Members are not, in any way, obligated to purchase from other Members, we pride ourselves on having the best privately-held business products and services providers in the FMWF area, along with a stellar group of area non-profits and influential leaders. We are here when you need us!

  • the100, inc. is 100% initiative, meaning you will get out of it exactly what you put into it. There are NO attendance requirements. NO leads, tips or referrals requirements. Members are encouraged to attend our hosted public and private events, but are required to attend none.

Fargo Inc! Business Magazine | April 2018

with gratitude,

Kurt J McSparron, Founder

kurt@the100.work | 701.541.1073

“What helps people, helps business.”
– Leo Burnett (1891 – 1971) 
“Give every person more in use value than you take from them in cash value.”
– Wallace Wattles (1860-1911) 
“The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively.”
– Bob Marley (1945 – 1981) 

in·i·ti·a·tive  [iˈniSH(ē)ədiv]


1. the ability to assess and initiate things independently   synonyms: self-motivation · resourcefulness · inventiveness

2. the power or opportunity to act or take charge before others do:

3. an act or strategy intended to resolve a difficulty or improve a situation; a fresh approach to something  synonyms: plan · scheme · strategy · stratagem · measure

4. (the initiative) a procedure by which a specified number of voters may propose statute, constitutional amendment, or ordinance, and compel popular vote on its adoption.


5. of or relating to formal admission or acceptance into a club or other group

6. serving to set in motion or initiate; introductory; beginning:

Policies and Procedures

the top 10 11 initiative actions


simply clicking “like” puts your name in front of other Members.
Also, post your own promotions, events or business questions. 
Remember, only our Members can see our private page. If you’re not on Facebook, give me a call and let me help you get started.

2) contact me everyday, for introductions, ideas or solutions

Those introductions lead to interaction with other Members.
Having a situation?…let me know if i can help (or find someone who can). Obviously, the more that you’re in the front of my mind, the more that i’m promoting you to the other Members.

3) make time for our weekly Wednesday lunch. 12-1pm

usually 10+ Members show up each week and we casually get to know each other. Lunches are almost always at Porter Creek on 45th St S in Fargo. Any change would be posted in our Facebook group.

4) make time for our monthly executive events

Each quarter, we will host a 3hr “Best Practices” breakfast event at the Avalon, a 2hr specific topic luncheon at the Avalon (both events open to the entire F-M business community) and a 2hr Members-only social event (just for fun).

Beginning in February of 2018, our Executive Events will be the 3rd Wednesday of EVERY MONTH.

5) be a panelist/featured speaker at our Executive Events

The panelists are, generally, always our Members. You have a free opportunity to promote yourself, your business and give back to the group. I am looking for panelists for our 2018 line-up.


6) Host a Member Social at your business

I will help with anything that you need and we have help available from Member businesses, but, for the most part, the Member Socials are your company’s event.

Socials are always FREE to Members and from 4-7pm.

7) Host a 5-10 Member presentation event

Do you have a topic that you would like to address with a smaller group of our Members? Let me know your idea and I will be happy to help arrange the event with you.

8) Host an Open House at your business

If you have moved locations or would simply like to celebrate, let’s host an Open House. I’m happy to help.

9) reach out to our Members for consultations

Many of our Members are available for free consulting and all are very interested in seeing each other grow. Give me a call to arrange a meeting or contact the Member directly.

10) share ideas and suggestions to grow our project

Nearly everything that is the100,inc. has come from Member suggestions. Please share your ideas with me and I will bring them to our next Advisory Board meeting.

So far, we have had Members form partnerships, collaborate on projects, secure large accounts, as well as save time and money by taking advantage of this network – thank you!


Like all non-profits, the100,inc. relies on the generosity of its’ Members maintain cash flow.
We have a substantial promotional opportunity available for 10 Members to support our initiative above and beyond standard Membership.
Gold Memberships are an $11,500 value available for a 1-time contribution of $2,500, which includes 10 yrs of Membership. Click here for more information or email kurt@the100.work with questions.

as of 4-01-2018, just 1 Gold Membership is still available

the top 7 benefits of Membership

1) executive-level networking
2) leadership development
  • discuss best practices and processes
  • share experiences and solutions
  • develop creativity and innovation
  • form collaborations and relationships
  • meet the area’s best business coaches 
3) business promotion
4) business growth and/or traction
  • achieving or maintaining well-managed, sustained growth
  • no downsizing or unwilling closures by Members
  • getting the right people in the right seats
  • implementing proven processes
5) increased profits + reduced costs
  • additional revenue
  • decreased costs
  • discovering hidden profits
  • saving time
  • avoiding the “rabbit-holes” from others’ experiences
6) owner, staff and company wellness
  • communication
  • focus
  • motivation
  • inspiration +++
7) fun!
  • we celebrate success
  • we get to know our Members outside of work
  • we support our local community
  • we seek ways to make an impact
  • we look back at the mistakes we’ve made along the way and learn from them as we move forward!

thank you.