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Photo of Kent Satrang
Kent Satrang
CEO / General Manager Petro Serve USA
  • Hometown: Rolette, ND
  • UND, Bachelors Business Mgmt | NDSU, Associates Business Mgmt
  • With Petro Serve USA since 1998
  • Helped to double revenue 5 times over 20 years
  • Implements Traction EOS Operating System
  • Founding Member since December 18, 2015
Updated 4 months ago.
Photo of Kari Score
Kari Score
President Dakota Storage Products
  • NDSU, Bachelors, Business Management/Administration
  • Dakota Storage Products founded in 1989
  • Founded by Merlyn Nelson, Kari’s father
  • Kari became President in 2008
  • Member since February 5, 2016
Updated 4 months ago.
Photo of Stu Stockmoe
Stu Stockmoe
Owner SaveCoin | Monitor Marketing
  • Member since April 13, 2016
Updated 8 months ago.
Photo of Robert Sinner
Robert Sinner
President SB&B Foods, Inc.
  • 5th generation family enterprise
  • Our philosophy continues to be “Production with Purpose”
  • Also own and operate Identity Ag Processing, Casselton, ND
  • Member since November 28, 2016


Updated 11 months ago.
Photo of Paul Smith
Paul Smith
Regional Director ND SBDC
Updated 3 months ago.
Photo of Dana Sand
Dana Sand
President OK Tire Stores
Updated 8 months ago.
Photo of Peter Schott
Peter Schott
Founder Genesis Feed Technologies
Updated 8 months ago.
Photo of Michelle Swanson
Michelle Swanson
President Reliance Associates, PLLC
  • NDSU, BS, Accounting, Business Administration
  • 25+ years in the industry
  • Founded Reliance Associates in 2009
  • Member since June 20, 2018
Updated 5 months ago.
Photo of Ryan Such
Ryan Such
President All Terrain
Updated 11 months ago.
Photo of Austen Schauer
Austen Schauer
Personal Member
Updated 11 months ago.
Photo of Maddie Schultz
Maddie Schultz
Owner Blue Cypher Bookkeeping

I have always been told I am very detail-oriented and good at finding ways to make things more efficient and organized. My experience before becoming an entrepreneur was in various industries including banking, healthcare and in a private foundation as a grants manager overseeing multi-million dollar grants.

I realized what I enjoyed most in my work kept coming back to organizing data, developing processes and efficiency. When I combined those strengths with my passion for finance, it was a natural fit for me to start Blue Cypher Bookkeeping.

I love being able to partner with small business owners in my community and across the country. I call Fargo, North Dakota my home, but because my services are cloud-based, I accept clients throughout the United States.

Want to feel more confident in your finances, knowing the books are taken care of for you and ready for tax time? Let’s chat! Email me at to schedule a free consultation.

Updated 1 week ago.
Photo of Jackson Strom
Jackson Strom
Principal Architect Strom Architecture
  • NDSU, Master’s Degree, Architecture
  • Portfolio
  • Member since January 21, 2020
Updated 1 month ago.
Photo of Thomas M Stadum
Thomas M Stadum
Founder, Wealth Advisor Fjell Capital

As a third-generation financial advisor, Tom Stadum carries on the tradition of his grandfather and father by delivering comprehensive financial plans, prudent investment strategies, and timely service. 

Outside of work, he enjoys golfing, racing sailboats, traveling, and spending time with his wife, Camila, and daughter, Lucy.  Tom is active in the community and serves on several non-profit advisory boards.

Updated 2 weeks ago.

Our Members by first name, A to Z

  • companies headed/partnered

Adam Martin

Alex Warner

Allen Ralston

  • Empower Digital Marketing

Amber Metz

Amy L Nash

Andrea Hochhalter

Anthony Molzahn

Art Rosenberg

Austen Schauer

  • ProSource

Barry Gish

Barry Maring

Beau Flom

Ben Koppelman

Ben Meland

Beverly Boone

  • Boone Charitable Foundation

Bill Erickson

Bob Gibb

Brady Nash

Brandon Pittenger

Brett Meyers

Brook Lyter

Carissa Olsen

Cheryl Bergian

Cindy Cole

Cindy Tyo

Dan Cash

Dan Parker

Dan Retzlaff

Dana Sand

Darcy Pope Fuchs

Darren Rogness

Dave Anderson

Dave Ekman

  • Bridge Hospitality

Dave Harmon

Dave Nelson

David Dietz

David Reid

Dayna Del Val

Dean Vollmer

Debra M Asp

DJ Colter

Don Arvidson

Don R Grande

Doug Johnson

Erik Jacobson

  • SA-Fargo/Moorhead
  • EJ- Contract Employment
  • Blue Line Walleye Tournament

Gail Nelson

  • Journey Counseling

Gary Johnson

Harlan Goerger

Heather Aal

Jackson Strom

Janelle Albrecht

Jared Ferguson

Jason Orloske

Jessica Hoppe

  • Alerus Financial

Jill Christopher

Jim Buus

Jim Howe

Jim Kasper

  • Asset Management Group, Inc.

Jodee Bock

Joe Gudding

  • Avalon Events Center

Joe Tjosvold

John Fisher

John Reimer

Jon Kungel

Jon Lowry

Josh Christy

Kari Score

Kelly Wentz

Kent Satrang

Kevin Johnson

Kia Mikesh

Kim Bjoralt

Kristi Larkin

Kurt McSparron

Landon Vogel

  • Prairie Ag Products

Linda J Pederson

Lisa Bortnem-Wiser

Maddie Schultz

Maren Gamer

  • Touchmark

Mark Bjerke

Mark Giddings, CPA, CGMA

Mark Puppe

Mason Orth

Matt Breker

  • Merrill Financial Advisor

Matt Chaussee

Matt Lachowitzer

Matt Magness

Melissa Brandt

Michael Johnson

Michelle Swanson

Mike Dragosavich

Mike Graham

Mike Meagher

Miranda Burfeind

Nolen Bertsch

Ole P Rygg

Patrick Emerson

Patrick Kirby

Patrick Metzger

Paul Bougie

Paul Highness

  • Pro Resources

Paul Smith

Pete Christopher

  • Lake Agassiz Habitat For Humanity

Peter Schott

Rachael Boyer

Richard Cossette

Rick Berg

Rob Burke

Robert Sinner

Robin Nelson

Roger Christianson

Ron Fuhrman

Russell Schell

Ryan Such

Sandra Vigen

Sarah Koustrup

  • National Hospitality Services

Scott Thuen

Shanna Cramer

Shawn Weyer

Shelle Hagen

Shelley Lenz

  • Killdeer Veterinary Clinic
  • State Avenue Veterinary Clinic
  • Ometepe Veterinary Clinic
  • Sustainable Vets International

Sheri Larson

Stacie Loegering

Steve Dusek

Steve Hallstrom

Stu Stockmoe

Susan Hozak

Sylvia Lunski

Tim Eissinger

Todd Berning

Todd Fisher

Tom Kading

Trent Lee

Wes Henry

Zach Paxton

  1. Wes Henry
  2. Barry Dresser
  3. Josh Christy
  4. Don R Grande PC
  5. Dean Vollmer
  6. Ron Fuhrman
  7. Doug Johnson
  8. Debra M Asp
  9. Ben Meland
  10. Todd Fisher
  11. Mark Giddings CPA
  12. Jim Kasper
  13. Jon Kungel
  14. Tom Kading
  15. Nolen Bertsch
  16. Harlan Goerger
  17. Patrick Emerson
  18. Rick Berg
  19. Darcy Pope Fuchs
  20. Bob Gibb
  21. Kristi Larkin
  22. Zach Paxton
  23. Kevin Johnson
  24. Scott Thuen
  25. David Dietz CSP
  26. Mike Graham
  27. Jim Buus
  28. Ben Koppelman
  29. David Reid
  30. Debby Jaeger
  31. Cindy Cole
  32. Cindy Tyo
  33. Jon Lowry PE
  34. Brady Nash
  35. Dan Parker
  36. Kent Satrang
  37. Joe Gudding
  38. Dave Anderson
  39. Mike Dragosavich
  40. Matt Lachowitzer
  41. Shawn Weyer
  42. Kari Score
  43. Art Rosenberg
  44. Chris Kennelly
  45. Brandon Pittenger
  46. Brook Lyter
  47. Stu Stockmoe
  48. Jodee Bock
  49. Dr Mason Orth D.C.
  50. Kim Bjoralt
  51. Brian Larry
  52. Russell Schell
  53. Richard Cossette
  54. Robert Sinner
  55. Jim Howe
  56. Dave Ekman
  57. Barry Maring
  58. Roger Christianson
  59. Mike Meagher
  60. Kelly Wentz
  61. Tim Eissinger
  62. Rob Burke
  63. Jessica Hoppe CFP
  64. Rachael Boyer MBA
  65. Paul Highness
  66. Carissa Olsen
  67. Michael A Brevik
  68. Sheri Larson
  69. Steve Dusek
  70. Paul Smith
  71. John Reimer CPA
  72. Alex Warner
  73. Dayna Del Val
  74. Darren Rogness
  75. Anthony Molzahn
  76. DJ Colter
  77. Amber Metz
  78. Don Arvidson
  79. Barry Gish
  80. Matt Magness
  81. Dave Nelson
  82. Robin Nelson
  83. Bill Erickson
  84. Andrea Hochhalter
  85. Paul Bougie
  86. Stacie Loegering
  87. Brenda Warren
  88. Patrick Kirby
  89. Melissa Brandt
  90. Jared Ferguson
  91. Michael Johnson EA, ATP
  92. Ciara Stockeland
  93. Sylvia Lunski
  94. Kia Mikesh
  95. Dan Cash
  96. Dana Sand
  97. Dave Harmon
  98. Trent Lee
  99. Dan Retzlaff
  100. Peter Schott
  101. Mark Bjerke
  102. Todd Berning
  103. Adam Martin
  104. Matt Chaussee
  105. Char Gust
  106. Sandra Vigen
  107. Michelle Swanson
  108. Lisa Bortnem-Wiser
  109. Shelle Hagen LMT
  110. Jay Peltier
  111. Ole P Rygg
  112. Janelle Albrecht
  113. John Fisher
  114. Ryan Such
  115. Miranda Burfeind
  116. Sarah Koustrup
  117. Beau Flom
  118. Jon Hauser
  119. Trenton Gerads
  120. Rachel Stone
  121. Shanna Cramer
  122. Thomas Beadle
  123. Kris Packer
  124. Susan Hozak-Cardinal
  125. Brett Colliton
  126. Austen Schauer
  127. Jill Christopher
  128. Mark Puppe
  129. Maddie Schultz
  130. Amy L Nash
  131. Patrick Metzger
  132. Jackson Strom
  133. Becky Cronin
  134. Matt Breker
  135. Brett Meyers
  136. Gary Johnson
  137. Steve Hallstrom
  138. Linda J Pederson PE
  139. Joe Tjosvold
  140. Kurt McSparron

PAST MEMBERS – Thank you!

Dave Dietz

Julie Belch

Jeff Frey

Lonnie Laffen

Cami Lee

Jake Joraanstad

Ryan Aakre

Dale Leslie

Jon Haug

Josh Green

John Haley

Shawn VanEnk

Todd Funfar

Don Fischer

Corey Heiser

David Karels

Zane Erickson

Keith Bergseth

Brenda Podetz

Jess McLaughlin

Chad Weisgram

Billy Phillips

Craig Roath

Ryan Botner

Shane Geisen

Ray Kotchian

Renae McArthur

Ned Halilovik

Greg Gebeke

Jeremiah Johnson

Josh Gilleland

Randy Klassen

Ryan Ottis

Cameron Wischer

Rick Harpestad

Dan Norwood

Neal Johnson

Perry Peyerl

Jeff Thomas

Jim Heyer

Brian Rinke

Marcus Benoit

Tim Landis

Brian Meyer

Tim Beaton

Jesse Faul

Steve M Scheel

Tom Shorma

Brad Jacobson

Kelly Blilie

Dan Altenbernd

Mike Clevenger

Jason Gehrig

Terry Loomis

Teresa Lewis

Angie Searls

Wayne Bradley

Paul Hannaher

Chad Guttormson

Allan Ralston

Heather Aal

Judy Gartner

Travis Beauchene

Brandi Youngmark

David J Chapman

Jarrod Nyland

Rick Stenerson

Molly Rohrer

Vince Wuebker

Jani Skala

Ross Almlie

Mark J Lindquist

Edd Goerger

Andy Rodgers

Jim Hamel

Chris Lange

Kristi Ulrich

Andy Draeger

Larry O’Brien

Guy Nelson

Ty Ford

Nick Horob

Lonnie Pederson

Andrew Abernathey

Brian Kalk

Eric Miller

Joe Heilman

Ken Storm

Neil Blanchard

Jorin Johnson

Nicole Seaberg

Dan Hicks

Alex Vasichek

Ryan Keel

Deb Balzer Plagemann

Mike Troje

Steve Koep

Dave Batcheller