Welcome to The Executives’ Club!

Fargo-Moorhead’s premier membership organization, business forum and valued resource for the region’s senior executives and next generation of business leaders.

Since 2015, the100,inc. has served as a platform for Owners, CEOs, executives and entrepreneurs to build relationships, share ideas and develop business opportunities.

the100,inc. is a unique business initiative with seats for roughly 150 of the Fargo-Moorhead area’s best business leaders interested in more than networking.

Our Members are focused on the challenges and pressures unique to key decision-makers and they understand the phrase…

“becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable”

and also know that there are 2 types of best practices…

  1. those we learn from others
  2. those we learn the hard way

Lisa Bornem-Wiser (left) with Heather Aal

“I have been in countless networking groups and predictably quit them all. The 100 is so different from those other groups. I’ve never gotten so much value or felt so valued in a group of my peers. There is such incredible collective wisdom in this group. I highly recommend joining the 100!”

– Lisa Bortnem-Wiser, President | MidStates Wireless and Bortnem Family Limited Partnership

“Our purpose…

“Our mission…

is simply to create a business initiative where owners and executives understand that it doesn’t have to be lonely at the top.”

is to provide irrefutable value to area business leaders and to our community, by connecting people to people, connecting people to projects and helping leaders lead.”

Kurt McSparron, Founder

things you might find different about the100,inc…

  • our maximum capacity is just 150 Members

  • YOU are the Member, not your organization

  • it is a collaboration of your colleagues, not of salespeople

  • primarily CEOs, Presidents, Owners and senior executives

  • focused on leadership development and personal growth

  • diverse group of for-profit and non-profit business leaders

things our Members appreciate about the100,inc…

  • no attendance requirements

  • no obligations for referrals or leads

  • high-level conversations and valuable connections

  • an active, full-time+ staff and Advisory team

  • small and personal, but powerful and impactful

Get a Grip on Your Business seminar – Oct 2018
Rethink Brainstorming luncheon – Josh Christy and Jodee Bock
Makers Meeting at Pioneer Place
wednesdays 12to1 at Porter Creek

one organization. two tracts of business and personal development.

the100,inc. Executives lead organizations…

  • that have been in operation 5+ years
  • with a payroll of 10+ FTEs
  • with an organizational complexity consisting of a management or leadership team, a board of directors or similar decision-making body

the100,inc. Entrepreneurs run organizations…

  • that may be a start-up or a long-standing sole-proprietorship
  • with a payroll of 0 to 10 FTEs
  • without a management or executive team, generally relying on a sole decision-maker…the serial entrepreneur!
we celebrate success! – True IT groundbreaking
and we take time to have some fun! Ryan, Miranda and Carl at Executive Expo II