welcome to the100,inc. Business Initiative

“Our mission is simple…

to deliver irrefutable value to our Members, to their organizations and to our community, by connecting people to people, connecting people to projects and helping leaders lead.”

Kurt McSparron, Founder

wednesdays 12 to 1 at Porter Creek Fargo
Mike Meagher, Brian Larry and Andrew Abernathey lead a 3rd Wednesday Lunch

what you might find different about the100,inc…

  • a total of just 200 Membership seats are available

  • YOU are the Member, not your organization

  • it is a collaboration of your colleagues, not of salespeople

  • primarily CEOs, Presidents, Owners and senior executives

  • focused on leadership development and personal growth

  • diverse group of for-profit and non-profit business leaders

things our Members appreciate about the100,inc…

  • no attendance requirements

  • no obligations for referrals or leads

  • high-level conversations and valuable connections

  • an active, full-time+ staff and Advisory team

  • small and personal, but powerful and impactful

executive issue…

“As leader of our organization, I sometimes have a tendency to isolate myself in my work, not making enough time to get out and spend time with my peers and colleagues.”

our solution…

the100,inc. hosts a variety of events – weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually; some are Members-only, some are open to the public. Most of our events are focused on leadership development and organizational growth, some are simply for you to relax and unwind!

Kent Satrang at “Right Person, Right Seat” lunch

Executives: Join us for lunch at the Avalon every 3rd Wednesday!

NEXT: June 19 | SACRIFICE: Why Leaders Must Give of Themselves More Than They Take with Michael Johnson

the issue…

“I’ve joined ‘networking groups’ before and found many (in fact most) of the Members are there primarily for sales leads and referrals. At this point in my career, leads are not my #1 focus.”

our solution…

the100,inc. is 95% Presidents, CEOs and senior Executives. We’re focused on challenges and pressures unique to top-level management, not sales. We’re all “salespeople” in some capacity, but our relationships are developed over time and sales within the group happen organically. Over-solicitation is not allowed

the issue…

“Between my hours at work, other business commitments, my family and things that I ‘want-to-do’, I can’t add anything else to my ‘have-to-do’ list.”

our solution…

the100,inc. is 100% initiative. There is zero requirement for attendance or participation. We understand that you’re busy. We have Members that we see almost weekly and others that we barely see annually! The value you find in this group, is entirely up to you

the issue…

“I’m grooming my second-in-command to take over this operation someday. Are they permitted to attend events or participate in my place?”

our solution…

the100,inc. Members are each able to add “key personnel” to their Membership privileges. Managers, Directors, Spouses, Partners, etc., are welcome to attend with you or in place of you, at the same discounted admission prices. Key personnel are also encouraged to join our Members Only Facebook group, as well as receive our weekly email updates. You decide which, if any, key personnel should be involved

Eric, Andrea, Mike and Scott
Get a Grip on Your Business w/author Tom Bouwer
Jodee at Rethink Brainstorming
Ryan and Mike

Brady Nash
Rachael Boyer delivers a talk at Executive Expo II
Jim, Bob and Eric
Andrew and Mason trade stories

Cindy, Andrea and Dayna at wednesdays 12 to 1
Mark Giddings gives his executive insight on “profit”
weekly Member Roundtables
FF Fisher Member Social
Bob Gibb

Patrick, Melissa and Rob