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Anthony Molzahn

CEO and Co-Founder Project Phoenix
Work 1854 NDSU Research Circle N Fargo ND 58104 Work #: 218.391.3369 Member since: July 10, 2017 Website: AegisFlow | the Pilot Platform Website: Project Phoenix | Data Reborn
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Tech Enthusiast. Design Junkie. UI Hacker. Crypto Learn-it-All. GIS Lover. 107 Remote Pilot.

Anthony Molzahn arrived in Fargo, North Dakota almost 10 years ago with aspirations of moving to California to pursue a career as a professional golfer. Anthony never left Fargo, and he is now providing solutions for transferring information in several industries as a co-founder of Project Phoenix. “We started our company to bring life back into despaired systems…. our goal is to see data reborn,” explained Anthony.
Since the official start in May of 2017, the Project Phoenix team is focused on four ongoing projects.
These projects include the reconciliation project with NASA (connecting data from space centers), a resource project with Lowes (following items in production), the Man Down Application (oil and gas industry), and Aegis Flow (an aerial/drone pilot for-hire application). Anthony presented about the future possibilities with Aegis Flow at the Drone Focus Conference hosted by Emerging Prairie in June 2017. Anthony describes Aegis Flow as “Istock and Uber meet drone and aerial pilots.” The function of Aegis Flow connects pilots to posted jobs from companies and individuals who will pay for images or videos of specific locations.
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