1. Determine your qualification

  • Must be a President, CEO, Owner, Founder, Partner, Executive Director or senior leadership role

The role of key decision-maker carries a unique onus, very few exceptions to this guideline will be considered for Membership

  • ONLY privately-held businesses and local non-profit organizations

We support our Main Street community and its’ business leaders. NO publicly-traded companies will be represented in The Executives’ Club of Fargo-Moorhead

  • NO start-ups

We support our serial entrepreneurs and look forward to welcoming you to the Executives’ Club after 3-5 years of operation (very few exceptions will be considered)

  • a 50 mile radius of Fargo-Moorhead

We want our Members to be engaged in the organization and available for opportunities

  • an available seat within your industry

 Although Members do NOT have an exclusive seat for their respective industry, we do seek only a few, and only the BEST!

Out of respect, we may ask our active Members in your industry for their approval of your Membership

  • Our Membership capacity is limited

We place quality over quantity. We keep our Membership roster intentionally small to build trust and communication amongst a select group of individuals, who have the opportunity to personally meet and know each Member by name.

  • a reputation for integrity and good business practice

  • a willingness to share business insights and personal leadership experiences

These are guidelines, not requirements. Each individual application is reviewed, applicants history and community-involvement are considered, a one-on-one coffee meeting may be requested and, often times, applications will go to our Leadership Council for recommendation and approval. “Personal Memberships” may also be considered for retired executives and/or exceptional individuals, business and community leaders not necessarily meeting all of the above guidelines.

Active Members can renew your Membership here at any time throughout the year.

Your 1, 2 or 3-yr commitment purchased here will simply be added to the end of your current Membership. Thank you!


365 days at $1 per day


(save $30)


(save $95)

2. Select your level of engagement

This Club is 100% initiative. By that, we mean that it’s designed for decision-makers and executives with busy schedules. There are NO obligations or requirements for participation or engagement.

100% GUARANTEE: You will get out of The Club exactly what you put into it

Membership includes…

  • personal + business listing at our site
  • daily private Facebook group discussion
  • weekly email newsletter The Weekly
  • weekly lunch invitation wednesdays 12to1
  • monthly roundtable invitation
  • quarterly social invitation

3. Commit to building relationships

As Founder, I am personally committed to the professional success and personal fulfillment of our Members and available to them 365 days per year.

My contribution to this organization is a deep network of friendships and associations with many of the area’s best business leaders and my desire to make those connections to you and your organization.

Please schedule a visit. Use my Calendar to find a time for us to visit. Let’s talk about your projects and who you need to meet to move each of them forward.

Thank you.

Kurt McSparron | 701-541-1073 call or text anytime |

* We have 25 seats available for Executive Directors of local non-profit organizations. the100,inc. will match the $365 Membership paid by Executive Directors of local non-profit organizations, giving them a Package 2 Membership at the Package 1 price.

** In lieu of business promotion, “Personal Members” will also be allowed Premium Membership benefits at the Executive Membership level.

Or, we invite you to apply for Membership!

Jessica and Bob at a private Member Social

Application does not guarantee Membership approval.

If the application form does not appear on your mobile device, scroll to the bottom of the screen and switch to the desktop version.

If you have questions, please contact Kurt at 701.541.1073 or

To discuss Membership opportunities in-person, schedule an appointment at your office anytime.

thank you!

Kurt J McSparron, Founder