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Photo of Wes Henry
Wes Henry
Chief Product Officer | Partner True IT
Categories: - Activity -, Executive, xEvents Expo, xEvents Monthly Mtgs, xEvents Presenter, XEvents Wed12to1Lunch
Photo of Jim Howe
Jim Howe
Managing Partner Howe Seed Farm
Categories: - Activity -, Entrepreneur
Photo of Jessica Hoppe CFP
Jessica Hoppe CFP
Senior Business Advisor Alerus
  • MSUM, Science in Finance
  • American Lung Association of the Upper Midwest (ALAUM), Board of Directors
  • Plains Art Museum, Board of Directors
  • TNT Kids Fitness, Board of Directors
  • Member since January 31, 2017
Categories: - Activity -, Executive, xEvents Expo, xEvents Monthly Mtgs, xEvents Presenter, xEvents Socials
Photo of Paul Highness
Paul Highness
Partner Pro Resources
Categories: - Activity -, Executive, xEvents Expo, xEvents Monthly Mtgs
Photo of Dan Hicks
Dan Hicks
President Home Design and Supply
Categories: - Activity -, Entrepreneur
Photo of Andrea Hochhalter
Andrea Hochhalter
Founder Beyond Facilitation
  • “People support a world they help create”
  • NDSU, BS, Psychology, Business, Speech
  • Westminster College, MBA, Information Systems
  • Certified Dale Carnegie Training Facilitator
  • Board of Commissioners, Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education
  • Director of Foundation and Mission, CHI Mercy Health
  • Member since September 7, 2017


Categories: - Activity -, Entrepreneur, xEvents Expo, xEvents Monthly Mtgs, xEvents Presenter, XEvents Wed12to1Lunch
Photo of David Hamilton
David Hamilton
General Director Fargo-Moorhead Opera Company
Categories: - Activity -, Executive
Photo of Dave Harmon
Dave Harmon
President, MC/DJ Harmon Entertainment
  • NDSU
  • 1999, founded Harmon Entertainment
  • also Harmon DanceWorks
  • teaches 3-4 swing dance classes per year
  • Member since February 6, 2018
Categories: - Activity -, Executive, xEvents Expo, xEvents Monthly Mtgs, xEvents Presenter, xEvents Socials, XEvents Wed12to1Lunch
Photo of Shelle Hagen LMT
Shelle Hagen LMT
Owner Elite Therapeutic Massage & Health Partners
  • Massage Therapy industry since 2002
  • B.A. Exercise Science, Concordia College
  • Graduate, Professional Institute of Massage Therapy
  • 15 LMTs on staff + Health Partners
Categories: - Activity -, Entrepreneur, Gold Sponsor, xEvents Expo, xEvents Monthly Mtgs
Photo of Jon Hauser
Jon Hauser
Co-Founder Prairie Heights
Categories: - Activity -, Entrepreneur, XEvents Wed12to1Lunch
Photo of Susan Hozak-Cardinal
Susan Hozak-Cardinal
Publisher/Owner Midwest Nest Magazine
  • Office Mgr/Marketing Dir., Friendly Smiles Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Realtor, RE/MAX Legacy Realty
  • MBM, University of Mary-Fargo
  • Member since June 3, 2019
Categories: - Activity -, Executive, Gold Sponsor, Leadership Council, xEvents Monthly Mtgs, XEvents Wed12to1Lunch

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