Leadership Unfiltered 09.26.23

For centuries, our greatest thinkers, cutting-edge innovators, entrepreneurs and successful business leaders have shared a common trait

…they journal on a regular basis.

They document their successes, make note of their most-significant failures, lay out their strategies, and, keep a list of their next big ideas.

On Tuesday, September 26, 2023, we invite FM-area executives, CEOs, Presidents, Founders – key decision makers – to join your friends and local colleagues for a candid conversation with some of our region’s top business leaders, as they share their real-life stories, professional experiences and personal insights.
We open up the journals.
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8:00  Coffee Social

8:30  Speaker 1

8:45  Speaker 2

9:00  Speaker 3

9:15  Speaker 4

9:30  Speaker 5

9:45  Speaker 6

10:00  Break


10:15  Speaker 7

10:30  Speaker 8

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11:00  Speaker 10

11:15  Buffet Lunch


11:45  Panel Discussion

12:45  Speaker 11

1:00  Speaker 12

1:15  Speaker 13

1:30  Speaker 14

2:00  Keynote Address

2:30  Networking

3:00  Executive Social

EMCEE | Emma McIntyre

Community Cheerleader

Director of Community Development, Chezy + DoTell

“Dedicated to energizing and celebrating my community.”

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8:30 | Tom Stadum

Fjell Capital, Founder and CEO

“Working to radically change the trajectory of entrepreneurs, their families, their businesses, and their teams. My aim is for every person to be happy with money. Because, at the end of the day, we all just want to be happy. ”

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8:45 | Anthony Molzahn

Devii, Founder and CEO

“Anthony, CEO of Devii.io, is a cheerful visionary who is quick to solutions. He leverages educational and career experiences in art, hospitality, leadership, and engineering to move good ideas forward, faster.”

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8:45 | Rob Burke

Yarn Media, Founder and CEO

“Rob has had the chance to raise up and lead high-caliber teams in cross-channel marketing and strategy to hit real-world numbers and goals as a part of company growth.”

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9:00 | Shannon Full

Fargo Moorhead West Fargo Chamber, CEO

“I am a life-longer learner that strives for continual improvement, transformation and excellence. I lead with insatiable energy, an open mind, and captivating courage. ”

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9:15 | Dave Harmon

Harmon Entertainment

” ”

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9:30 | Sandra Vigen

Founder and CEO, Mama Ducks Cleaning Service, LLC

“As a business owner, I know the importance of productivity & trust.”

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9:45 | Brad & Deanna Ness

Founders and Owners, S & S Promotional Group

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10:15 | Katie & Matthew Chaussee

Founders and Owners, Be More Colorful + CareerViewXR

Matt describes himself as a lifelong student who loves to learn and apply existing technology concepts in creative and innovative ways. Katie has an ongoing interest and study of art and digital media. She is an Experienced Job Coach, plus a strong community and social services professional.

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12:45 | Robin Nelson

CEO, Boys and Girls Clubs of the Red River Valley

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1:00 | Will Cromarty

Director of Business Development, Airial Robotics

William S. Cromarty is a former intelligence officer and national security subject-matter expert in aerospace and satellite systems, space/counterspace weapons system counterproliferation, and aerospace-sector geopolitics. Drawing on years of undercover experience, William spearheads federal aerospace partnerships in support of America’s most cutting-edge satellite and UAS programs.

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1:15 | Marc Kuhn

Founder and President, MAK Capital + MAK Construction

“My goal is to help investors reach financial freedom through real estate.”

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1:30 | Rachael Boyer

Founder, President and CEO, The Authority Companies

Rachael is a results-oriented, transformational leader and business executive with more than 20 years of experience in construction. Rachael’s entrepreneurial spirit has allowed her to develop several businesses and brands from origination across a variety of industries.

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2:00 | Dr. James Carlson

Founder, Owner and CEO, JDC Development, LLC

“Leadership should be defined as the ability to select excellent employees and empower them to develop working teams focused on achieving company goals. Positive and interactive leadership enhances the teams ability to provide the client a quality product which reflects the employee – management alliance. Likewise, good leadership is responsive to market and employee input to optimize market share, business ethics, employee morale and company pride. In the final analysis, good leadership creates an environment which removes ‘CAN’T’ from corporate vocabulary.”

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What is leadership unfiltered?

Leadership unfiltered refers to leadership that is honest, transparent, and authentic. It involves leaders who are willing to be vulnerable, admit their mistakes, and share their personal experiences with their colleagues and their team.

Leadership unfiltered also involves leaders who are willing to have difficult conversations and make tough decisions, even if it means going against the norm or facing opposition. They prioritize open communication, encourage diverse perspectives, and foster a culture of accountability and trust within their organization.

Leadership unfiltered is about being true to oneself and leading from a place of integrity, even if it means being uncomfortable at times. It requires leaders to be courageous, empathetic, and resilient, and to constantly strive for personal and professional growth.


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