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Kent Satrang
CEO & General Manager Petro Serve USA
Hometown: Rolette, North Dakota
University of North Dakota
North Dakota State University
Club Member 64 | December 18, 2015

I’m Kent Satrang, your CEO at Petro Serve USA. Petro Serve USA is a diversified cooperative, founded in Moorhead, Minnesota in 1934. We are a locally-owned, diverse energy cooperative owned by its members. Petro Serve USA is the region’s finest energy supplier specializing in 100% American-made fuels. We are Fargo–Moorhead’s largest supplier of home heating, commercial and agricultural fuel, and propane and lubricating oil. Our passion for store growth is rooted in the belief that America needs to lessen its dependence on foreign oil. This explains our name, Petro Serve USA, and our registered tagline “Helping America Fuel Better”. It is our conviction that our neighbors and farm customers/owners, right here in our own backyard, can and must produce renewable fuels like ethanol and soy diesel to stop the importation of Middle East oil. America imports almost $1 billion in oil each and every day, much of it from countries that oppose freedom and our American way of life. At Petro Serve USA, we’ve worked hard to develop new high-tech blender pump infrastructure, and innovate national and local legislation.

When I got into the business in 1980, it was “location, location, location.” Now it’s “location, execution of your business plan, and proper structure.” You can’t be in the fuel business and be a poor operator, or you won’t last long. People in this business are excellent operators. We’re in a pennies business; we’re selling a product that we bought for 3.10 and we’re selling it for 3.12 and then we have to pay the credit card companies their fee. We try to be as efficient as we can be. Everything we do at Petro Serve is to drive net operating costs down.

In 1998 I moved to Fargo and we had probably about three convenience stores and did about ten million in sales. Three years later we got involved more in the ethanols and we doubled in sales to 20 million. Three years later we doubled to 40 million. And three years later we doubled to 80 million. And three years later we doubled to 160 million.

Photo of Kari Score
Kari Score
President and Owner Dakota Storage Products, Inc.


Dakota Storage Products’ story began in 1989 when Merlyn Nelson opened the business in Westgo Square in West Fargo to help meet the needs of companies and small businesses throughout the region.

Merlyn retired in 2008, and his daughter Kari took over the operations with the help of her family. In over 25 years, Dakota Storage Products has grown and is now reaching out to companies all over the upper Midwest.

Our team at Dakota Storage Products works with clients from many industries throughout the region. We take pride in being professional, reliable, and trustworthy and work to build a long-term working relationship with each client. We are experts in pallet racking and warehouse planning. We know what you need and can deliver in a timely manner. Dakota Storage Products has the largest on-hand inventory in the region. As your friendly, family owned pallet racking company, we strive to help find the best possible solution to your storage and warehouse needs!

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Photo of Stu Stockmoe
Stu Stockmoe
President and Owner SaveCoin and Monitor Marketing
Hometown: Fargo, North Dakota
Fargo South High
North Dakota State University
Member 78 | April 13, 2016
Executives’ Club VIP Member


“I offer the most unique and dynamic advertising solutions in the Fargo-Moorhead area through my 2 companies. I work with all types of businesses, and with my 23 years of experience in the advertising industry can help businesses create successful campaigns reaching many thousands of people, to help build your brand and get you new customers as well.” – Stu

Stu is a Fargo native and NDSU graduate, with over 20 years of sales, marketing and promotional experience directly in the region. Stu Co-Founded SaveCoin in 2009 and since 2015 is the sole Owner and operator. He added sister company Monitor Marketing in 2016.

Monitor Marketing is a digital media company offering a dynamic advertising solution for businesses of all types.  We have one of the largest indoor digital advertising networks in the FM area with several host locations in the lakes area as well. The monitors serve as indoor digital billboards with many key benefits over outdoor including a much more captive audience, more creative capabilities and best of all much lower pricing.  Also, this isn’t bathroom advertising, our monitors are placed in the main open traffic areas of the host businesses.  You’ll be able to specify your target market and reduce advertising waste by delivering venue or community-wide targeting.

SaveCoin, headquartered in Fargo, ND, offers dynamic advertising solutions to a growing interactive audience of 34,000 email subscribers, 500 SMS/Test subscribers, 10,000+ facebook followers, 600 Twitter followers, and 26,000 unique weekly website visitors. There are Several distinct options; Daily Deal campaign, Coupon program, exclusive and targeted “Showcase” emails, and banner ads.

Photo of Russell Schell
Russell Schell
Founder and President RJ Energy Solutions, LLC
Hometown: Fargo, ND
Libby High School; Libby, MT
United States Air Force
Founded RJ Energy Solutions, LLC: 2013
Club Member 94 | June 17, 2016


Several years ago I made the decision to go out on my own and start RJ Energy Solutions. This company puts me in a position that allows me to work with many different clients in a variety of different areas. I work on site doing inspections and being involved in finding the very best solutions for the problems that we might find. My background in serving customers both in large commercial sites and residential homes has enabled me to focus on helping create and sustain safe, comfortable and energy efficient environments – and help my clients improve the performance of homes and buildings around the area.

Our focus at RJ Energy solutions is also helping clients have healthy homes and businesses with air systems and energy systems that work to make the home and business the very best they can be. Healthy inside environments that are free from problems such as radon is still another area we help our clients with.

When I not helping my customers improve their indoor air issue. I’m always up for some hiking, biking, camping or anything that keeps a person moving. The times I am good with sitting is when I’m watching sporting events (Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey).

Photo of Paul Smith
Paul Smith
Fargo Center Director ND Small Business Development Center
Hometown: Elk Grove Village, IL
St. Viator High School
Northwestern University
Lawrence University
Member 158 | May 5, 2017


Paul has a passion to help entrepreneurs and small business owners. In his current role, he assists founders to start, manage and grow their companies through providing no-cost, confidential business advising services and training in a variety of areas, which include: Business setup/registration, business planning, market research, financial projections and analysis, funding your venture, buying and selling a business and succession and exit planning.

In 2019, he was named ND ‘State Star’ award winner, which recognizes exemplary performance, strong commitment to small business, and significant contribution to the SBDC network. He also is a regular contributing writer to FargoINC! magazine.

He recently earned his Accredited Business Intermediary certification (ABI) in addition to his Economic Development Finance Professional (EDFP) and Certified Value Growth Advisor (CVGA) certifications. He is a SBA export-certified advisor.

Before joining the ND SBDC in 2015, Paul worked in a diverse range of industries, which included: Financial services, retail, manufacturing, technology, transitional management, agribusiness, customer service, engineering, consulting, healthcare, agency and media.

He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Lawrence University and a Master’s Degree from Northwestern University.

Born and raised in the Chicago area, Paul and his family live in Fargo, ND.

Photo of Dana Sand
Dana Sand
President and CEO OK Tire Store & Service
Hometown: Mayville, North Dakota
May-Port CG High
Mayville State University
Member 199 | February 20, 2018


My roots are in small town North Dakota. This state and its people are important to me; I am proud to do business here, combining my skills in finance and management to lead a growing company that provides something essential to North Dakotans – tires, auto repair, parts, tracks and automotive equipment. O.K. Tire Store, Inc., now 15 locations and 210 employees strong, continues its 60-year legacy providing tires for cars, farm equipment, trucks and OTR (for personal, commercial and fleets). Originally a family-owned company, O.K. Tire is now employee-owned (ESOP), a conversion I helped to facilitate for the company owner before his retirement. I attended Mayville State University where I earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in business and management with an emphasis on accounting.

I am known for the traits of integrity, continuous process improvement, and accountability.

I believe in integrity: both employees and customers need to be treated fairly. Our sales and service people are fairly compensated and have access to in-house training leading to tire industry specialty certifications. Our customers deserve a great / good product at a fair price. We quote our prices in “out the door pricing” terms. Rather than quoting the price of the tires alone and then surprising them with charges for installation, balancing, etc., we disclose the “full” price of the tires, always. We think this is the fair thing to do: to let the customer know, up front, what their actual cost for the tires will be. No bate and switch; no misleading partial price disclosure.

There is always a better way to do something: a way that is more efficient; a way that makes better sense. Our company culture is designed to identify and implement new ideas to help us move forward. We believe that employees hold the key to identifying both potential problem areas and potential solutions. At every meeting, we listen. We solicit ideas. We implement changes and see if it works better; if not, we circle back and try something else.

We believe in doing the right thing – always. And I believe that doing what you say you’re going to do is essential. We actively model this for our employees and our company values stress the importance of being accountable as well. Because O.K. Tire Store, Inc. is an employee owned company, I am accountable for my own actions, the actions of the company and its employees, and the financial performance of the company. When we do well, every employee shares in our success.


Photo of Thomas Stadum
Thomas Stadum
FOUNDER and CEO Fjell Capital
Hometown: Fargo, North Dakota
Fargo North High
North Dakota State University
Member 247 | October 12, 2020


Working to radically change the trajectory of entrepreneurs, their families, their businesses, and their teams.

“Let’s be real, everyone has money problems, no matter who you are. This is true for many reasons and is a massive grey cloud over most people walking around. I’ve worked with hundreds of families and know firsthand that doing money well is hard, but worth it. Furthermore, our world has never needed entrepreneurs more; to innovate and to create jobs and livelihoods for our communities heading into the years ahead. Yet, the stress and toll of entrepreneurship are heavy, just ask an entrepreneur. We work day in and day out to support the families and companies we work for, giving them the confidence and clarity they need to forge on and continue to create value so that at the end of the day they can go home and be with their families.

What is wealth? Wealth is being present and content with wherever you are with whoever is in front of you, not your net worth. My aim is for every person to be happy with money. Because, at the end of the day, we all just want to be happy.” – Tom

As a third-generation financial advisor, Tom Stadum carries on the tradition of his grandfather and father by delivering comprehensive financial plans, prudent investment strategies, and timely service. 

Prior to founding Fjell Capital in 2020, Tom worked as a wealth advisor at UBS for more than seven years. He holds the Certified Private Wealth Advisor designation, Certified Exit Planning Advisor designation, Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor designation, and FINRA Series 7 and Series 66 licenses.

Tom graduated from NDSU College of Business with a degree in Finance. Outside of work, he enjoys golfing, racing sailboats, traveling, and spending time with his wife, Camila, and their children, Lucy and Boden.

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Photo of Aaron Stoe
Aaron Stoe
Vice-President Skaff Apartments, Inc.
Hometown: Roseau, Minnesota
North High
University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
Member 268 | September 30, 2021


Aaron holds a B.S. in Agriculture and Food Business Management and spent over a decade in the industry, 7 yrs as an Agronomist with CHS, Kindred and 4 yrs as Asst VP of Farm Management with US Bank, before joining the family business of his wife, Julie Skaff, in 2012.

Skaff Apartments was founded in 1957 by Sam F. Skaff. From the very beginning, Skaff has taken pride in its family approach to its residents.

“We offer a wide variety of rental homes including apartments, townhomes, twin homes, and houses. We are dedicated to providing Value, Variety and Extraordinary Service to our residents. Discover for yourself the sophistication of both our vintage & modern Fargo-Moorhead communities. All of which are closely located to the interstate, shopping, entertainment & restaurants, and the convenience & excitement this city has to offer. Skaff Apartments is sure to astound you with a personal experience only found through this family owned company.  From basic, to retro-chic, to luxurious, Skaff Apartments has a home waiting for you. Call our office today to schedule an appointment. We will take care of you!”

Photo of Glen Stevens Jr
Glen Stevens, Jr
Founder The Mental Fitness Guy
Hometown: Burlington, North Dakota
Des Lacs Burlington Senior High
Minnesota State University Moorhead
Trinity International University
Member 301 | October 5, 2023


Too many small business leaders become successful but end up feeling trapped by their own success. As a certified Mental Fitness Coach and certified Business Made Simple Coach I help leaders install the Business and Mental Fitness Operating Systems they need to 2x their revenue and cut their stress in half. With over 25 years of leadership experience I’ve seen how easy it is to get in your own way. How painful burnout is. The enormous difference a system that works makes for success and scale. That’s why I love coaching others to install the two operating systems they need so they can flourish like never before. I believe that if I can help a small business leader I not only help them, I help their team. I help their organization. I help their community. I help them create a legacy for their family. So together we can make our world a better place to live for everyone!

Photo of Stephen Schmitz
Stephen Schmitz
Executive Director Wheatcrest Hills Healthcare Center
Hometown: Wheaton, Minnesota
Wheaton High
Valley City State University
Collegiate Management Institute
University of Mary 
Member 308 | December 8, 2023


“I excel at finding and fixing problems. I love challenges and believe that progress should never be standing still. There is always something to improve, grow and learn. Under my leadership, you won’t find many things standing still unless they work very well. I feel strongly that my job is to grow and improve the people and programs under my care. Turning around staffing and other departmental or program challenges has been an extremely gratifying part of my experience. I have learned much and continue to learn on a daily basis.

When I left law enforcement, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do next. I wanted to try something new and found that the only way to do that was to accept employment. As a result, my resume looks like I changed jobs frequently when, in fact, it reflects experimentation and learning opportunities.

During my journey, I found that I thoroughly enjoy program administration, coordination, learning from others and embracing new challenges. I have numerous goals and I track and work towards improvement daily.

I am a very motivated, ethical person who is open to feedback and learning opportunities. I love challenges and excel at reading people and finding opportunities for self-improvement and I am passionate about assisting others and helping them grow as individuals and when appropriate as a team.”

Schmitz is a Wheaton, MN native. His dad was a sheriff and his mother a kindergarten teacher, so it’s no wonder that Schmitz would eventually be in the business of helping others. He spent 17 years in law enforcement, mostly in North Dakota.

Keith Stensgarg
Partner Sidestreet Grille & PubEdgewood Tavern