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Photo of Wes Henry
Wes Henry
Chief Product Officer and Partner True IT

Wes is Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder at TrueIT. He is the go-to guy for clients and employees, and for good reason.

Prior to becoming one of the four founders of True|IT, Wes co-founded and operated another IT company for 11 years. He did it all in that company, from accounting and human resources to sales, tech support to software development. Before that he worked for an Internet services company, an online aviation parts broker and a local computer service company. Wes has also taught college courses on IT technologies and software development and authored 2 books; Your IT Sucks and I Can Prove It (2017) and Save Money, End Shrinkage: Loss Prevention Made Easy (2013)

  • speaker Executive Expo January 2018
  • speaker Executive Expo II: Leadership Unfiltered January 2019
  • Executives’ Club panelist May 2019 Disruption: what it really means


We Care, We Connect, We Make a Difference… Together!


WARM FUZZIES Technology and its supporters shouldn’t be cold, but rather warm, personable and comforting. Like a teddy bear.

LOYALTY A strategy and a relationship, not a single encounter, project, or event. In it for the long haul.

KAIZEN Simply getting better & better each day, not stagnant, worse, or going backwards.

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Photo of Josh Christy
Josh Christy
Founder and CEO Codelation

Josh’s development background is in full LAMP stack development with a heavy JavaScript influence. As they’ve grown Josh has turned in his code editor to lead the growth and business development charge at Codelation. He’s passionate about attracting and retaining talent to the Fargo, ND ecosystem by being an active member in the startup community.

Codelation is a custom software and technology consultancy located in Fargo, ND. At Codelation we are obsessed with developing a better way to create and grow companies that matter. We partner with startups and small business to help them grow and succeed.

We hire, engage, and live by these values:

Accountability: Our partners trust us with helping with their success, we don’t take that trust lightly.
Honesty: We celebrate candor and directness and are quick to admit mistakes.
Impact: We strive to create the biggest impact for the resources given.
Judgement: We think strategically and make wise decisions, we despise ambiguity.
Passion: Passionate people in the right seats can change the course of a company.

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Photo of Don R Grande PC
Don R Grande PC
President Don Grande Law

Don has worked with individuals and businesses for over thirty years and he brings a diverse background and broad experience to his clients.  Don began his career as a personal trust officer working with individuals and families on estate planning, trust and investment issues.  He then worked on individual and business retirement plans handling ERISA issues and investment management.  Don has a business background and has held a Series 7 securities license, as well as, real estate and insurance licenses.  Over his career Don has helped individuals, families and businesses grow and protect their assets, handling simple to complex personal and business issues.

Our one goal is to make your life better. Whether it is peace of mind from knowing that your family or business is protected, starting, expanding or selling your business, or protecting your rights and your property – we will stand with you to help you achieve your goals.

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Photo of Dean Vollmer
Dean Vollmer
President Priority Payments Systems Great Plains

ATM’s, credit card processing, gift cards and check guarantee placement. Providing wholesale pricing and consulting, business planning, maximizing income for merchants point of sale equipment and software. Focusing on reducing costs for processing, equipment and protecting liability as well as boosting income for businesses of all sizes.

*With over 20 years experience in the industry I credit our success to on the spot top notch customer service driven by HONESTY and complete information. Our customer are our most trusted asset and it shows. You will know instantly this is a different approach to doing business. With over 1600 customers we feel our position is proven that we can show you a better way to make your business more money.

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Photo of Ron Fuhrman
Ron Fuhrman
President and Founder Liberty Business Systems, Inc.

For more than 30 years, Liberty Business Systems, Inc. has been proud to serve customers in North Dakota. Ever since our founders, Ron Fuhrman and Paul Finke, opened our first location in Fargo in 1986, Liberty Business Systems, Inc. has focused on delivering excellent customer service and the best available products. Our knowledgeable, friendly staff can relieve your business of its day-to-day technology needs, freeing you to concentrate on what really matters to your success.


  • Do the Right Thing
  • Work Hard
  • Can-Do Attitude
  • Team Player
  • Customer Focused

Transitioning To A New CEO: How Liberty Business Systems Is Taking It To The Next Level Fargo INC! Magazine June 2020

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Photo of Doug Johnson CIC, AFIS
Doug Johnson CIC, AFIS
President TCI Insurance Agency, Inc.

TCI Insurance is a full-service, locally owned independent insurance agency that has been providing client protection since 1985. Building on that foundation of values: we are a team-oriented, people-focused, family-owned business. We are motivated by our entrepreneurial spirit and a genuine caring for our employees, clients and community.

In our interactions, we strive to have these values constantly at the forefront of how we think and how we act.

Develop A High Capacity Team We nurture a highly-engaged team of driven, skilled experts who are supported by a long-term growth and development plan.

Create Clients For Life Our goal is to provide financial security and protection for our customer today and for our future generations.
Play To Win And Have Fun Our team is driven to grow and be the best, and we also take time to laugh and celebrate life and accomplishments.
Build Trust In All That We Do We are honest, use good judgment, and nurture mutually beneficial relationships through efficient work and open communication.
  • Executives’ Club panelist November 2017 Cover Your Assets
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Photo of Debra Asp
Debra Asp
President and Owner Nelco First Aid, Inc.

Nelco, Inc. was founded in 1987 by Greg Nelson and purchased by Deb in 2007, when she changed the name Nelco First Aid, Inc.

Nelco First Aid is a West Fargo, ND based service company that sells and services first aid and safety products in industrial, agriculture and office settings. Our territory covers the eastern North Dakota and western Minnesota, the Red River Valley area.

We are well known for our outstanding customer service and reliability. We currently service over 500 customers throughout the region. Our customers range in size from small offices to some of the largest industrial manufacturers. We pride ourselves on prompt, courteous service.

Nelco First Aid Inc. also manufactures and distributes Protek Lens Cleaner throughout the United States.

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Photo of Ben Meland
Ben Meland
Co-Founder and Managing Partner Enclave Companies

At Enclave, we approach every project by first spending significant time understanding the beneficiaries of the finished project, including end users, the neighbors and the community. This important step allows the team to develop communities that serve the end user, while having a positive impact on its neighbors and the community. We recognize that financial and market analysis will drive what makes sense to build, who it will be built for, and what budget we have to work with. However, we believe a well-designed community does not have to come at the expense of budget, and budget doesn’t have to constrain our ability to create a well designed and built community.

Our foremost talent is to complete thoughtful projects for defined target markets, on time and on budget. To date, 100% of our projects have been delivered on time and within budget.



By assembling the right partners (architects, engineers, lenders, investors) and working closely during the design phase, Enclave is able to design project budgets that work and successfully manage project specifications and schedules to deliver developments that achieve goals across every level.

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Photo of Todd Fisher
Todd Fisher
President and CEO FF Fisher Sales and Leasing

Todd Fisher is the president and CEO of Fisher Leasing.  He has over 20 years of experience in the leasing industry.  He belongs to several leasing industry groups and has been active in various industry associations for many years.

He worked for a regional CPA firm in tax and management advisory services and has experience in the commercial real estate industry. Todd was also a managing partner for Smashburger in Fargo, as well as a former franchise partner in five Qdoba restaurants in ND and MN.  He has held board positions with area economic development organizations, national leasing industry association, and Hospice of the Red River Valley.

He attended North Dakota State University and Minnesota State University – Moorhead and graduated with a finance degree.  Todd serves on the Executive Committee and the Advisory Board for the Fisher Companies.

Todd and his wife Wendy reside in Fargo and have two grown children.

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Photo of Mark Giddings CPA
Mark Giddings CPA
CEO and Founder Giddings and Associates

Speaking to Mark is a unique experience. A quick mind and diverse interests have helped him sustain an amazing collection of relationships across the globe. More importantly, his ability to translate the details of his clients’ interests and goals always result in a solution tailored to them. Mark had the opportunity to work with some of the best-known CPAs in the upper Midwest before founding Giddings & Associates. He is also a co-founder of Mid America Consultants International and served as the company treasurer for several years.

Mark has developed a niche in sophisticated tax and business consulting. He is best known for:

  • Supporting multiple complex business deals and tax situations;
  • Focusing on the personal and business needs of farmers and multi-generational enterprises;
  • Providing keen insight for individuals with multi-state or expat tax matters — including filmmakers, entrepreneurs and entertainers;
  • Serving clients on all seven continents.

When Mark responds to a question or need, you can be sure that he’s rolled it over in his mind and viewed every angle. Ultimately, you will make the decision, but it will be well informed from Mark’s extensive knowledge and research. His goal — and the culture of Giddings — is to serve clients for a lifetime. And then earn the trust of their children and grandchildren.

While his passion for Doobie Brothers music and hot air balloons is epic, Mark’s friends, family and clients love him anyway.

Mark and Diane have made their home at Middle Cormorant Lake in Becker County, Minnesota.

  • Executives’ Club panelist October 2016 Leasing Changes
  • Executives’ Club panelist February 2019 Profit
  • Throughout 2020, Mark led a series of online discussions for our Members regarding PPP
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Photo of Jon Kungel
Jon Kungel
President Custom Cinema and Sound, LLC

Jon got his Bachelor’s Degree from NDSU in AERO Manufacturing Engineering.  Then, he worked as a Manufacturing Engineer for Case Corporation for seven years, but he always had a passion for high-end audio and video systems. In 2002, Jon turned his passion into a business and started Custom Cinema and Sound.

“I had a vision of improving people’s lives by providing technology solutions that are tailored to meet our client’s needs. To me, it wasn’t about selling something cool, it was about solving a problem and making people’s lives that much easier,” Jon shares.

What We Do

We are the premier electronic systems integrator in the West Fargo-Fargo-Moorhead area. We design and implement audio/video and automation systems to help customize your home or business including:

  • Multi-Room Audio/Video
  • Lighting
  • Home Theater Systems
  • Motorized Shades
  • Networking
  • Surveillance
  • High-End Control Systems

Our team of customer-focused professionals strive to recommend the best solutions and services to fit your home or business, all while working within your budget and vision.

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Photo of Tom Kading
Tom Kading
Attorney Fargo Patent & Business Law, PLLC

Tom has been involved in the entrepreneurial community in the North Dakota-Minnesota area for nearly ten years. At heart, Kading is an entrepreneur.

He has been involved in numerous start-ups and successful ventures. Over the years Kading was involved as an In-House Counsel who provided advice concerning business structure, intellectual property, securities, and business disputes. As early as law school, Kading became involved in real estate startups. The real estate industry taught him a lot about business structures, obtaining investors, and navigating the complex business world. From real estate Kading moved into various construction related inventions which include automated CNC equipment and automate lumber processing. Ultimately, Kading helped launch the first CBD production facility in North Dakota.

Over the years, Kading was involved in numerous legal transactions and resolutions. Kading found that many attorneys struggle to bridge the gap between the needs of business and the advice attorneys provide. When Kading sold his business interests, he was inspired to start a law firm that offered solutions to business people in such a way that was valuable to clients.

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Photo of Nolen Bertsch
Nolen Bertsch
President Nelson Window Company

Nelson Window Co. is proud to be a family-owned company. That pride shows in the work we do every day. We’re known for friendly employees, quality products and services.

A little about our history

  • Nelson Window Co. begins in in the mid 1950s as a glass and screen service company
  • Norman Bertsch arrives at the firm in the early 1960s
  • Norman purchases Nelson Window in 1968. His employees include himself, one part-time installer and one semi-retired gentleman
  • Nelson Window Co. begins its relationship with the Mon-Ray and Hayfield companies in the early 70s.
  • In 1971, Norman’s son, Nolen, joins Nelson Window Co. as an installer
  • In the 1980s Nelson Window Co. starts selling and installing commercial storefronts
  • In 1983 Norman builds the current building at 2921 Fiechtner Drive, Fargo
  • Throughout the 1990s, the commercial side of the business grows, and Nelson Window Co. develops a relationship with Milgard Window
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Photo of Harlan Goerger
Harlan Goerger
President H. Goerger & Associates, Inc.

Harlan Goerger is founder and president of H. Goerger & Associates, dba AskHG. As a facilitator, Harlan has worked with countless companies of all sizes and industries. In the business world, he has observed the ideas and concepts that work, and also those that are not as effective. His experience gives his business solutions the ideas and cautions that not only keep risk levels low, but boost growth levels as well. Harlan’s insight does not come from textbook insight, but real life, real business experience.

Harlan has authored three books on business and sales and has created countless training and development programs for business, including the CEO Solution groups, Performance Based Management Program and the New Paradigm Selling System.

It was the desire to have a positive impact in the business community that drove him to develop the CEO Solution groups. By positively impacting the leadership capability and capacity of business owners and CEO’s, the entire organization has been impacted for the better!

On a personal note, Harlan has three grown children which all run successful business enterprises and have graced him with seven grandchildren and two great grandchildren. Harlan loves tinkering with custom cars and motorcycles- basically anything that goes fast.

Harlan is certified in:

  • DISC Profiles
  • InnovatorMindset Profiles
  • Persuasion Boot Camp by Dr. Kevin Hogan
  • ND/MN Insurance License 17270294
  • Former Dale Carnegie Instructor in seven programs

What Can Harlan Do For You? | Jan 2016 Fargo INC!

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Photo of Rick Berg
Rick Berg
Co-Founder and CEO AdShark Marketing
Rick is a North Dakota native and was born and raised in the small town of Hillsboro, ND. He attended the University of North Dakota where he studied Commercial Aviation. After realizing he wouldn’t ever be allowed to do “loops” or “barrel rolls” he switched his focus to Marketing and graduated with a General Studies degree so he could be “good at everything”. Rick helped start AdShark with co-founder, Sean Maki, in 2013.
Fun Facts About Rick:
  • He once lost a game of poker while playing by himself.
  • Legend says that Rick never sleeps or eats.
  • His favorite craft beer is Bud Light.
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Photo of Darcy Pope Fuchs
Darcy Pope Fuchs
Founder Payroll Express, Inc.
November 2020 –
Preference Employment Solutions acquires Payroll Express, Inc. and Overland Payroll, Inc.
Darcy Pope-Fuchs and husband Todd Fuchs are proud to announce the stock sale of their companies Payroll Express and Overland Payroll (founded 1999). Both companies have been in Downtown Sheyenne Street, West Fargo since 2007.
Payroll Express, Inc. (founded 1995) is a Professional Employer Organization; PEO. They manage payroll, employee benefits and human resources as a one check solution for small businesses.
Overland Payroll, Inc. (founded 1998) is a firm that provides customized payroll and human resources outsourcing services.
“We chose Preference because, like us, they are a small, local company striving for excellence in providing customer service for their clients. They have many core functions and expertise in the business staffing sphere, that they can now extend to our existing clients. We have known and worked with them for over 15 years. “It was important to transition our clients to a local company we know and trust.” Darcy said.
“It’s a pleasure working with Darcy, Todd, and their talented team. We appreciate this opportunity to add value for our clients.” states David Dietz, President & CEO of Preference Employment Solutions. “Adding the payroll, benefits, and human resources services of Payroll Express and Overland payroll, allows Preference to be a full-service solution for the businesses in our community.” David said.
About Preference Employment Solutions:
Preference Employment Solutions (founded 1987) is a 100% employee-owned recruiting, staffing, and executive search firm, local to the FM region. They celebrated their 33rd anniversary this November, and their purpose is to help people and organizations reach their full potential. The firm has Administrative, Industrial, Professional, and Healthcare divisions that recruit, evaluate, and hire the right talent for businesses. In 2020 Preference was named a top 3 finalist in The Chamber Choice’s “Young Professionals Best Places to Work” and has been voted “#1 Staffing Agency” by Local’s Love Us, five years running.
Payroll Express and Overland Payroll will be moving to the Preference building located on south 42nd street in Fargo and can be reached by calling 701-293-6905 or 701-282-0619.
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Photo of Bob Gibb
Bob Gibb
Board of Directors and Owner Robert Gibb & Sons, Inc.

Bob is a Fargo native, who graduated from Shanley High School and graduated from NDSU in 1968, majoring in business economics. Bob worked for Green Giant Co in Le Sueur MN for 4 years, before returning home to join the family business in 1972. Bob became CEO in 1987 and with his brother and the entire team, celebrated 100 years in business in 2015.

Robert Gibb & Sons is a leading full-service mechanical contractor in the Midwest specializing in plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and electrical services.

The company was founded in 1915 by the late Robert Gibb Senior, who immigrated to the United States from his native Scotland. Born and raised in an industrial community, his interests and talent directed him toward a career in the mechanical industry. Following World War II, Mr. Gibb’s four sons joined him in the business, accelerating the expansion and diversification of the firm.

Today, the Gibb company remains a family-run corporation, with two of Robert Gibb’s grandsons as the owners. With multi-million dollar commercial and industrial construction projects, the people at Robert Gibb & Sons understand that excellence isn’t just a goal, it’s a responsibility.

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Photo of Kristi Larkin
Kristi Larkin
Owner and President Laurie’s

Kristi Larkin – Fargo born and raised, Kristi attended NDSU where she received her degree in Apparel & Textiles with a minor in Business. She worked at Laurie’s during college from 1990-1994. After college she worked at Dayton’s as an assistant buyer, then moved over to Sonnie’s as an assistant manager. She took a break from retail and worked in outside sales, but later returned to to Laurie’s to take over as owner in 2010.

For over 30 years, Laurie’s has been providing sophisticated and fashion forward trends for women of all ages. Our buyers travel to fashion markets across the U.S. to find the hottest looks that has resulted in a space that’s reminiscent of the shopping districts in major cities coupled with the charm and friendliness that only this area can provide.

Laurie’s was first started in the early 1980s by Laurie Chatham in two locations, Bismarck, ND and Fargo, ND.

In 2008 Laurie closed the store in Bismarck and sold the Fargo location in 2010 to Kristi Larkin.

Laurie’s prides itself on providing the ultimate shopping experience through experienced staff that will help you build your dream wardrobe.

We believe every woman should feel confident and beautiful in her clothes with a style that is all her own.

Laurie’s provides customers with quality products from a wide selection of brands. Our store sells large varieties of casual and dressier items, and our staff is committed to treating each client with the utmost care and attention. Sign up today to receive exclusive offers delivered to your inbox.

Located in the heart of Fargo, Laurie’s is a well known Women’s Clothing Store that offers customers a place to find unique and timeless fashion pieces. Founded in 1980, we sell quality merchandise to customers across the map. Whether you’re looking for a dress or an outfit, Laurie’s has something for everyone to buy and love.

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Photo of Zach Paxton
Zach Paxton
President Custom Graphics, Inc.

CUSTOM GRAPHICS, INC. is a full service printer and screen printing manufacturer providing custom decals, graphic applications, print solutions, overlays, and signage to manufactures, dealers, transportation companies, service fleets, and business owners. We provide service and installation of Indoor and Outdoor Signage, Neon, Magnetic Signs, Vehicle Decals, Wraps and Fleet Graphics that will make your company STAND OUT and GET NOTICED!

I started with Custom Graphics in 1996 in the art department. Over the years I also installed decals, ran production equipment, and worked into management. In February 2017, I was fortunate to take ownership of Custom Graphics.

Here at Custom Graphics, Inc., we are committed to being involved and up to date on the latest trends and technology to provide the best service and produce the highest quality items for our customers. We are flexible with our customers schedule to get things done promptly, and also flexible with our staff and their work schedule so things are done proficiently and to our standards. We are trustworthy in following through with our promises and what we say. Striving for excellence in how we perform our work and making sure to be helpful to others when they need it. Finally we push ourselves to be innovative, introducing new and original ideas with creative thinking.
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Photo of Kevin Johnson
Kevin Johnson
President Gateway Building Systems, Inc.
In 1977 Kevin Johnson acquired Farm Builders, Inc. along with Fred Suppes.
In 1985 Kevin Johnson purchased Fred Suppes’ share in the company and also acquired Gateway Builders, a companion firm focused on commercial and industrial buildings.
In 1991 he combined the two companies and changed the name to Gateway Building Systems, Inc.
Initially started in 1958 by Tom Williams and Jim Schultz, Gateway Builders was a design/build company for agricultural buildings.
“Relationships are very important. We have an open-door policy in our company – we want to be very approachable and our sales staff are empowered to do the right thing for our clients.” That’s why 85% of our business is repeat business. “We just don’t design and build for today, we look to the future and create a plan for our customers 3, 5, and 10 years down the road,” – Kevin
One of the advantages of working with Gateway Building Systems is we have complete control over your project by owning our own equipment and employing our own crews and safety personnel.
  • Total Control
  • Performance
  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Full Service
Gateway Building Systems has gained a hard earned reputation as a Design-Build General Contractor that holds experience, quality and reliability above all other considerations.
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Photo of Scott Thuen
Scott Thuen
Owner Thuen Studios

Scott Thuen, an award winning visual artist, specializes in creative commercial advertising photography and design for clients across diverse industries. A North Dakota native, Scott is well versed in both location and studio photography. His passion to produce compelling imagery comes through on large or small productions, as well as when he is capturing the landscapes of North Dakota.

Thuen Design was started in 2004 and became Thuen Studios in 2012. It continues to produce award winning work year after year for creative firms and clients in the region. Thuen Studios works with clients to produce photographs, videography and designs primarily for use in the commercial advertising and promotional areas.


Behind every effective advertising photo, video or graphic design is a visual artist who sees things differently, who captures those differences and who delivers results that compel prospects to action. Thuen Studios specializes in commercial photography, videography, and design for use in industrial, food, architecture, or lifestyle advertising.

Thuen Studios difference is always about your image through images, whether they’re photos, videos or designs. We bring a fine arts background, graphic design expertise and years of commercial advertising experience to seeing, capturing and compelling. And it all comes with that special something, the spark, that will set your company, product or service apart.

It’s also about a unique approach to marketing challenges and problem solving that puts the client first. There’s no overblown artist’s ego here, and you’ll never see creativity for creativity’s sake. Instead, you’ll enjoy an easy, collaborative working relationship that puts your needs first, a process that incorporates you, your vision, and an approach that is firmly grounded in your business strategies and objectives.

We’re ready to help you see and capture differences in ways that will make your target markets stop, take notice and, most importantly, take the next step. Contact us today.

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Photo of David Dietz
David Dietz
President and CEO Preference Employment Solutions

Preference Employment Solutions President and CEO, David Dietz, is our fearless and humble leader. With over 24 years in the staffing industry, David has worked nearly every position in our company from reception to President/CEO. From building the very first Employee Owned staffing company to executing the company vision/culture, David always puts our team first. David is heavily involved in peer networking groups to continue to challenge the Preference status quo. His visionary mindset has continued to create new opportunities for our company and our team. What motivates David is the success stories from the people we are able to help land a successful career and learn about how we are able to genuinely impact our community. David is our culture champion and with our leadership team helps to create a supportive trusting and fun atmosphere for our team. Success for him comes from helping others and chasing his passions. David’s passions outside of work revolve around his family and nature. His wife Misty, and two kids Taylor and Christian, along with their tree farming business keep him busy!


What advice do you have for prospective candidates? Discover your purpose and your values.  This will bring clarity to the rest of your life.  Next, discover your strengths and passions.  These exercises will help you reach your potential in your career and personal life which will result in happiness.

What are your interests/hobbies outside of work? Planting Norway pine, white pine and jack pine trees at our timberlands.  Windsurfing.  Any snow-based recreation.  Fishing, hunting and camping.  Love wilderness explorations.

What is on your bucket list? Skydive on my 80th birthday – among hundreds of other adventures on my dream list.

Name 3 Fun Facts Yourself or Not Many People Know: I’m allergic to poultry.  My feet are exactly one foot long.  I was a body builder for several years.

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Photo of Mike Graham
Mike Graham
President Magnum Electric, Inc

Mike started with Magnum Electric in 2000 as a new graduate of MState Moorhead as an Apprentice Electrician and now holds the title of President of the company. He dedicated himself to his work, swiftly moving from an Apprentice to Journeyman then to Master Electrician. As a foreman in 2008 he was presented with an opportunity and become part owner of Magnum, the company that had helped build the foundation of his career.

He takes enormous pride in the personal relationships Magnum maintains with all of its customers and clients, even as the company has grown to over 200 employees across many states. He is extremely driven and is always looking for new and challenging opportunities to push Magnum forward and be the best in the industry.

Mike is from Ortonville, MN and now resides in West Fargo with his wife and their four children. He thoroughly enjoys hunting, fishing, and the outdoors!

Magnum Electric began operations March 25, 1989 in Moorhead, Minnesota with Dick Beaton and Tom Heng at the helm. Both owners raised the bar in the industry, and wanted customers and vendors to know that “We do quality work with quality materials”.

For over 20 years, they have successfully established and expanded business operations with the philosophy that “Quality doesn’t cost, it pays”, knowing that customers have higher expectations when it comes to quality and service.

Magnum Electric’s commitment to providing quality workmanship and service has built a solid reputation that continues today, as the company’s new leadership and ownership is smoothly being transferred to Clayton Schenck, Mike Graham and Scott Fougner.

The vision continues with outstanding leadership and unparalleled dedication to service, quality products and cost controls that best serves our valued customers. We take pride in the fact that we are able to meet project deadlines and take care of our customers in a timely, friendly and professional manner.

As an experienced team of electrical professionals, Magnum Electric has many longtime employees who understand the electrical industry inside and out. It is one of the many reasons why customers choose to work with Magnum Electric time and again.

We are also committed to continued education for our employees and apprentices. We provides apprentices the opportunity to receive paid training through the Independent Electrical Contractors Association

Magnum Electric has established itself as the industry leader in providing quality workmanship in wiring, installations and design services, and relies on its strong partnership alliances with the industry’s top organizations such as Minnesota Electrical Association, Independent Electrical Contractors, Home Builders Association of Fargo-Moorhead and Fargo-Moorhead Electrical Industry Association.

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Photo of Jim Buus
Jim Buus
President JBC Commercial Real Estate

Jim is a Fargo, ND native and graduate of North Dakota State University. He has enjoyed a nearly 30-year career in a variety of community development and commercial real estate ventures. He was affiliated with Fargo based GOLDMARK Commercial, the largest commercial brokerage firm in the region, for 23 years concluding his tenure there having served as President and Managing Broker. In late 2019 he started JBC Commercial Real Estate.

In his free time Jim and his wife enjoy spending time with friends and family at their lake home, traveling and NDSU athletics. He is also involved in a variety of business ventures and community involvement. He currently serves on the boards of Greater Fargo Moorhead Economic Development Corporation, NDSU Research & Technology Park, 701 Angel Fund and the City of Fargo Tax Exempt Review Committee.

In the Summer of 2019, a group of veteran commercial real estate professionals, led by Jim Buus and Lori Ibach, left GOLDMARK Commercial Real Estate to form JBC Commercial Real Estate. Jim Buus had been serving as GOLDMARK Commercial’s President and was also a part-owner. Buus, Ibach and five other veteran agents and administrative staff left together. Additionally, Dovetail Development LLC, owned by Elissa Novotny, which had been collocated within GOLDMARK Commercial, left to collocate with JBC Commercial.

JBC Commercial is owned by Jim Buus and Lori Ibach; the two have a combined 50 years of experience. For a variety of reasons, the team felt there was an opportunity in the market to conduct commercial real estate in a different way than they had been doing, a style that features less conflicts of interest, more collaboration amongst the stakeholders and more integration with the overall brokerage, design and development process.

In addition to being commercial real estate leaders, the JBC Commercial team prides itself on active community involvement and leadership.

Team members are involved and participative in a myriad of local organizations such as the West Fargo Youth Hockey Association, North Dakota State University, Bison Football Players Association, NDSU Team Makers, TNT Kids Fitness, Vitalant Blood Services as well as respected business groups such as various chambers of commerce, Greater Fargo Moorhead Economic Development Corporation, Moorhead Business Association and the Executives Club of Fargo Moorhead.

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Photo of Ben Koppelman
Ben Koppelman
President Vision Construction, LLC
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Photo of David Reid
David Reid
President and Owner Radiant Homes

Radiant Homes is a team of expert builders dedicated to achieving distinguished design paired with exceptional functionality.  We partner with you and your family to create a space designed specifically for the life you’re building. And the best part? You can get the home of your dreams at the budget you define. We guide you every step of the way. Our goal is to keep your excitement high and your stress levels low.

“Give us a call today to start exploring the possibilities. I would love the opportunity to tell you more about how Radiant Homes can partner with you on the journey to realizing your dream home.” – DAVID REID, PRESIDENT

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Photo of Cindy Cole
Cindy Cole
President Altel – Alternative Telecom, Inc.

Cindy’s first business was a Kool-Aid stand. She wanted a bike and her mother told her she had to earn it. She hired neighbor children to work for her and paid off the sugar-and-Dixie-cup loan from her mother. The next summer she had a snow cone stand, and, after two summers, she finally bought that bike.

“I think people sometimes have a sense of entitlement,” she said, “But I learned that if you want something you have to earn it.”

Altel has been providing complete communications solutions for businesses since 2000 in North Dakota & Minnesota. Let us help you solve your communications requirements guiding you towards today’s growing needs to be in touch efficiently with your customers. You can be assured that you will have quality certified trained professionals working for you.

Altel is the only stop you need for your company to design and install a phone system best suited to support your operations, move or service your existing system, cable your facility for both voice and data, & configure and order your dial tone for local, long distance, and internet access.

Proudly serving all of The Red River Valley, Fargo Moorhead, Grand Forks, Detroit Lakes. Alternative Telecom Inc. encompasses the region with the latest proven telecommunications, voice & data cabling, and call accounting systems.

If you need a new solution, let Altel’s innovative engineering team help design the communications system that is right for your business and evaluate the alternatives that have been proposed by other vendors.



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Photo of Cindy Tyo
Cindy Tyo
President Travel Travel

No matter where in the world you want to go, we can help get you there. Our experienced agents will take the time to answer your questions and listen to your ideas, before making expert recommendations that fit your budget. We believe extraordinary vacations begin with careful planning, that’s why we are devoted to ensuring our clients always have the best possible experience—both before they leave and while they’re away.

“Cindy and her staff have always worked extremely hard on behalf of their corporate and leisure travel clients,” said Roger E. Block, CTC, President of Travel Leaders Network. “I am very proud to honor Cindy and her dynamic efforts by bestowing her with our highest honor, the Golden Legacy Award.”

Cindy, who was raised in Argyle, Minnesota and moved to the Fargo/Moorhead area right after high school, understands the needs of local travelers. She originally planned to build a career in the medical field, however, after working in a hotel and travel agency in the area, she realized by age 19 that her passion was travel. Beginning in the mid-1980s, Tyo worked as a travel agency manager in Crookston, Minnesota, and in Fargo/Moorhead.  She then spent several years in Los Angeles, California, before returning to Fargo – first to manage her current agency, then becoming the agency’s owner in 2003.

In addition to Tyo being honored with numerous awards from Travel Leaders through the years, she also has been recognized by various travel industry suppliers, such as Princess Cruises, Travel Guard and Viking River Cruises.  Her agencies are also top producers for Barcelo Hotels & Resorts, Funjet Vacations, and RIU Hotels & Resorts, among others. She is also very supportive of the local communities where her agencies are based, including supporting local golf tournaments such as the Roger Maris Celebrity Tournament and the Sunshine Kids Charity Golf Tournament.

Full Service Corporate Travel Management Travel Travel specializes in providing a cost-effective corporate travel management program customized to fit each of our accounts’ particular needs. In business for over 20 years, Travel Travel has experience handling accounts in various industries. Each account is assigned a team of travel experts to help with a full custom implementation (travel policy, reporting, duty of care, etc.), including a primary agent who knows, and is dedicated to your account. Travel Travel is unique in that we are able to provide the attention and care expected from a locally owned small business, while simultaneously providing the cutting edge technology and resources of a global organization. Call or email Travel Travel today to see how we can save you time, money, and peace of mind!

2019 Golden Legacy Award from Travel Leaders article

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Photo of Jon Lowry PE
Jon Lowry PE
Owner/Civil Engineer Lowry Engineering

Jon is a civil engineer with over 12 years of experience specializing in residential, industrial, and commercial development as well as municipal and transportation engineering projects. Lowry’s background and experience provides him with a strong foundation to successfully take on and complete residential and commercial subdivisions, municipal utility improvements, roadway improvements, and transportation projects. His responsibilities include subdivision site planning, building site planning, street and utility design, storm water management design, report preparation, project management, bid administration, and construction administration.

While not in the office, Lowry, his three children—a 9-year-old girl and two boys, 7 and three years old—and his wife of 15 years enjoy their family time together by playing games and spending lots of time in the lakes area. Lowry is also an avid outdoors man who loves to hunt and fish. 

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Photo of Brady Nash
Brady Nash
CEO and Founding Partner BNG

What Brady Does For BNG As CEO and an owner, Brady leads the overall direction of all our companies as well as negotiating contracts and new partnerships. His other primary focus is working with the executive team to assure every aspect of the company is operating with excellence, and empowering department heads to achieve our various business goals. In addition to the daily grind of running the business, he dedicates time to maintaining the company culture of BNG by developing strategies and working with the HR team to implement strategies to provide the best work-life balance for employees and their families.

Brady’s Past & Passion Born in Winnipeg, Canada, Brady was raised in a conservative, faithful family who soon moved to North Dakota. Being raised in a Free Lutheran church contributed to the core values Brady strives to embody, “Love one another as you would love yourself.” Both of Brady’s parents were Collegiate Athletes in Valley City, North Dakota where they met. With this background, Brady grew up loving competition in everything and understanding teamwork. To this day, he still values ambition, and having a happy attitude, fundamental skills that have contributed to the company’s success.

Before becoming CEO, Brady worked in sales, and still enjoys working with the various sales teams at BNG to satisfy his passion (and prove to himself that he still has it). From a high level, he strives to keep a pulse on how the business is handling sales and customer service. Recently, Brady has dabbled with public speaking about entrepreneurship, the importance of recurring revenue, and how companies can improve their cash flow.

In His Spare Time When Brady is not working, he spends time with his wife Brandi and their 5 beautiful children. Brady’s other hobbies include basketball, golf, softball, bowling, lifting weights, and watching various sports on TV.

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Photo of Dan Parker
Dan Parker
Owner Any Lab Test Now

How are you managing your drug free workplace program? You need a simple solution to manage your re-employment drug testing, random testing program, reasonable suspicion, post-incident and back-to-work drug and alcohol testing. It is easier for you, your business, your candidates, and your employees if that one resource can also help you with heavy metals and other occupational exposure testing services, as well as background screens and even employee wellness programs. ANY LAB TEST NOW® is your solution.

Employer Testing services include, but are not limited to:

  • Drug and Alcohol Testing: Pre-employment, Random Screening, Post-Accident, Suspicion
  • DOT Testing
  • Background Screening
  • Nicotine/Cotinine Testing
  • Heavy Metal Testing
  • COVID19 Testing (Rapid Antigen, RT-PCR, Antibody)
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Photo of Kent Satrang
Kent Satrang
CEO Petro Serve USA

Kent is the CEO of Petro Serve USA, a diversified retail petroleum business that operates 32 convenience stores in North Dakota and Minnesota.   The cooperative employees 500+ staff in a trade area that stretches from Bemidji to Bismarck and Grafton to Wahpeton.  Petro Serve received the Paul Dana Marketing Vision Award for its “Helping America Fuel Better” campaign.  Kent has a bachelor’s degree in Management from the University of North Dakota.  He became a CEO at age twenty-two in 1981.  That year he turned over his entire staff of 11 workers, in one morning, and survived to tell about it.  Petro Serve USA’s diverse young leadership currently uses the EOS Operating System and has doubled their sales five times in the last 18 years.

  • CEO, Farmers Union, Ellendale, ND | 3yrs
  • CEO, Cenex, Drayton, ND | 12yrs
  • CEO, PetroServe USA since 1998

Diversified cooperative founded in 1934

Corporate Office: 1772 Main Ave W, West Fargo

23 PetroServe locations ND/MN + 9 Valley Dairy locations GF/EGF purchased in 2016

“EOS had a major impact on helping us simplify our rather complex business. Each of the EOS Tools, including the Rocks, Scorecard, 8 Cashflow Drivers, Level 10 Meeting, LMA, and others, have significantly helped us affect the bottom line. I really value how Barry Gish helps us set SMART Rocks by driving our Leadership Team to identify the most important and strategic things we can accomplish in the next 90 days as well as helping us stay focused on accomplishing our 1, 3 and 10-year goals. On average, our Leadership Team sets 30 Rocks each Quarter and accomplishes them with a 90% success rate. The result on Petro Serve is exponential. EOS has been the fuel that powers growth here at Petro Serve USA.” – Kent

“I’m thankful for Kurt and The100,Inc. His passion to help business people grow their businesses and more importantly their personal growth is unique. Passion is a powerful pill to take every morning, especially when you mix it with purpose.” – Kent

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Photo of Dave Anderson
Dave Anderson
President Dakota Monument Company

Streetcars and horse-drawn wagons still ran down Broadway in Fargo, N.D. There were 225 students enrolled at North Dakota Agricultural College (now North Dakota State University) on the north end of town. And the population of all of Cass County was just over 40,000.

It was 1911, and three men – O. C. Anderson, H. F. Nesne, who was Anderson’s uncle, and O. Skognes – incorporated Dakota Monument Company in the young state of North Dakota. They opened their doors at 101 Front Street (now Main Avenue) in Fargo, N.D. in February.

Anderson got his start in the memorial business in 1906 as founder of Crookston Marble and Granite in Crookston, Minn. He sold the company in 1910 and moved to Fargo to begin another new memorial business in a larger city. In 1912, Anderson and Nesne purchased Skognes’s interest to make it an entirely family-owned memorial company.

Anderson operated Dakota Monument Company until his death in 1938. At that time, his son, Frederick S. Anderson, took it over. Frederick Anderson moved the business to a new facility at 2414 South University Drive in Fargo in 1965. He continued to operate and grow the company until he passed away in May 1980.

David F. Anderson succeeded his father as the Dakota Monument Company owner. He remembers watching his father hand chisel letters and designs into stone in the small shop off the alley behind Dakota Monument for the company’s customers. Dave learned everything he could from his dad and the other craftsmen in the shop, as well as the business side of the company.

In 1994, Dave oversaw the construction of a new facility at 1212 24th Ave. South in Fargo, where Dakota Monument is still located.

The fifth generation of Andersons entered the business in 2013 when Dustin Anderson became  our outside salesperson. Seth Anderson became our assistant production manager in 2015.

Today Dakota Monument Company is the only monument company in North Dakota invited to be one of 50 members of the American Institute of Commemorative Art. The company also has been a part of the Monument Builders of North America since 1982.

The family tradition at Dakota Monument continues with Dave, Dustin and Seth. Give us a call, and we’ll help you make your family’s traditions, moments and memories last forever.

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Photo of Mike Dragosavich
Mike Dragosavich
CEO and Publisher Spotlight Media

“Spotlight Media is constantly growing and changing. In 2010, there was 1 employee. Now look at our team! All our employees come from a wide range of backgrounds and each offers unique skills that help the Spotlight Media team become even stronger and more well-rounded.” – Drago

Originally from the south side of Chicago, spent two years in and out of the NFL, and now publish magazines, build retail brands, build e-commerce stores and consider myself a serial entrepreneur in the place I call home: Fargo, North Dakota.

Go Bison!

– Learn about our company at:
– Read our magazines at:
– Come eat a burger at our restaurant this year:
– Our other sites include:,,,

Email me if you need anything or just want to arm wrestle. –

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Photo of Matt Lachowitzer
Matt Lachowitzer
Founder and CEO Matt’s Automotive Service Center

Matt is a husband, father of 3, avid Minnesota Vikings fan, and owner and founder of Matt’s Automotive Service Center. A Herman, MN native, Matt started this company as a two-bay shop back in 2009. He has expanded the company into 6 locations with beautiful, state of the art facilities all over the Fargo-Moorhead area. Matt enjoys being a pillar in the community, giving back in any way he can, and providing knowledge and education in the biggest ways possible. As a result of being a continuous educator and an amazing pillar in the community, Matt won Entrepreneur of the Year in 2015 through the Fargo-Moorhead West Fargo Chamber of Commerce. When Matt’s not working, he enjoys fishing, riding ATV’s, watching football, and traveling with his family.

At Matt’s Automotive Service Center, it is our mission to give our customers a better experience than they’ve ever expected from an automotive facility. We aim to earn and keep their trust from the moment they walk in our door. Through continuous education, advanced training, high ethical standards, and a friendly attitude, we strive to be more than just an experience, but to become the new standard.

When you choose to service your vehicle or get needed repairs performed at Matt’s Automotive Service Center, you’re choosing an industry-leading facility with expert Technicians and Service Advisors. We’re a family owned and operated business and we enjoy building relationships with each and every one of our customers.

We know that having confidence in your repair facility to figure out the problem and fix it properly the first time is a great feeling. We understand that whether you spend $20 or $2,000, one of the worst feelings in the world is to feel deceived by how you and your vehicle were taken care of. We agree that when you have something wrong with your vehicle – a flat tire, transmission issues, lights not turning on – it’s an awful feeling. However, we also know that it takes a lot of that dread away when you can trust your repair facility to tell you what’s going on and to repair it for a reasonable cost. It’s for all these reasons that we value our customers’ faith in us and our abilities, and their continued loyalty.

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Photo of Shawn Weyer
Shawn Weyer
Owner Weyer Companies

I am Shawn Weyer, owner of  Weyer Companies and Weyer-For-Hire of Fargo LLC. Prior to opening my business in Fargo, I mentored under my father for over 12 educational years of tackling all project types- everything from removing rubber from large tanks followed by spray applications, to custom painting interior and exteriors of multi-million dollar homes.

While painting full time, I continued my education and graduated from North Dakota State University with a business degree, as well as completing the pre-requisites for chiropractic school.  After being accepted to Northwestern school of Chiropractic in Minneapolis/St.Paul, I made the decision to continue the painting business I had started in Fargo.

Creating a memorable experience.

Since 2012, our talented crew has been a top choice in the Fargo-Moorhead region, offering services for residential renovation, new home construction, industrial spaces and buildings of all sizes.

At Weyer Companies, we treat every project as an original. With meticulous attention to detail, we aim to bring an effortless experience to both the clients and each member of our team.

Turning jobs into careers.

At Weyer Companies, we are invested in finding the right people and putting them in the right seats for sustainable, purpose-driven careers.

We view our workplace as a second home where core values are met and meaningful relationships are built.

Changing the industry.

Work that matters is not just about delivering a quality service but more importantly it is about the people who make it happen.

We take pride in the trade industry. We are committed to taking trade skills and changing them into careers within our company.

Our team members are skilled, talented, and follow a process that won’t just leave you remembering us, but also the names of the individuals that worked on your project.

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Photo of Kari Score
Kari Score
President Dakota Storage Products

Dakota Storage Products’ story began in 1989 when Merlyn Nelson opened the business in Westgo Square in West Fargo to help meet the needs of companies and small businesses throughout the region.

Merlyn retired in 2008, and his daughter Kari took over the operations with the help of her family.

In over 25 years, Dakota Storage Products has grown and is now reaching out to companies all over the upper Midwest.

Our team at Dakota Storage Products works with clients from many industries throughout the region. We take pride in being professional, reliable, and trustworthy and work to build a long-term working relationship with each client.

We are experts in pallet racking and warehouse planning. We know what you need and can deliver in a timely manner.

Dakota Storage Products has the largest on-hand inventory in the region.

As your friendly, family owned pallet racking company, we strive to help find the best possible solution to your storage and warehouse needs!

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Photo of Art Rosenberg
Art Rosenberg
President, Broker, Owner Sunbelt Business Advisors North Dakota

Art is an entrepreneur with over 30 years of success in business buying & selling, commercial real estate, investment consulting, and venture capital. He will assist you in locating specific business opportunities in any industry and guide you to a successful outcome.

Art is a highly accomplished Senior Executive and Entrepreneur with more than 25 years of success in the venture capital (verticals), commercial real estate, development, and management consulting. Leveraging extensive experience as a licensed real estate agent in North Dakota and Minnesota and managing venture capital funds and real estate holdings, Art is a valuable asset for startups to small companies seeking expert experience with audit committees, finance, various hybrids of equity (reverse mergers, straight-line debt), cash flow, or investor relations. His key areas of expertise include leadership development, venture capital management, problem-solving, strategy, and anything real estate, including multifamily, retail, commercial, 1031 exchanges, land development, and sales.

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Photo of Brandon Pittenger
Brandon Pittenger
President and Attorney FM Title, Inc.

Commercial and Residential Real Estate Closing, Escrow and Abstract Services

FM Title  101 8th St. S Fargo, North Dakota 58103

Stutsman Title  223 3rd Ave SW Jamestown, ND 58401

Barnes Title  117 3rd St NW Suite 5 Valley City, ND 58072

Richland Title  602 Dakota Av Wahpeton, ND 58074

701 TITLE 323 Main St. Williston, ND 58802

Lakes Title 1105 US-10  Detroit Lakes,  MN 56501

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Photo of Brook Lyter
Brook Lyter
President and CEO Fargo Party Ride, Free Poker Network, Powerplay DJ

Free Poker Network, Inc. Marketing and promotions specializing in free-to-play Texas Holdem for bars/restaurants nationwide, over 250 locations. More than $1 million in prizes including 100+ World Series of Poker bracelet event seats have been given away since 2005.

FPN Gaming North Dakota licensed distributor of gaming supplies including exclusive pull tab games, electronic pull tab gaming systems, blackjack tables and supplies, custom prize boards, LED display cases, bingo, Dakota Poker Tour live streaming events, and other services for the purpose of raising funds for North Dakota charitable organizations. Secretary, North Dakota Council for Charitable Gaming.

Limo Leader, Inc. is a reservation / event management system with integrated mobile app for small to mid size operators in the limousine and party bus transportation industry.

Fargo Party Ride Limo service began January 2009 specializing in unique Limo Bus/Party Buses for wedding transportation, bachelor/bachelorette parties, casino runs, Vikings ticket+transportation packages and more. Eight (8) unique vehicles to choose from.

Powerplay DJ, Inc. Mobile disc jockey service providing entertainment for all occasions in the upper midwest with home office in Fargo and 2nd office in Bismarck. Performed for 77 weddings in August 2014. Servicing over 500 clients annually. DJ, Karaoke, Video, Trivia and related services. 13 sound & light shows plus 3 photo booths.

Fastball Productions Developing sports-related solutions for the Joomla market. Specializing in baseball team/league websites and the world’s only commercial Joomla extension specifically for baseball webmasters. Added Football and Basketball extensions.

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Photo of Stu Stockmoe
Stu Stockmoe
Owner and President SaveCoin and Monitor Marketing

I offer the most unique and dynamic advertising solutions in the Fargo-Moorhead area through my 2 companies. I work with all types of businesses, and with my 23 years of experience in the advertising industry can help businesses create successful campaigns reaching many thousands of people, to help build your brand and get you new customers as well.

Monitor Marketing is a digital media company offering a dynamic advertising solution for businesses of all types.  We have one of the largest indoor digital advertising networks in the Fargo-Moorhead area with several host locations in the lakes area as well. The monitors serve as indoor digital billboards with many key benefits over outdoor including a much more captive audience, more creative capabilities and best of all much lower pricing.  Also, this isn’t bathroom advertising, our monitors are placed in the main open traffic areas of the host businesses.  You’ll be able to specify your target market and reduce advertising waste by delivering venue or community-wide targeting.


Our Mission To provide great deals in North Dakota and Minnesota to help our customers branch out and experience more of what the local area has to offer. We also believe in providing quality service to our customers and if one of our deals lets you down, we will make sure we make it up to you.

SaveCoin Works For Your Business!

SaveCoin, headquartered in Fargo, ND, offers dynamic advertising solutions to a growing interactive audience of 34,000 email subscribers, 500 SMS/Test subscribers, 10,000+ facebook followers, 600 Twitter followers, and 26,000 unique weekly website visitors. There are Several distinct options; Daily Deal campaign, Coupon program, exclusive and targeted “Showcase” emails, and banner ads.

What a Daily Deal Campaign Means To You

You Pay Us…Nothing!!! Yes, nothing! We create the campaign, we promote your business to many thousands of people through multiple media, they buy your deal and receive a redeemable voucher, we simply split the purchase revenue and WE pay YOU. It’s that simple. If no deals are purchased it literally costs you nothing!

We Only Win If You Win!!! SaveCoin offers your business efficient, measurable, risk-free marketing, Exponential viral marketing opportunity, Track customers and sales , Drives people to your business, Builds your web presence, Generates traffic to your website, Shares your business story, Puts your business in the spotlight.

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Photo of Jodee Bock
Jodee Bock
Owner and Founder

Where is your organization headed?

Are you getting the results you really want? Let Jodee guide you through that discovery process.

She provides an objective view of your organization’s most valuable asset: your people.

Workshop, Keynotes Presentation Titles:

“REAL Impact: Learn to Communicate By Communicating”

“Love Or Fear: The Choice is Yours”

“Fire Up But Don’t Burn Out”

“Becoming a Conscious Leader”

  • Keynotes
  • Workshops
  • Breakout Sessions
  • Coaching Engagements
  • Leadership Team Engagements
  • Communication Strategies
  • Mastermind studies and coaching

Mastermind Facilitations and Group Coaching allow your teams to connect with each other and form accountabilities that keep them on track toward the goals they set for themselves and their teams.

Jodee Bock is a dynamic business communicator who encourages people to practice riskful thinking as opposed to merely wishful thinking. By encouraging them to think beyond their reasons, she leaves audiences with new insights, along with ideas for turning their knowledge into action.

Jodee is the founder of Bock’s Office Transformational Consulting and has more than 20 years of experience in the areas of corporate communication, media relations, executive coaching, and training and development. She holds certifications in Life Purpose and Career Coaching, Extreme Leadership, PSYCH-K Facilitation, Job Relations Training (JRT), Bob Proctor’s Life Success Consulting®, and Accelerated Innovation Training and Coaching from SolutionPeople in Chicago.

The author of several books, podcast interviews, speeches, and blog posts, Jodee is a thought leader who has been called a boat rocker and a people enhancer, thanks to her unique ability to add a new perspective to common ways of thinking.

Jodee is a highly sought after keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, and business consultant. She has spoken at events all over the United States and designed and delivered customized workshops and seminars for hundreds of clients.

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Photo of Dr Mason Orth D.C.
Dr Mason Orth D.C.
Founder and CEO ChiroHealth & Rehab

Dr. Mason Orth is a doctor of chiropractic who started his clinic in Fargo right out of school in the year 2000.  He is especially interested people suffering with chronic pain and has led the way among Fargo chiropractors with new technologies to help treat chronic pain without drugs or surgery.

Dr. Orth grew up watching his dad suffer with chronic back and neck pain and, having suffered from it himself much of his own life, Dr. Orth has developed the unique ability to not only empathize with patients but to deeply understand what they are feeling and experiencing.  This gives he and his team as Fargo Chiropractors the opportunity to connect on a much deeper level with patients and to better understand what the source of their chronic pain is and, how best to treat it.

Unfortunately I inherited my dad’s back and have lived managing chronic pain most of my life.  I know how chronic pain robs life from people and I am committed to providing cutting-edge treatment that not only reduces pain, but allows people to manage it and function for the rest of their life.”

Dr. Orth is known for his ability to diagnose more difficult cases especially related to spinal, shoulder, hip and knee conditions.  He has grown his practice from a sole-practitioner to having multiple doctors in multiple clinics in both North Dakota and Minnesota. He has coached and trained doctors across the country and has over a half-dozen doctors right here in the area that have trained with him and are in practice today.

Over the years his clinics have won multiple awards for performance and achievement and he continues to pursue the most effective and up-to-date methods of treating patients without the use of drugs and surgery.  He has helped to start local wellness programs in area businesses and his clinics perform multiple community events each month.

Dr. Orth grew up locally in Horace and still resides in the area with his three children.  He graduated with a Pre-Medicine degree from Minnesota State University Moorhead with the intention of going to medical school.  During college he also worked as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and it was his love of health, nutrition and human performance that eventually led him to study chiropractic at Northwestern – a highly respected school for Fargo chiropractors.

When not working he will be spending time with his family, preferably outdoors and by water.  If he isn’t hanging out with family he will likely be reading, studying or tuning-up his 1967 Dodge Coronet 500.  Active in his church he has started a local men’s group and works to help people create a better life for themselves.

Dr. Orth has additional studies in spinal disc disorders, soft tissue dysfunction, spinal rehabilitation, extremity and sports injury, non-surgical spinal decompression, cold laser treatment, nutrition and wellness.

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Photo of Kim Bjoralt
Kim Bjoralt
President Human Resource Management Group, LLC

As a Human Resource Consultant and former health insurance executive Kim brings 30 years of sales, management and employee benefits experience to business owners and executives. Kim brings an insightful strategic and practical implementation talent to clients that are challenged, overwhelmed and even non-compliant in the complex world of Human Resource Management. His question-“How is your HR Model serving your business purpose and do you need to reinforce, rethink or reinvent your current approach”-has served clients around the region.

Kim is the founder and CEO of Human Resource Management Group, LLC, a human resource consulting and outsourcing firm here in Fargo.

HRMG provides all the functions usually associated with a traditional in-house human resource department. Businesses view human resources outsourcing and consulting as a strategic tool that relieves them of human resource responsibilities and enable them to focus on what they do best. In addition to allowing you to concentrate on your core business activities, outsourcing provides some key benefits, including: skilled professionals focused on human resources, reduce and manage operating costs and improving employee relations.

Feel confident that you are in compliance and adhering to the latest laws and regulations with HRMG’s assistance while keeping you up-to-date and freeing you from having to stay on top of these ever changing issues.

Specialties: Retirement Plans, Health and Welfare Benefits, Negotiating, Strategic Planning, Marketing Strategy, Sales, Managing Client Relationships, Safety Analysis

Panelist at The Executives’ Club Luncheon; CYA Cover Your Assets, November 15, 2017

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Photo of Russell Schell
Russell Schell
President RJ Energy Solutions, LLC

Several years ago I made the decision to go out on my own and start RJ Energy Solutions. This company puts me in a position that allows me to work with many different clients in a variety of different areas. I work on site doing inspections and being involved in finding the very best solutions for the problems that we might find.

My background in serving customers both in large commercial sites and residential homes has enabled me to focus on helping create and sustain safe, comfortable and energy efficient environments – and help my clients improve the performance of homes and buildings around the area.

Our focus at RJ Energy solutions is also helping clients have healthy homes and businesses with air systems and energy systems that work to make the home and business the very best they can be. Healthy inside environments that are free from problems such as radon is still another area we help our clients with.

When I not helping my customers improve their indoor air issue. I’m always up for some hiking, biking, camping or anything that keeps a person moving. The times I am good with sitting is when I’m watching sporting event (Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey).

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Photo of Rich Cossette
Rich Cossette
President TRS Insustries

Rich has been with T.R.S. Industries since it was established in 1983. He is also a sales associate and marketing manager. You can find him at the trade shows that T.R.S. Industries attends.

T.R.S. Industries was started in 1983 in the garage of Roger Cossette. Roger’s wife Claudia and son Richard joined shortly after and the company continued to grow. Richard’s wife Joy joined the company along with their sons Shane and Bob. Tarp manufacturing equipment was also purchased as we continued to grow.

In 1989 the company expanded to the Fargo Industrial Park and built a building large enough to drive a Semi Truck or trailer into the shop for repairs and installations. In 1992 and 1995 we added to the existing building to more than double our space. In 2005 T.R.S. Industries expanded to add the Fabrics Division, which was located directly behind the existing building and used for new tarp production and custom covers.

In 2009, T.R.S. Industries added a new building which housed production and the majority of the offices. The new location was 1230 40th St N, Fargo, ND. T.R.S. still had their location at 4119 14th Ave N, which was used to house installation of tarps and repair on large truck tarps.

In 2013, T.R.S. Industries added 36,000 square feet onto their new building, which increased manufacturing space to 69,000 square feet. This new addition was used to house all of the employees under one roof, in order to serve customers more efficiently. T.R.S. manufactures many of the parts for Roll Tarp Systems and stocks a wide selection of replacement tarps, lumber tarps, and steel tarps.

a brief video history

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Photo of Robert Sinner
Robert Sinner
President SB&B Foods, Inc.

Sinner Bros. & Bresnahan (SB&B) is a family‑owned, large‑scale agri‑business, producing, processing, marketing and supplying the world’s finest food grade products.

Bob grew up working in the family farming business that his great-grandfather started in 1906 near Casselton. After graduating from North Dakota State University in 1975 with a degree in Agriculture Economics, he spearheaded the company’s expansion into global identity-preserved, non-GMO soybean markets.

Sinner is president of both the farming operation’s processing company, Identity Ag Processing and its marketing entity, SB&B Foods, which won the North Dakota Exporter of the Year award in 2007 and North Dakota Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2009.

Sinner currently serves on the United States Soybean Export Council Advisory Board, is chairman of the Human Nutrition Committee and is active on the National Agriculture Transportation Coalition Advisory Board.

In 2017, Bob helped facilitate a panel discussion for The Executives’ Club titled Board Development, along with local business leaders Jim Buus and Eric Monson.

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Photo of Jim Howe
Jim Howe
Managing Partner Howe Seed Farm

The Howe’s saw a unique opportunity to give back to a college and community, which has had such an impact in their lives.

Jim and Gwen Howe both grew up on farms in North Dakota, Jim in Casselton and Gwen in Arthur and later in Kindred. Gwen graduated from NDSU in Child Development and Family Relations and worked at 1st Bank. Jim graduated from Iowa State in Farm Operations. He is the 4th generation running the family business, Howe Seed Farms.

The Howe’s believe that education is the key to success. They were fortunate enough to have their college paid for and could in turn pay for their two children’s college educations. Both of their children graduated from NDSU, Michael in Communications and Virginia in Pharmacy.

They know some students struggle to pay for college, especially single mothers, and they found a way to help. Jim and Gwen recently became involved with the Jerimiah Program, and wanted to tie this cause in with NDSU, the college that has become such an important part of their lives. It was a revolutionary thought to set up an Endowment where one of the requirements is to be actively involved in the Jerimiah Program in Fargo, North Dakota. This program provides support for single mothers and their children, to help transition them from poverty to prosperity, through a career-track college education. Gwen and Jim want to reward those that successfully move through this program, by ensuring a four-year college degree. Not only does their endowment provide scholarships in perpetuity, it gives back by helping two generations, the mothers, and their children who can now learn by example how to be successful.

Both feel their parents taught them so much in life, including the importance of community service. Jim and Gwen have enjoyed being involved at NDSU, Gwen being on the Alumni board for many years, and Jim being a trustee on the Foundation Board. They believe you don’t have to be a NDSU alumni to get involved, and you should use your money to do good things for others. They are excited to know they will be helping women obtain independence with the help of their scholarship.

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Photo of Dave Ekman
Dave Ekman
President Bridge Hospitality

Dave Ekman is a local entrepreneur with over 35 years of business experience.

While attending NDSU and majoring in agricultural economics, Mr. Ekman started in the computer business in 1981 by purchasing a ComputerLand franchise at the age of 20. This began a series of business ventures including a technology company (Corporate Technologies), an internet service provider (Corporate Communications), a travel agency (Travel Travel), hotel development and investment, a self-storage business and various real estate projects.

After his retirement as CIO of Multiband Corporation, a field services company with over 3,000 employees which he helped start and subsequently sold, he now is President of Bridge Hospitality, a hotel development company, and also One Rep Construction, an owners rep firm specializing in hospitality remodels. Dave also serves on various private and public boards and committees.

Dave lives in Fargo, ND with his wife (Paula) of 27 years and has three children. His hobbies include golf, water skiing and traveling.

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Photo of Barry Maring
Barry Maring
President Sonmar Companies

Mr. Maring is a longtime entrepreneur with management experience in several diverse industries. He graduated Cum Laude from Concordia College, Moorhead, MN with a BA in Business Administration and Accounting with a minor in Spanish. Barry developed his financial skills as an auditor with KPMG in Minneapolis, MN and he passed the CPA exam the fall after graduation. Subsequently, Barry joined the North Dakota Department of Banking as a Bank Examiner. Barry began following his entrepreneurial spirit early in his career when he developed a quick-serve Italian restaurant and purchased and developed various restaurants. He is now with Sonmar Management and Right at Home in Fargo, ND.

Married 27 years to Elizabeth with a 22 year old son, Jack and a 20 year old daughter, Brooke. He enjoys golfing and relaxing at the lake in his free time.

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Photo of Roger Christianson
Roger Christianson
President Christiansons Business Furniture

Vision Statement: “To be recognized as the leading office dealer in our community, providing superior quality, value and customer service.”

Christianson’s Business Furniture is a privately held corporation founded in 1993. We are a full service contract office furniture dealer, assisting designers, architects and end-users in North Dakota and Minnesota.

We are a “Preferred Dealer” of Haworth furniture; a status attained after significant commitments have been achieved regarding Haworth focus, showroom facilities, sales, design and installation training as well as customer service.

For three straight years we’ve achieved the Haworth Best In Class status which is accomplished by meeting standards in all areas of dealer performances and operations as set by Haworth and our industry.

Executives’ Club Panelist Traction Intro and Overview | June 14, 2017

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Photo of Mike Meagher
Mike Meagher
Founder and President Sagency

Mike found meaningful work early in his career, but was constantly intrigued by how people engaged in their work and what led to team success. When teams were doing well, he noticed better communication and clear direction. When teams struggled, it was because they weren’t on the same page and they didn’t appreciate each other’s unique strengths and contributions.

He began reading and researching what impacts business success and found some common themes. People and healthy organizational dynamics (culture) are the primary drivers of success. Strategy matters but leadership is everything.

What was once simple intrigue, became the passion and the cornerstone for Sagency. When he founded Sagency in 2011, he was (and still is) eager to take on the challenge of guiding clients to achieve healthy growth.

Mike believes success and healthy growth always center around people:

  • Leveraging the talent of people on a team to achieve bigger goals.
  • Finding the right people.
  • Developing the capabilities of people.
  • Engaging people to create and execute plans to win.

“Our incredible team has a simple mission: We help leaders create a culture where everyone knows and does what it takes to win as a team. We take pride in being trustworthy guides. We’ve been there before, so we know the way to help you achieve healthy growth.” – Mike Meagher

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Photo of Kelly Wentz
Kelly Wentz
Partner MetroPrairie Enhanced Wellness Benefits

“To be creative you must be curious. To be competent you must be curious. To be prosperous you must be curious. To be effective you must be curious. To be competitive you must be curious. Curiosity is a conscious choice, are you curious or complacent?”  – Kelly

Kelly is a graduate of Moorhead State University in Business, Minors in Political Science and Economics, and 30 years as an independent in insurance. He has served on the Fargo-Moorhead Association of Insurance & Financial Advisers Board of Directors and as Ethics Chairman, two terms on the North Dakota Governor’s Commission on Aging, and currently serves on the Shriners Hospital for Children – Twin Cities Board of Governors, including Finance and Human Resources committees.

Is your company looking for innovative ways to attract & keep your important employees, while lowering costs for employer and employees?  Of course it is, but many employers only pay lip service to this.  MetroPrairie is a Managing General Agency for Champion Health. (You have not seen this before) Let us show you an innovative, new, no out of pocket cost, and highly effective way to increase employee loyalty and satisfaction, while improving your employees financial and physical health. This DOES NOT REPLACE your current group health plan, it goes in front of or on top of it. It can be added at any time of the year, not just at your group health plan renewal.  MetroPrairie will go through a full learning process with you so that you will understand the hows and whys. Our goal is knowledgeable and successful employers with satisfied employees. You will be glad you sat down with us. We exist to help business owners succeed, both now and continuing into their future.

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Photo of Tim Eissinger
Tim Eissinger
CEO Anne Carlsen Center
Our mission is to make the world a more inclusive place where independence is a gift to all.
  • Acceptance We believe in honoring the dignity and worth of others and celebrating the differences in others.
  • Life-Long Learning It is imperative that our team encourages learning opportunities for those we serve and one another.
  • Gratitude True gratitude requires the ability to appreciate others and the work that is before us.
  • Compassion Compassion is more than just what is in your heart. We must demonstrate care and respect through words and actions and show empathy for others.
  • Service Above Self Providing person-centered service that creates a meaningful impact on those we serve and others.
  • Holistic Encouragement We recognize the complexity of supporting a person’s life in its entirety. We seek to nurture all facets of human life, including mind, body and spirit.

Tim started with Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch – then called Dakota Boys Ranch – as a live-in house manager in 1983. He worked his way up the organization to Vice President of Programming and played an integral role in the development of co-ed programming and Ranch services throughout the Red River Valley. Tim spent just over 30 years with Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch before succeeding Eric Monson as CEO of Anne Carlsen Center in 2018.

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Photo of Rob Burke
Rob Burke
Director of Media Productions BNG Team

November 1, 2020

Today I get to announce a new adventure for Yarn that I am so excited for. Yarn will be joining the BNG Team!

BNG has been a client of Yarn’s for over two years and we have seen firsthand how they operate with integrity and a passion for people. So when they approached me a month ago with the idea of acquiring Yarn to grow their internal production team, it was hard for me to find a reason not to say yes.

For the last six years I have built Yarn on a few core values: Relationship, Quality, Integrity, and Impact. I have seen how the BNG Team embodies every single one of those values and we couldn’t have found a more perfect company to partner with.

For those who don’t know who BNG is or what they do, you most likely have interacted with one of their point of sale systems in a coffee shop or restaurant and didn’t know it. BNG is headquartered out of Fargo and has a mission to help small to medium sized businesses grow with tools and resources beyond a credit card terminal and it is exciting to become a part of that vision. BNG also has a heart for making an impact in their community and the world, which is a major piece of what Yarn was built on as well.

So what does this mean for the Yarn brand? There is, of course, a bittersweetness to this change as we sunset the Yarn name. Starting November, Yarn will no longer take on any new projects as our team begins the transition of operating under the BNG name.

I’ve had the privilege to work with so many creatives and for so many clients (you know who you are), who have in no small way helped shape Yarn as it grew. I cannot thank you enough for being a part of Yarn and for entrusting us with your brands over the years.

We aren’t going away, only changing names!

So here’s to new adventures!

– Rob Burke

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Photo of Jessica Hoppe CFP
Jessica Hoppe CFP
Senior Business Advisor and Commercial Banker Alerus

I am at my best when I can help others and I feel valued. I enjoy a career that involves building relationships with people based on mutual respect and trust. I believe banking and finance go beyond the numbers and that in my profession I can make a positive difference in people’s lives. I look for opportunities that allow me to use my natural talents and gifts such as being well organized, accountable, and analytical ~ yet empathetic and genuine. I strive to be kind, helpful, educated, confident, free thinking, healthy, and graceful. My life’s journey involves God, family and friends and together, I hope for a lifetime of travel, culture and amazing life experiences.

Guiding You Through Your Business Life Stages | Fargo INC! Magazine, September 2020

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Photo of Rachael Boyer
Rachael Boyer
President and CEO The Home Authority, Inc.

Rachael Boyer is a results-oriented, transformational leader, and business executive with more than 20 years of experience in construction, healthcare, and numerous industries. Rachael’s entrepreneurial spirit has allowed her to develop several businesses and brands from origination across a variety of industries. Rachael’s passion for the construction industry has been built on the foundation of excellence with the customer at the center of the experience, and the framework of passion to transform vision to reality.

In her 20 years of healthcare experience, Rachael transitioned from a clinical provider as a Physician Assistant in General Surgery to the Vice President of Operations of a large healthcare system in the Upper Midwest. At the same time as she was building her healthcare career, Rachael was a serial entrepreneur and started several businesses within the construction and real estate industry. Rachael also combined her construction-related business and industry knowledge with healthcare to lead several multi-million-dollar expansion and renovation initiatives, including the design and build of the first hybrid interventional suite in the Upper Midwest, and only the third in the United States.

Rachael’s diverse background has resulted in her being recognized as a dynamic and knowledgeable business woman in the construction industry with the expert ability to strategically design and transform environments in a timely and cost-effective manner. Rachael’s true passion resides in the opportunity to serve her customers by guiding them through the transformation of their home, while allowing the customer to enjoy the ups and downs of the remodeling process. Although business and success drive Rachael’s enjoyment in life, her true passion resides in her role as a wife of 27 years and mother of an amazing 14-year-old son who has already professionally authored, published and become a #1 International best selling author of an adventure-action novel, Island Games: Mystery of the Four Quadrants; and has established his own corporation to inspire individuals with the same passion for reading and writing. Additionally, Rachael is closely connected and involved with multiple national and community organizations. She is a member of CEO Space International, National Association of Professional Women, Home Builder’s Association, Moorhead Business Association, the100, inc., sponsor for community youth sports teams, has served on local school boards, and has volunteered with numerous community organizations.

Have you been dreaming of a home renovation, but are unsure of where to start? Do you have ideas for what your spaces could look like, but don’t know how to fit it all together? This is where The Home Authority, a general contractor and home remodeling company serving Fargo, ND and the surrounding areas, comes in. We guide you through the entire home remodeling process – from design, to obtaining estimates, to coordinating your project’s schedule – allowing you to understand the entire start-to-finish without taking away from you and your family’s day to day life.

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Photo of Paul Highness
Paul Highness
Partner Pro Resources
Paul grew up in Hawley, Minnesota.  He studied marketing and accounting at Minnesota State University Moorhead.
With the advent of the Apple computer Paul switched gears and attended Moorhead Community College, which at the time, was the only institution that offered a Commercial Arts program focused on the new technology.
Soon after graduating Paul began to teach adult education classes which focused on the Apple Macintosh and the software applications.  After teaching one of his classes to employees of  Knight Printing (Fargo, ND) Paul was recruited to be their liaison in helping their customers with the transition to the new platform and software applications.
Before becoming a Managing Partner with PRO Resources, Paul was the Executive Director of the Fargo Air Museum.
Paul is active with the Moorhead Business Association, The Executives Club 100, 1Million Cups and the Fargo Moorhead West Fargo Chamber.
Paul finds enjoyment spending time with his family, riding horses, hunting, and fishing.
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Photo of Carissa Olsen
Carissa Olsen
President and CEO NoKota Packers, Inc

Carissa was appointed president and CEO of NoKota Packers Inc., following the retirement of Steve Tweten in December 2019. NoKota Packers is a third-generation packer and shipper of red potatoes in the Red River Valley of North Dakota, and an exclusive supplier of Side Delights potatoes.

Olsen assumed the role of COO in February of 2017, following six years as director of operations. She joined the company 15 years ago as an administrative assistant. During her career at NPI, Olsen has been active in the community with leadership roles, including church council trustee, president of daycare board, president of booster clubs and treasurer of H509 scholarship board. Olsen graduated summa cum laude from Mayville State University with a bachelor’s degree in business education in 2003. She is also a graduate of the Dale Carnegie business immersion course and the Dale Carnegie leadership for managers course.

“Having spent my entire career at this company, I am honored to move into this role of president and CEO. Starting as an administrative assistant and working my way through various parts of the business—food safety, HR, employee safety, grower relations, shipping and billing, and accounting have helped me immensely with the nuts and bolts of the business operations,” Olsen said. “My father, who will retire at the end of this season, was NoKota’s first employee, so I grew up around the business, following him while he worked in the plant and touring potato fields. Pairing my experience in various roles with my knowledge of the history and current operations has prepared me thoroughly for this position.”

In 1978, Malcolm Tweten and his brother-in-law Maurice Gjelsness had an innovative idea. Both farmers had been growing potatoes in the Buxton and Reynolds area for a long time, and wanted to market their own potato crop. They started to kick around the idea of a potato warehouse/washplant facility in Buxton, ND. Together with their sons Steve Tweten and Ron Gjelsness on board, NoKota Packers, Inc. began to take shape.

During our first season in the fall of 1979, we stored potatoes in a facility that was still unfinished, represented 4 local farming operations, shipped 220,000 hundred weight of potatoes and employed 18 employees. Today, we have more than doubled in size, work with 5 different growers, have the ability to ship 600,000+ hundred weight of potatoes and employ around 35 employees throughout the year.

As we grew in product and building size we also added two partners. Tim Lee, employed as Washplant Manager since 1979, became a partner and vice president in 1991. Kendall Gjelsness, Maurice Gjelsness’s son became a partner after Maurice passed away in 1993. Malcolm Tweten passed away in 2013. Steve continues as President and Head of Sales and Ron as Secretary/Treasurer and in charge of transportation and storage. Mike Moen has been our Grower Representative since 1994.

We started NoKota Packers, Inc. in 1979 as a family business and it is still a family business today. This shows in our service, work ethic and uncompromising commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. We look back with satisfaction at our decision to promote Red River Valley red potatoes and we are excited about continuing our involvement in such a dynamic industry.

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Photo of Steve Dusek
Steve Dusek
President/CEO Dakota Business Lending

Steve eats, sleeps and breathes small business financing!  He has been at the helm of Dakota Business Lending since 2010 after leading Prairieland CDC in Minnesota for 15 years. Knowledge of lending programs and strategy are definitely his forte.  Steve uses this experience for the betterment of the entire industry by serving on the National Association of Development Companies (NADCO) Board of Directors.  He has been involved with numerous committees to provide legislative advocacy and networking opportunities for small business development throughout the region.

With Steve in the lead, nobody gets left behind.  He is a trailblazer that ensures the whole team plays a vital role to our mission. He knows the value of the services that we offer and wants to ensure that all businesses have the opportunity to take advantage of these programs to help them achieve their dreams. He is a pioneer that is always looking for new and better ways to do what we do and have a broader impact on the success of those we serve.

President and CEO of Dakota Business Lending, which is a first-rate financing partner that can provide the momentum you need to start or grow your small business. What you might want to know about me is that my purpose is to challenge myself and others to be a better version of ourselves every day, in doing so, create a richer, more fulfilling experience of life.

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Photo of Paul Smith MS, EDFP, CVGA
Paul Smith MS, EDFP, CVGA
Center Director ND Small Business Development Center

Paul has a passion to help entrepreneurs and small businesses grow. As Fargo Center Director, he assists business owners to start, manage and grow their companies through free, confidential business advising services in a variety of areas, which include: Business setup and registration, business planning, market research, financial projections and analysis, funding your venture, buying and selling a business and succession planning. Areas of expertise include: Financial analysis, business planning and market analysis.

He earned his Economic Development Finance Professional (EDFP) certification, is a certified LivePlan Expert Advisor and is one two ND SBDC export-certified advisors. He was also 2019 ‘State Star’ award winner, which recognizes exemplary performance, strong commitment to small business, and significant contribution and commitment to the ND SBDC network. He also is a regular contributing writer to FargoINC! magazine.

Before joining the ND SBDC in 2015, Paul worked in a diverse range of industries, which included: Financial services, retail, manufacturing, technology, transitional management, agribusiness, customer service, engineering, consulting, non-profits, healthcare, agency and media.

He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Lawrence University and a Master’s Degree in Journalism from Northwestern University.

Born and raised in the Chicago area, Paul (a loyal Cubs fan) his wife and two children have live in Fargo, ND.

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Photo of John Reimer CPA
John Reimer CPA
Shareholder Brady, Martz & Associates, PC

John was raised in Walhalla, North Dakota, where he met his wife, Heather. They married in 2003 and now live in West Fargo with their two children, Noah and Emily, and their Golden Retriever, Kona. John enjoys West Fargo because its continual, steady growth offers abundant opportunities for its citizens. Outside of the office, John’s hobbies include traveling, golfing, cheering on the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Wild. He also spends time diving—he is a SCUBA certified Master Diver. Though his favorite book changes frequently, he currently cites “The Power of Positive Leadership” by Jon Gordon as his go-to read.

John took his first accounting class as a junior in high school and was immediately hooked. He went on to study accounting in college and started working as a professional in the field in 2003. John joined Brady Martz in 2019 via its merger with Fiebiger, Swanson, West & Co., PLLP (FSW). As the shareholder in charge of the firm’s Fargo office, John specializes in serving clients in the construction industry and ESOP-owned entities. He performs audits, reviews, and compilations of for-profit entities and also occasionally performs non-profit audits. With nearly two decades of experience under his belt, John is a valuable team member. He established his career with Eide Bailly before joining FSW as a senior associate in 2007. By the time FSW merged with Brady Martz, John was the firm’s managing partner.

A determined and driven professional, John’s personal philosophy of service is simple: “Do what is right.” In fact, his favorite quote is, “The definition of integrity is doing what is right, even when no one is watching.” John credits his success in the accounting field to a combination of hard work, determination, and the desire to provide greater financial security for others.

Designations & Certifications

  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA) – North Dakota


  • American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)
  • North Dakota CPA Society (NDCPAS)
  • Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA)
  • Minot State University Alumni Association


  • Minot State University
    • Bachelor of Science in Accounting (2003)
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Photo of Alex Warner
Alex Warner
Founder Pedigree Technologies

Entrepreneur & Technology executive with 20+ years of experience in former, current & emerging IoT/Telematics/M2M markets and end-to-end solutions (Device/Sensor – Network – Enterprise – Mobile – End Users) to end-users throughout the entire customer life cycle. Specific Industry expertise on the use & application of these systems in Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Construction, Industrial & Transportation Markets.

Specific emphasis expertise on the technical, business development & marketing of IoT enabled solutions that enable automation in supply chain, service chain, safety & compliance chain & billing chain systems.

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Photo of Darren Rogness
Darren Rogness
President Braaten Cabinets

After decades on 25th Street and Main Ave, Braaten Cabinets is moving South! Located on the I-29 Frontage Road, just south of Fleet Farm, our new location is now open!

Braaten Cabinets are custom made, hand crafted to fit your personal design needs with endless possibilities. We strive to exceed our clients’ needs and expectations, time and again. Our experienced design staff is committed to following through on every detail from the initial design phase to the final installation of the last piece of cabinetry.

Braaten Cabinets has been the Valley’s leader in cabinet design and manufacturing for over 40 years. Manufactured right here in Fargo-Moorhead area, we stand behind our work with a limited lifetime warranty on all products we build.

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Photo of Anthony Molzahn
Anthony Molzahn
CEO and Co-Founder Project Phoenix

Tech Enthusiast. Design Junkie. UI Hacker. Crypto Learn-it-All. GIS Lover. 107 Remote Pilot.

Anthony Molzahn arrived in Fargo, North Dakota almost 10 years ago with aspirations of moving to California to pursue a career as a professional golfer. Anthony never left Fargo, and he is now providing solutions for transferring information in several industries as a co-founder of Project Phoenix. “We started our company to bring life back into despaired systems…. our goal is to see data reborn,” explained Anthony.
Since the official start in May of 2017, the Project Phoenix team is focused on four ongoing projects.
These projects include the reconciliation project with NASA (connecting data from space centers), a resource project with Lowes (following items in production), the Man Down Application (oil and gas industry), and Aegis Flow (an aerial/drone pilot for-hire application). Anthony presented about the future possibilities with Aegis Flow at the Drone Focus Conference hosted by Emerging Prairie in June 2017. Anthony describes Aegis Flow as “Istock and Uber meet drone and aerial pilots.” The function of Aegis Flow connects pilots to posted jobs from companies and individuals who will pay for images or videos of specific locations.
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Photo of DJ Colter
DJ Colter
President DJ Colter Agency, Inc.

Our goal is to be the most compassionate and driven insurance team for our clients that protects their dreams through our auto, home, business, farm, and life insurance products. We want to help anyone in need of a “dream champion” to protect their assets and liabilities in the way they want to do business.

About DJ

ORGANIZATIONS DJ is passionate about giving back to his community. He volunteers, has held leadership positions or has been on various committees in the Chamber of Commerce, Realtors’ Association, Homebuilders’ Association, Emergency Food Pantry, Valley Christian Counseling, Athletes in Action, CRU, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and FM Powerlunch, and is a member of the Horace Lions Club.

HOBBIES & INTERESTS Spending as much time outside as possible with my wife and three daughters at our Lake Sallie Cabin in MN as well as: Hunting, Fishing, Golfing, Water Sports, Snow Skiing, Hiking, Lifting Weights, Traveling, etc.

PERSONAL INFORMATION Married to Jennifer, lived Fargo, West Fargo,and now Horace since 2003, Three daughters: Kennedy, Harper, McKenna In addition, DJ is an entrepreneur at heart and can relate to business owners because he has had ownership in several businesses including: Ron’s Aqua Massage, Oreck Clean Home Center, Basement Technologies of North Dakota,, and Mrs. Field’s Cookies. He also oversees the business operations of several rental properties.

PREVIOUS EMPLOYMENT Teacher & Coach in the Vancouver School District Vancouver, WA

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Photo of Amber Metz
Amber Metz
Executive Director Lake Agassiz Development Group

Lake Agassiz Development Group has been helping ambitious, hard-working North Dakotans for more than 40 years. LADG is comprised of four organizations with one staff to fulfill our clients’ needs.

Lake Agassiz Regional Council (LARC)

Originally an outgrowth of the USDA Resource Conservation and Development Program, the Lake Agassiz Regional Council began as a regional economic development resource for Cass, Ransom, Richland, Sargent, Steele and Traill Counties. In 1975, the U.S Department of Commerce designated these six counties as an Economic Development District, which enabled LADG to access federal funding for planning and public works projects. The district also manages the HUD Small Cities Community Development Block Grant Program.

Lake Agassiz Regional Development Corporation (LARDC)

After years of success helping communities, the Lake Agassiz Regional Council formed the Lake Agassiz Regional Development Corporation in 1987. The new entity soon opened the Regional Small Business Center in downtown Fargo to provide office space and financial resources to help entrepreneurs get their businesses up and running. Lake Agassiz Regional Development Corporation further expanded its resources for new and growing businesses by adding lending to its list of services including the SBA Microloan Program, the USDA Rural Microentrepreneur Assistance Program and the USDA Intermediary Relending Program.

In cooperation with local investors, Lake Agassiz Regional Development Corporation has also developed senior housing in Wahpeton, Lisbon, Hope and Page. These facilities provide seniors an opportunity to find comfortable housing and remain in their communities. They also provide an opportunity for young working families to purchase affordable single-family homes from the seniors who are moving into the facilities.

Lake Agassiz Certified Development Company (LACDC)

Lake Agassiz Certified Development Company was created in 2005 to manage the SBA 504 Program. This program offers long-term, fixed-rate financing in conjunction with a lead lender for owner occupied real estate or equipment purchases. An 18-member board comprised of area business, banking, government and community leaders oversees the SBA 504 Loan Program.


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Photo of Don Arvidson
Don Arvidson
Owner Express Employment Professionals

Tell us something interesting about Express Pros? “When we “Match Great job seekers with Great companies”, it is so interesting for me to hear some of the stories of how much it means to both parties.”

Your motivation?  “Of course we all like to make money to buy a nice things, go on vacation, etc.     Beyond material things, it’s a pretty crazy world we live in these days and I think,  if you can make someone’s day just a little bit better or make them smile…….the end result seems they bless me more than I may have blessed them, so experiences like these are motivating to me.“

Who has influenced your life? “Jesus number 1.    My Dad and Mom number 2.    My wife Monica number 3.   My Pastor friend Bob Bartlett number 4 and several former school coaches and a handful of Business Owners over the years.”

Personal goal? “About 15 years ago I thought,  “you know what, from this day forward, I want to be a better husband and a better dad than I was yesterday”    ……and I have been picking away at it every day since.”

Business goal? “Annual goals every year centered around our DAILY organization goal, which is to display a ‘Servants Heart’ to all of our valued job seekers and client customers every DAY.”

Something people may not know about you? “I would love to race Sprint Cars one day…..starting to look like my rookie race year may be about the time I hit retirement.”

Volunteer work or Board positions? Part Time Pastor and Deacon at our local church in Fargo

Favorite business quote? “The Harder you work, the Luckier you get!“

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Photo of Barry Gish
Barry Gish
Certified EOS Implementer Traction Planning, LLC

As founder of Traction Planning , my passion is to help entrepreneurs and their leadership teams succeed in every aspect of business. This is my driving focus and what truly sets me apart. When I partner with a client, I am fully invested in them. This bond, fueled by my personal values of hard work and integrity, drives this passion to serve my clients with a relentless energy that encompasses more than three decades of leadership, coaching, and facilitation experience.

As a Certified EOS® (Entrepreneurial Operating System) Implementer, I help entrepreneurs and their leadership teams take control of their organizations by aligning vision, people and process. EOS is a transformational system that helps small to mid-sized organizations create healthy, strong, cohesive leadership teams. With every client, my goal is the same: to help leaders master the EOS Process™ to get all that they want from their organizations to become stronger, more focused and more effective.

I have a unique ability to understand the challenges of management and know what it takes to run an organization, having served inside organizations in a wide variety of positions, including President, Chief Operating Officer (COO), Vice President of Planning and Development, Vice President of Development, Consulting Manager, and Sales Representative with industry-leading companies.

I have also served alongside numerous organizations and their leadership teams as advisor, coach, and facilitator. I have worked extensively with both for-profit and non-profit entities.

Are you running your business or is it running you? If you are an entrepreneur and want to get more out of your business and reach new levels of growth and success, let me help you implement a holistic system to make you strong in all Six Key Components of business™. It’s guaranteed.

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Photo of Matt Magness
Matt Magness
Executive Director | CEO West Central MN SBDC | Roll-A-Ramp

Matt Magness has more than 20 years of experience as a technology executive with Great Plains Software and Microsoft where he worked in a variety of roles – most notably running the Global Learning and Development efforts for the MBS Division of Microsoft. He is currently the executive director of the Minnesota Small Business Development Center hosted by Concordia College’s Offutt School of Business.

Matt is a native of Fargo, ND and attended SMU (Dallas, TX) and Concordia College (Moorhead, MN) graduating with a degree in Business Administration. He is also an investor and board member with Lura Enterprises, Fargo, ND.

In his personal time, Matt serves as a Fargo Parks Commissioner. He is married to Kathy, a teacher in the Fargo Public Schools. They have a son, Jack, who is a student at a local college. Matt enjoys golf, dogs, and family time in Minnesota lakes country.

Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) were created in 1980 with a simple goal in mind: to help small businesses start, grow, and succeed. In general, the West Central Minnesota Small Business Development Center (WC MN SBDC) provides over 3,500 hours of no-cost business consulting to over 250 clients on a yearly basis. The WC MN SBDC assists in securing over $14 million in investment capital annually. The nine counties we serve are Becker, Clay, Douglas, Grant, Otter Tail, Pope, Stevens, Traverse, and Wilkin. The WC MN SBDC is a public and private partnership supported by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED), Concordia College and other local partners.

Whether you’re just starting out, planning a new stage of growth, or managing a current business the SBDC offers resources tailored to your very specific needs and goals. You can meet with our consultants or attend our events

The West Central Minnesota Small Business Development Center is hosted by Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota. Our offices can be found on the top floor of the Offutt School of Business located in the Grant Center.

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Photo of Dave Nelson
Dave Nelson
President Knight Printing | Image Printing

For Nelson, the challenge of running and sustaining the longest-running business in North Dakota can be a little daunting.

“It scares me to death. What was the vision of Fred Knight? What was the vision of Steve Gorman? What was the vision of the people that ran the company before, and are we still holding on to that vision?” Nelson often asks himself. “Our predecessors, that stuff means a lot. We have a vision, but the company has a lot of history. I think you need to respect that.”

Knight Printing in Fargo occupies a 37,000 square foot production facility and employs over 40 people — the backbone of the award-winning company.

Image Printing in Bismarck occupies a 31,000 square foot production facility and employs over 40 people, many of whom are working stockholders.

Knight Printing is committed to providing the very best in service. From premedia to finishing and mailing, our staff is second to none in service and professionalism. Knight Printing assures our customers that we will provide excellent service by friendly and knowledgeable professionals on every project. We know the importance of having a printing partner that understands you and your business, which is why our staff is committed to developing a lasting partnership with you.

Knight Printing has produced award-winning brochures, and other print pieces for clients across the country. Our attention to detail and our dedication to the end-product have impressed companies all over the country who are bringing their work to Fargo.

Knight Printing was founded on the principle that each of us takes responsibility for our actions. Each employee, from account executives and graphic artists, to press and bindery technicians, is responsible for each job at hand. Each person in our company has been empowered to do what is necessary to ensure the customer receives the best possible product. Knight occupies a 37,000 square foot production facility and employs over 40 people. Dedication to quality and technology, the sincerest desire to service our clients well, and providing a pleasant and respectful work environment, have led to Knight Printing’s success.

Knight Printing has received numerous awards, from the Premier Print Award PIA/GATF and national Telly Awards, to countless local, regional and national Addy awards. However, none of these is as important as our customers’ continued loyalty and accolades for a job well done.

Knight Printing was established in 1888 when Fargo was still young, and North Dakota had not yet become a state. Fred Knight, an east coast printer, hauled a printing press west to the Dakota Territory to start his company. From this humble beginning through today, that very same passion has driven growth and change to meet the challenges of today and provide you with the best printing possible.

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Photo of Robin Nelson
Robin Nelson
Chief Executive Officer Boys and Girls Club of the Red River Valley

Robin Nelson, one of our non-profit members, has served as the CEO of the Boys & Girls Club / Fargo Youth Commission Partnership for the last six years after holding multiple leadership roles in the for-profit world for the 23 years prior.

At the Boys & Girls Club, she leads a high-performing team of 230 employees and 220 volunteers that serve close to 5,000 youth on an annual basis. Robin is heavily involved in the community and currently serves as a board officer for the Great Plains Food Bank Board, on the Fargo Public Schools Foundation Board and on the United Way Education Collaborative.

She was elected to three 4-year terms on the Fargo School Board in which she served two terms as president and multiple years as the school district’s legislative chair. During her time on the school board, she partook in hiring two school district superintendents through national CEO search processes.

She lends a unique perspective in that she supervises CEO’s, while also serving as a CEO herself. Robin and her husband, Russell Peterson, have three adult children.

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Photo of Bill Erickson
Bill Erickson
President Total Imaging, LLC | Rapid Refill Ink

Outstanding Products! Extraordinary Customer Service!

Total Imaging –
My goal is to provide the absolute best quality products to my customers at great prices while providing extraordinary customer service. I work with clients to discover the best solutions for them. From promotional products to embroidered, screen printed or otherwise decorated clothing, I want to make sure we have the right product and that we do it right. I can and do assist clients with finding the right product to market their products and brand their business.

Rapid Refill Ink –
My business education and over 40 years of experience in management, business, electronics repair, computer hardware including printers, copiers and information technology, means I understand the needs of business to have the correct solutions. For more than 18 years i have been helping clients find the right products for their printers. Whether it is toner, ink, ribbons, service, or replacement printers I find clients the correct solution for their printing situation everyday. Most of the time that solution will save them 30 to 50 percent or more.

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Photo of Andrea Hochhalter
Andrea Hochhalter
Workforce Development Enrollment Coordinator University of Mary

“People support a world they help create”

Leading teams, engaging communities, and developing organizations for the purpose of improving lives is my passion. Using my breadth of leadership experience and strengths in communication, relationship development, strategic planning and implementation to generate meaningful action and results brings me great joy. I’ve gained invaluable experience as an entrepreneur, business owner, and executive working in higher education, technology, real estate development, non-profit, and healthcare enabling me to take on big challenges, navigate operationally, and plan strategically. I am just as comfortable leading international teams as I am speaking on stage, assisting in a crisis, or volunteering. My values include: Excellence, Challenge, Relationships, Reverence, and Freedom.

Connecting industry leaders to University of Mary’s employment development programs to meet their workforce needs and assist individuals to develop new skills, advance their career, and grow the organization. Direct and implement strategies for UMary’s workforce development education offerings to assist organizations across industries and sectors to develop, attract, and retain workforce through customized leadership training, career enhancing education, and credentialing certifications created by University content experts.

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Photo of Paul Bougie
Paul Bougie
Founder and President House of Bouge Creative Services

Paul Bougie, Founder and President of House of Bouge, is a native of Fargo, North Dakota; therefore, he has a vast networks and deep connections to the area. He prides himself on relationship building, helping others, and he enjoys sharing his talents throughout the community. Paul attended Shanley High School and North Dakota State University, where he studied communications & theater. During that time, he discovered his path to the mic and joined the team at the campus radio station, KDSU. His passion for radio and media was born.

​That energy and enthusiasm only grew as he cultivated a following in broadcasting and media over 30+ years and work at K-100, Lite Rock 105, Froggy 99.9 as Tad Pole, The Box 101.9, 95.1, KFGO, AM1100. Paul was not only in front of a mic or an audience, he immersed in all areas of the industry behind the scenes as well. He honed his marketing skills with creative advertising, building marketing plans for radio, and assisting clients with some planning for other media. As broadcasting changed, Paul sought the opportunity to work with other creative arenas and joined the diverse team at Spotlight Media. With all of the knowledge and experience in the wide platform of media/marketing types, his experience pointed him in the direction of growth and entrepreneurism.

His passion for building the message and his understanding of the power of in-house work and out-of house collaboration for a client led him to the creation of House of Bouge. Paul’s connection to community continues in event work and has even been seen in the area with the mic in hand hosting and emceeing events such as Bison Bidders Bowl, FM Raise Your Spirits, and many others. Paul is also a member of the band the Front Fenders, which has a strong local following for “bringing the fun”. That doesn’t stop there, he is often recognized for his work in commercials for Tailgators as the Viking donning braids and sarcasm highlighting the Viking-Packer-Bears rivalry. The bottom line is that Paul seizes opportunities to connect to community and help you and your business be its best while enjoying the process and sharing in the fun.

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Photo of Stacie Loegering
Stacie Loegering
Executive Director Emergency Food Pantry

The Emergency Food Pantry’s mission is to support the community by providing food to reduce hunger.

For over 45 years, the Emergency Food Pantry has helped feed people in Cass and Clay counties in times of crisis, unemployment, fire, family violence, medical problems, and other difficult situations. The pantry provides hungry families and individuals with wholesome food to tide them over during these times of emergency. By doing so, the Emergency Food Pantry is fighting hunger in our communities, providing healing to families, and giving hope.

We all pay the price of hunger. As the economic and social costs of malnutrition, chronic illness, unemployment, and low productivity rise, we all benefit when fewer are hungry.

Stacie is also CEO of STORM Training & Consulting, LLC. Each training can be customized based on organizational needs. Areas of focus include Suicide Prevention, Team Dynamics, Organizational Effectiveness, Resilience, and Motivational Change. Three standardized trainings that are available are Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST), safeTALK, and suicideTALK.


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Photo of Patrick Kirby
Patrick Kirby
Founder Do Good Better Consulting

Patrick Kirby is the Founder of Do Good Better Consulting and a believer that “we’ve always done it this way” is the most dangerous phrase in the English language.

Patrick has spent over a decade working in nearly every capacity in the nonprofit industry, for organizations of all shapes and sizes, and strives to ‘Do Good Better’ every day. From organizing $10,000 cure walks to $1 million galas, Patrick’s passion lies in creating creative solutions to make fundraising less boring.

He cut his donor relations/fundraising teeth as the Alumni Coordinator at the Academy of Holy Angels in Richfield, MN, before trying his hand as a manufacturing sales rep to companies such as Target and Best Buy. Tired of being yelled at for uncontrollable international shipping issues in both English and Chinese, Patrick re-joined the world of nonprofit work as the Sr. Development Director at the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation MN/Dakotas Chapter before taking the Chief Development Officer position at the Anne Carlsen Center.

He earned his B.A. in “B.S.” (politics) at Loras College in Dubuque, IA, and is hopelessly addicted to super nerdy Sci-Fi/Fantasy novels and old school SquareSoft ® RPG Nintendo games. Patrick married out of his league to his wife Shannon, has three ridiculously adorable children named Spencer, Preston and Willow, a chunky dog named Grover, and lives in West Fargo, ND.

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Photo of Jared Ferguson
Jared Ferguson
Business Services Specialist ND DHS, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

Our primary mission is to assist North Dakotans with disabilities to improve their employment opportunities and to assist North Dakota businesses in finding solutions to their disability-related issues.

Through this “dual client” approach, we assist individuals with permanent injuries, illness, or impairments to achieve competitive employment and increased independence. We also assist business owners and employers through full service business consultation on a variety of business and disability-related areas.

DVR and the workforce development partners work closely with employers, businesses, and organizations in all North Dakota industries.

Through the building of this business network, our public workforce development partners are able to gain important business insights to meet the workforce needs of North Dakota businesses.

Our services to businesses include:

  • Staffing help, like recruitment and retention
  • Financial Incentives
  • Accessibility and ADA Consultation
  • Disability education and awareness training

Any legally operated and registered North Dakota business, non-profit organization, or government agency is eligible for DVR services. There are no costs associated with services except for those accommodations or modifications chosen as a result of DVR recommendations.

Business Financial Incentives

Business Training and Education

Business/Employer Champions

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Photo of Michael Johnson EA, ATP
Michael Johnson EA, ATP
CEO ClearPath Advisors

Michael Johnson is a business coach helping entrepreneurs navigate the inflection point of transitioning from being their own boss, or owning a job, to creating the success they envision.

Michael has built a one-stop-shop for business solutions including; business consulting, accounting, tax, and investment advice. Since 1986 Michael has helped over 400 businesses and organizations like Premier Benefits Group, the M|State Foundation, Malstrom Electric, Odegaard Wings, and Cornerstone Specialties.

He coaches several disciplines of business including leadership development, financial management, building effective cultures through mentorship, brand building, and marketing, sales, and delivery activities. Michael takes a truly wholistic approach to helping others build their business.

  • Michael has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from North Dakota State University.

  • He is trained as a Certified EMyth Business Coach. Where he previously spent 3 years coaching small business owners worldwide.

  • He is a graduate of the Dave Ramsey, Entreleadership Master Series.

  • Michael is a Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider for tax [and accounting].

  • He is an Enrolled Agent, ‘America’s Tax Experts’ and a Fellow of the National Tax Practice Institute.

  • He is also a licensed Investment Advisor Representative, and Michael holds a certificate of completion of the Certified Financial Planner curriculum of the American College.

  • And, he is a licensed insurance agent.

The firm has a deep bench of experts in business development, marketing, graphic design, legal, employee benefits, insurance, estate planning, and I.T. Along with the expert resources provided by Patrick Lencioni’s Table Group, Cool Spring Insights, Vital Smarts’ Crucial Conversations, and Jim Collins’ Good to Great tools.

Michael has worked the last several years as a business coach and advisor successfully helping small business owner’s transition from a business that owns them, to a business which enables them to create the success they desire.  As one client business owner has stated, “I used to be a guy with an insurance license, now I’m the owner of an employee benefits business”.

The best prospect for the kind of help Michael provides is an entrepreneur that is just coming to grips with the prospective; that to attain their idea of success they need to take control and create a proper business structure. They know change is necessary and they need help clearing the path.

Michael and his wife Donna enjoy their dogs, traveling out west, and quiet days on the water.

Michael is grateful he gets to do this.  Being a coach is truly his calling and he is happiest when the people he works with can make real progress creating their own version of success.

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Photo of Sylvia Lunski
Sylvia Lunski
Owner and Designer Design Direction, Inc.

My passion for working with people, combined with creative design and technical expertise in everything I do assures you a well-designed, creative project. With over 30 years of design industry experience, I have extensive experience with cabinets, flooring, furniture, and draperies.

I bring to my clients an understanding of the construction process as well as trusted relationships with local contractors, trade partners, and architects. This unique combination will provide you with exceptional results.

When designing, I pay close attention to your needs and preferences. We will work together to create beautiful functional spaces that perfectly reflect your personality and compliment your lifestyle.

I believe in giving back to our community and am passionate about helping those less fortunate. I am actively involved at my Church as well with FM Home Builders Association, Rotary International and Rebuilding Together. Serving others has become a cornerstone value that Design Direction’s success has been and will continue to be built on.

A Fargo resident, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends.

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Photo of Kia Adams-Mikesh
Kia Adams-Mikesh
CEO, Partner | Vice President Adams Independent Testing, LLC | NDGI

Kia Mikesh is the current CEO/Partner of Adams Independent Testing and Vice President of North Dakota Grain Inspection.

She is a graduate from the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. After graduation, Mikesh was hired by NDGI as the company’s Project Manager and soon worked her way to the Vice President role. She now manages the agency across nine states. Along with her commitment to NDGI/Adams Independent Testing, she is the Project Manager for AdamsNet, a company that develops software programs for grain inspection agencies similar to NDGI.

Mikesh currently serves as the Vice President of the American Association of Grain Inspection and Weighing Agency and was appointed to serve on the U.S. Department of Agriculture Grain Inspection Advisory Committee, where she provided recommendations and solutions to better programs and services under the U.S. Grain Standards Act.

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Photo of Dan Cash
Dan Cash
Vice President/Market Manager Midwest Radio of Fargo-Moorhead

Midwest Radio of Fargo-Moorhead’s service is grounded in three defining principles – we entertain,
we inform the community and we achieve results for our advertisers. With heritage stations consisting
of KFGO-AM-FM, KOYY-FM and KVOX-FM coupled with statewide coverage on KNFL-AM and top-tier local
station KRWK-FM Midwest Radio of Fargo-Moorhead has the premiere radio properties in the state of North Dakota.

Midwest Radio of Fargo-Moorhead is owned and operated by a family broadcasting company with North Dakota roots, Midwest Communications. Founded in Wausau, Wisconsin in 1958 by Duke Wright, Midwest Communications has grown from a single station to over 78 radio stations across Middle America. Duke, his
wife Pegge, daughter Mary-Kay and sons Michael and Jeffrey oversee daily operations of this growing, locally managed, community focused media company.

Having grown up in Lisbon, Pegge (Anderson) Wright would make frequent trips to North Dakota with Duke. These visits allowed him to hear and experience first-hand the heritage, community focus and tradition that is “The Mighty 790”, KFGO-AM.

In 2013, Duke realized his and Pegge’s dream to finally own and operate a station of such history and
integrity as KFGO-AM. Thus, forming Midwest Radio of Fargo-Moorhead, led by 790 KFGO and now on 94.1 FM in Fargo-Moorhead and 104.7 FM, KOYY-FM (Y94),
KVOX-FM (Froggy 99.9), KVOX (740 The Fan and now on 107.3 FM in Fargo-Moorhead), KRWK (101.9 Jack FM).

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Photo of Dana Sand
Dana Sand
President OK Tire Store

Auto Repair and Tire Service in Fargo, Bismarck, Watford City, Wahpeton, and Carrington, ND

OK Tire Stores are primarily a distributor of tires and tire related products and services, but they are also an ACDelco auto part distributor for our Bismarck, Minot, and Grand Forks locations. Tires featured include Multi-Mile and Sigma (private label brands), General, Michelin®, Sumitomo, Bridgestone, Firestone, and Kleber. OK Tire also manufactures Bandag retreads at its Fargo location. Fargo is also the location of the main distribution warehouse. Most stores provide auto and truck mechanical services and alignments.

• January 1960: OK Tire Store Incorporated in Fargo

• May 1961: John and Rose Ohnstad acquire OK Tire Store

• June 1966: Jim Ohnstad begins his employment

• January 2014: Became an ESOP

• September 2019: New Fargo Retail store.

• December 2019: 100% employee owned.

• 2020: 60th Anniversary

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Photo of Dave Harmon
Dave Harmon
Owner, MC/DJ, Dance Instructor Harmon Entertainment

WHAT I DO: I help business’s give back to employee’s by collaborating to create amazing events.

WHO I WORK WITH: I partner with CEO’s and HR departments to create fun events that employee’s will want to be part of.

WHY IT WORKS: When you partner with Harmon Entertainment, your events will run smoother than ever before. We know how to create an event people will talk about for a very long time.

WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT: What makes us different is we are not “just music”. We are event planners, MCs, lighting designers, dance instructors, fun instigators, and DJ’s. We will help plan your event to make it the best ever! We have been planning parties and celebrations since 2008, and have performed at over 1000 events.


“Harmon Entertainment is so professional! From the first meeting to the end of your event, they are invested to make your event successful.”

“Hiring a great MC/DJ is a gift you give back to your employee’s. You will not be disappointed with your investment with Harmon Entertainment”

HOW IT WORKS: We start with a free consult (Phone, Video, or in Person) to determine your wants and needs and tell you about what could be possible at your event. Then we create a personalized quote based on your event.

READY TO TALK? Reach out to me directly here on LinkedIn, email me at, visit us online at, or call me direct at 701-730-0054.

This is my story…

My love for music started at an early age. My father was a professional musician so music was always a part of my life as long as I can remember. When I was 8 years old my dad created the “Harmon Family Band” with my 3 brothers and sisters and mom. I sang and played the base guitar. We practiced all summer long and at the end of the summer we went on a 10 stop tour across the west coast ending at Disneyland. It is one of the best memories of my childhood. I believe this early involvement in music helped me to develop my rhythm which carried into being a better dancer and DJ.

In the fall of 1996, I was attending NDSU and took a “social dance” class as one of my electives. In that class I learned the basics of swing, country two step, and waltz… but my favorite was swing. I would tear up any dance floor I could with friends doing all sorts of cool swing moves. In 1998, the big swing craze hit and every time I went out dancing I would get a handful of people wanting to know how I learned to dance and they asked to show them how I did certain moves. Shortly thereafter in January 1999, I started Harmon DanceWorks and taught my first swing class. I have been teaching 3 to 4 dance classes per year ever since. I had also been DJing swing events regularly and doing dance performances from 1999 until 2008.

In 2008, I got married to my lovely wife Allison and planned my own reception which included a reception dance lesson and choreographed first dance. Many of our guests told us it was the best wedding reception they had ever been to. I had been to other receptions in the past and knew I could do a better job than most DJ’s I had seen. A month after I was married, Harmon DanceWorks starting booking wedding receptions and we have been growing every year since.

Hope to see you soon!

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Photo of Trent R Lee
Trent R Lee
Founder and CEO Compass Leadership Advisors

Trent Lee is the founder and CEO of Compass Leadership Advisors, which is dedicated to improving the lives and business of Chief Executives and Business Owners. He is the Chair for two CEO/Business Owner private advisory boards for Vistage Worldwide, an EOS Traction Implementor and an Independent Exit Planning Strategists for NAVIX.

Trent is a former small business owner, divisional President/General Manager and Senior Executive with 25+ years of business background.

Through college, Trent worked at Ralston & Norwest Banks and then joined the Sales & Management Trainee Program with Ferguson Enterprises (a Wolseley PLC company, the world largest distributor of plumbing, HVAC and industrial piping products). While at Ferguson & Wolseley, he worked throughout sales, operations, branch management and then running his own divisions as President/General Manager across Iowa, North Dakota & Northern Minnesota.

His last several years with Wolseley he found his calling working with former business owners who had recently sold their businesses to Ferguson/Wolseley. In that role, he was tasked with their post-acquisition integration. Most specifically, working with the former business owners and management teams to ensure a smooth transition, successful exit to their sale and the ongoing business legacy. Quite simply…coach and confidant.

Trent has been a Chair for Vistage Worldwide since 2013, leading & facilitating peer groups for CEOs, business owners & senior executives across the Red River Valley. His two groups are widely diverse across many industries including; agriculture, banking, construction, distribution, engineering, medical, manufacturing, professional services, IT/software development and tele-com.

Trent grew up in the Omaha, NE and spent his summers living and working on the family farm in Central Nebraska. He and his wife Kerri have three children and currently live in Fargo, ND. He is a graduate of the University of Nebraska at Kearney and holds a BS in Business Administration: Finance & Management.

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Photo of Peter Schott
Peter Schott
Co-Founder Genesis Feed Technologies

Speaker, Community Builder, Way maker.

Peter grew up on a fourth generation family farm in Kulm, ND. In his past lives he has picked rocks, ran a seed dealership, and implemented ERP software at ag companies across North America. “Implemented ERP software” is a fancy way of saying he helped busy men and women who didn’t know what Windows was learn how to use computers to run a business on one. 

Peter is the co-founder of Genesis Feed Technologies, a mobile platform for the animal feed industry. When he’s not in front of his computer he likes to spend time with his wife and three girls. In the remaining hour of the month he will sometimes read a book or workout.

Peter is Founder and Organizer of the International Potluck, who’s mission is to “Connect people through food and storytelling.”

8 Entrepreneurial Tools You Need To Know About – Peter Schott, Fargo INC! Magazine contribution

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Photo of Mark Bjerke
Mark Bjerke
Owner MAD Events Management

Highly-successful entrepreneur and P&L operations executive involved in multiple businesses including health clubs, publishing companies, public and private events, product distribution and TV, internet and multi-media outlets. Skilled marketing management professional who conceived, promoted, produced, and managed 7 Construction Expos that featured live demo’s, training, education, entertainment as well as static displays. Seasoned marketing expert that has personally performed or managed all marketing disciplines and directed relationships in all areas of advertising and multi-media

Proven sales, marketing, and business management pacesetter and dynamic speaker and presenter who utilizes outstanding communication, leadership, interpersonal skills and a participative management style to lead and motivate employees to surpass expectations. Regarded by colleagues for unwavering honesty and integrity, in-depth marketing savvy, and the ability to out-think and out-sell the competitors. Instrumental in building lasting relationships with key clients.

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Photo of Todd Berning
Todd Berning
President Epic Companies

EPIC Companies is a real estate investing and development firm based out of West Fargo, ND. We take pride in our property management, capital investment and real estate development.

We are a small company with an aspirational vision for the future.

Our focus is on developing commercial rentals with office and retail space, industrial rentals, and multi-family spaces.

The sky is the limit.

Working hard to develop real estate projects, offer investors high returns, and create long-lasting relationships. Offering investors return on their capital through debt and equity real estate investment opportunities.

EPIC Companies seeks to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns through the new construction of mixed-use buildings in secondary markets in the upper Mid-West. EPIC’s projects range from $3-20M with 25% allocated to commercial space (usually first floor) while the upper floors are dedicated to multi-family housing.

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Photo of Adam Martin
Adam Martin
Founder F5 Project

Help for the incarcerated by the formerly incarcerated.

Prior to starting the F5 Project, Adam realized that every program available to help felons was offered by people who had never been to prison.


The F5 Project is a 501c(3) non profit organization that meets formerly incarcerated and those trying to overcome addiction where they’re at to help them start fresh.


After 5 felony convictions, Adam was given the chance to focus on his past or focus on is future. Adam got a chance to hit the refresh key on his life. Since been given that opportunity he has committed his life to doing the same for others.


The F5 Project is 100% privately funded and works tirelessly to change laws, rules, regulations and stigmas that negatively affect those trying to create a new life for themselves. We are always looking for criminal justice reform warriors who would like to join our cause. Donate here or contact us to volunteer.

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Photo of Matt Chaussee
Matt Chaussee
CEO Be More Colorful

Matt is the CEO of Be More Colorful, LLC. Matt’s background includes years of experience finding creative ways to reduce technical barriers faced by a broad customer base. His professional roles have included website merchandising, internet marketing analysis, programmer/analyst, mathematics instructor and technical services manager. Matt describes himself as a lifelong student who loves to learn and apply new concepts in creative and innovative ways. He is passionate about using 360° photography and real-world virtual reality to create a culture of increased curiosity and appreciation of all the world’s amazing places… and to demonstrate that many of these places are hiding in our own communities.

Katie Chaussee is the creative mind behind Be More Colorful. Born and raised in the Fargo-Moorhead area, she earned a bachelors degree in Psychology with a minor in Art from NDSU. Katie loves all things artistic and has significant experience in digital media, office management and customer service relations. Her experience and education combined with her aptitude for visual arts are some of our most valuable assets at Be More Colorful.

Our Vision

At Be More Colorful, we help businesses incorporate the thrill of virtual and augmented reality in promoting their locations to help them get the right customers on site faster.

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Photo of Michelle Swanson
Michelle Swanson
President Reliance Associates, PLLC

Ms. Swanson is a certified public accountant who brings extensive accounting and tax experience to the group. Prior to founding Reliance Associates, Ms. Swanson held the controller position at The Marcil Group. Prior to The Marcil Group, she worked over 12 years in public accounting assisting clients from a variety of industries in developing financial and internal controls and preparing and presenting financial statements and tax returns; including extensive accounting, tax, and consulting services experience in physician practices and clinics.

Ms. Swanson holds Bachelor’s of Science Degrees in Accounting and Business Administration from North Dakota State University.

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Photo of Sandra Vigen
Sandra Vigen
Owner and CEO Mama Ducks Cleaning Service, LLC

As a business owner, I know the importance of productivity & trust. We pride ourselves on allowing our commercial accounts to focus on the details of their business operations day to day & not cleaning. We understand that every one of your customers matter and your business space & its cleanliness reflects that. We know that you get one impression when a potential client walks through your doors & we don’t want you to have to worry about whether the sale is ruined by dust, or dirt. Business owners love that they can leave that to us.

We offer a 100% guarantee or we will clean it again.

To get a easy, quick fast free quote take advantage of user friendly website with a built in quote tool. Instant quotes – no waiting to hear back. You select the service of cleaning you need. There are other convenient options to add if you need your windows, basement cleaned & many more – Customized to fit your needs.

If you’d like a customized quote over the phone give me a call.

Our cleaning services gives you a great cleaning experience and a standardized process EVERY-TIME, but we are more than happy at creating a custom cleaning program to meet your needs. Just let us know and we will be more than glad to help you. We really are dedicated to making your life better & easier.

Call me and see why we’re being referred!

– Sandra Vigen, Owner and CEO (701) 371-7889

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Photo of Lisa Bortnem-Wiser
Lisa Bortnem-Wiser
President Mid States Wireless, Inc.

Specialties: Mentoring for women, Advocate for women in the workplace, EOS, planning and oversight, DoD, budgeting, business operations, contract management, staff development, telecommunications, commercial real estate management.

MidStates Wireless, Inc., formerly known as Elder’s Radio Communications was originally formed in 1946 to work on consumer electronics during and following WWII when replacement parts were difficult to find. Elder’s Radio Communications installed its first commercial RF communications in a fleet of taxi cabs for Doyle Cab Company in Fargo, ND. The company has remained in the same family for the past 70 years and has been handed from one generation to the next. Today the corporation deals primarily in commercial two-way, public safety, interoperability solutions from the RF subscriber, to the dispatch center technology up to and including the construction and maintenance of the tower facilities.

MidStates Wireless has two primary locations; the headquarters in Fargo, ND and a satellite shop in Minot, ND. We have four technicians, two installers, one outside sales professional, and six office staff that are assigned to the headquarters location in Fargo, ND and two technician/installers assigned to the satellite location in Minot as well as a second outside sales professional tasked with the western side of North Dakota. These technicians are strategically located to provide rapid responses to our commercial, public safety and government customers.

MidStates works with a variety of technologies, including but not limited to, wireless broadband (point-to-point & multi-point), UHF & VHF solutions (both analog and digital), Digital Trunking, Complete Dispatch Center Solutions, Command and Control Consoles, Analog and Digital Video capture and storage, 911 integrations, Turnkey tower installations, Mass Siren and Alerting Solutions, Emergency and Commercial vehicle up-fit, in car digital camera, and ALPR, just to name a few.

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Photo of Shelle Hagen LMT
Shelle Hagen LMT
Owner Elite Therapeutic Massage & Health Partners

Elite Therapeutic Massage was born in 2001, when Shelle Hagen planted the first seed (farm girl born and raised hence the farming analogy)  and opened a one room office. Since that day, Elite has been in business for 19+ years providing the best massage care and customer service in the Fargo/Moorhead area.  Shelle’s ultimate goal behind Elite is to assist in the development of others to achieve their dreams! (This is the harvest!)

Shelle is a Christian who roots her business decisions on Biblical principals and focuses on positivity and love to surround everyone who enters Elite. We offer a no-drama environment that only allows positive, encouraging and uplifting qualities. 

Scot Hagen, Operations Manager joined team Elite in 2019 and is the leader of staff and operations. His role is to maintain and create a “happy family” work environment! His goal is that Elite staff will love to come to work everyday!


In the next 5 years, you will see a creation of a dynamic Massage Team that will work collaboratively under one roof to provide our community with the highest quality of care, genuine connection, support systems, and wellness opportunities to lead the abundant life that God intended for us all! We invite you to walk and cheer with us each step of the way! 

Shelle has been in the Massage Therapy Industry since 2002 and is the Owner of Elite Therapeutic Massage Location. She is a graduate of  Concordia College, Moorhead MN, with a B.A. in Exercise Science. She graduated from The Professional Institute of Massage Therapy, Fargo ND  1,100 hour program in 2002.  Shelle is a business mentor to many and will stop at nothing to see others succeed! Shelle also offers Continuing Education Training for Massage Therapists. 

Her massage services specialize in Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy, Relaxation Massage, Cupping, Chair Massage, Pregnancy and Medical Massages. 

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Photo of Ole P Rygg
Ole P Rygg
President and Founder Value Innovation Group, TRIVE and Chopr

Welcome! My name is Ole, the CEO and founder of the Value Innovation Group, Trive and Chopr.

My journey as an entrepreneur started with the realization that we must simplify to be truly happy and do better – in life, leadership, business and how we work together to get results. My goal is to help people and organizations commit to simpler and more effective solutions that increase their fulfillment in work and life. I hope you will join me on the journey!

Value Innovation Group

Using the method of value innovation, we guide organizations and executive teams to achieving strategic differentiation and operational excellence with clear organizational leadership. The outcome is competitive advantage – focused leadership, better communication, higher employee engagement and productivity, more fun and less drama, and superior organizational results.

Our moral purpose is to build a world of organizational champions, where people on all levels have the clarity, skills and drive to find fulfillment and do extraordinary work.

We offer executive coaching, retreats and workshops, strategic playbooks and business innovation, executive round tables, business simulations and peer group facilitation.

Trive Culture

In business, culture makes the difference between success and failure. Trive helps you build a stronger culture for better results. Improve productivity and build an agile, resilient and more profitable business. We have the expertise, proven roadmaps and tools, all customized to fit your business, people, industry and goals.

Our goal is to help organizations tap into and better manage their culture, thereby increasing productivity, engagement, retention and bottom-line results.

Our tools include assessments, certifications, facilitator kits, workshops and consultation backed by Everything DiSC, Patrick Lencioni, and CultureWise.


Our automated mowers create backyard perfection while you take care of more important things. Installing the mower is quick and easy, and you use a simple app to schedule and monitor the mowing.

Mow day or night, without noise and dust, completely safe for kids and pets, and really satisfying to watch while enjoying a cold beverage with friends and neighbors who have come to hang out and watch. Because they will.

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Photo of John Fisher
John Fisher
Executive Director Friends of the Children, Fargo-Moorhead

I am passionate about leading people and movements that change peoples lives and communities.

One of the greatest joys in life is seeing peoples lives changed. How they grow and how the community grows because of the message is an incredible journey that I dedicate my life to.

About Friends of the Children. Our model is distinct, courageous and proven. We have redefined the youth mentoring field by creating the first and only long-term professional mentoring program in the country. Our Friends are experts in building sustained and nurturing relationships with youth. We specialize in working with youth who have faced a lot of adversity. We have the data to show that it’s real and it works.

ONE We select children who could most benefit from a relationship with a long-term professional mentor.

TWO We hire and train full-time paid professional mentors called Friends.

THREE We commit for the long term.

FOUR Our work is relationship-based, individualized and intentional.

FIVE We work with youth in school, at home and in the community.

SIX We evaluate, measure and improve.


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Photo of Miranda Burfeind
Miranda Burfeind
Owner Phone-n-Fix

‘We have the largest selection of certified pre-owned phones in the area, and we also carry the highest quality replacement parts available. We are a husband wife team that actually seems to work pretty well together :)” – Miranda

Business goal? To build a self sustaining business that will continuously add value to the community

Personal goal? Build our empire and retire by age 45

Your motivation to do what you do? Making a better life for me and my family. AND! To help educate the public with their options within the cell phone industry

People who’ve influenced you? Steve Michael, TJ Barthman, Luan Phan, Sean and Carolyn Thurman

A favorite business quote? Don’t get too down on your bad days, and don’t get too high on your good days. -Steve Michael : Grind in your 20s, build in your 30s, and retire in your 40s.

Volunteer work? I am a part of the power of 100 initiative. We are a group of women that get together every quarter to donate $100 each to a local charity (average donation of $13k total).

Something people may not know about you? If its electronic and its broken, between the two of us, we can fix it!



We (Carl and Miranda) moved to the area in May of 2015. We have since created a name for ourselves and our business has grown exponentially. We started with our first location in the West Acres Mall and have recently added our first brick and mortar location on 13th avenue. Our expertise in the electronics industry is backed by 24 years (between the two of us) of experience fixing anything and everything electronic. Award winning soldering, certified repair training, and extensive knowledge of the industry are among the many things that we can bring to the company. The ever-growing mobile phone industry spiked our interest, and we took the plunge!

Phone-n-Fix has become Fargo-Moorhead’s premium cell phone retail and repair destination. We carry the largest inventory of certified pre-owned devices in the area. Every phone we purchase must meet industry A standards and pass our extensive functionality test. Since this is an ever-changing industry, our staff is continuously learning the latest troubleshooting and repairing techniques to ensure our clients receive the highest quality service available.

Our vision is to have the largest selection of used phones in Fargo-Moorhead, provide the fastest turnaround for repairs, and deliver the best communication and education to customer.

Miranda is also Director of The Executives’ Club Member Connect Program

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Photo of Sarah Koustrup
Sarah Koustrup
Chief Strategy Officer National Hospitality Services

Sarah is the Chief Strategy Officer of National Hospitality Services (NHS), a hotel management company with headquarters in Fargo, proudly managing 26 hotels and over 1,000 employees throughout the United States.

Originally from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Sarah now resides in Fargo. Sarah has worked for a number of great organizations including Midco (Midcontinent Communications) and Citigroup. Sarah has a strong background in leadership, policy development, and Human Resources strategy. Sarah is passionate about driving results through company culture, development, and outstanding customer service.

Sarah is an avid reader and volunteers on multiple local non-profit boards.

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources Management
  • Master Certification from Cornell in Hospitality Management with a focus on Financial Management and Hotel Revenue Management
  • 12+ years of Leadership and Human Resources Management Experience

Fargo INC! Business Magazine: Meet Sarah Koustrup, March 2019

The worst piece of advice she’s ever received…
“Smile pretty and nod.” The manager that told me this was one of the only female managers in that company at the time. She told me that she felt much of her success was because she had the ability to simply listen and get along. I believe in listening, collaboration and a positive work environment, but I think that the very best companies are those where employees feel comfortable sharing feedback, pushing back when appropriate and having leaders with the ability to use that information to make the company better. 

If she could thank one person she would thank…
My grandfather, Joe H. Floyd. As one of the founders of what is today Midco (a regional telecommunications company), he showed me the importance of treating employees well, empowering them to go above and beyond for customers and to never be afraid of change. I am so grateful for his no-nonsense advice on all topics big and small and his constant push to be brave, work hard and never give up.  

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Photo of Beau Flom
Beau Flom
President Flom Property Group, Inc.
Beau served 5 yrs active duty in our United States Navy plus 4 yrs in the Reserves, specialized in Combat Medicine. He continued his study of medicine at the University of Delaware and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Rocky Mountain University in Montana as a Physicians Assistant.
He then spent over 12 yrs at Sanford Hospital in Cardiothorasic Surgery, specializing in endoscopic vessel harvesting and robotic surgery.
During college, Beau had invested in real estate properties, so it was a natural career switch in 2012, when he joined the Keller Williams team and was named Rookie of the Year.
Beau recently went on his own to form FpG, Flom Property Group. Honesty, integrity, and professionalism are at the core of Beau’s business model. He prides himself on having clients’ best interests at heart, providing them with all the resources needed to buy or sell their property. Beau’s team of nine agents is dedicated to offering around-the-clock availability combined with personalized strategies to meet individual needs.
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Photo of Shanna Cramer
Shanna Cramer
President and Artist Creatively Uncorked, Inc.

Creatively Uncorked was started in January 2014 by Shanna Cramer as a way to bring the paint and sip concept to the Fargo-Moorhead area. Creatively Uncorked opened its first studio in the Moorhead Center Mall in January 2015, then moved to their current location in West Fargo in June 2016. What started as a paint and sip concept now offers a variety of crafting classes and special events, in addition to canvas painting. Creatively Uncorked now has several artists, hundreds of paintings, and continually offers fun events within a 100-mile radius of Fargo, ND.

Did you hear the NEWS?

Creatively Uncorked will continue to book parties in our West Fargo studio until the beginning of May 2021. After that, parties will be online and mobile
Art Kits TO-GO will continue to be available. Art Kit orders are currently filled and available for pickup Tuesday – Friday 2 – 6 pm.
Memberships with supplies or without supplies will continue to be available.

For the next few months, we will schedule public events that will accommodate the largest variety of people.

  • Friday nights 7-10 pm is You Pick the Painting. Choose from any canvas painting or wood signs. Our artists will help.
  • Saturday will be an all-ages instructor-led event. We will walk you step-by-step through the painting of the day.
  • Sunday will be all-ages Open Studio or special events. Sign up in advance and we will have your canvas sketched for you.

Sign up for events on the calendar.
You are welcome to book PRIVATE PARTIES in the studio any day of the week.
Stop by the studio and check out the PAINTING SALE!! Any finished painting or wood sign is only $10! Yes, even the originals. Stop by to look during office hours 2-6 pm Tuesday-Friday or Sunday 12-4 pm during open studio.

Shanna Cramer, President/Artist

“Creatively Uncorked is the product of combined passions. With a background in art, teaching, and wine appreciation (wink), it is proving to be the perfect fit. The whole idea is to provide an opportunity for people to relax, have some laughs and get creative with their friends and co-workers. It’s fun art, not fine art, so whether you’re the artistic type or can’t draw a stick figure, you will have a good time. No set-up, no clean-up. Just sit down to your canvas with a drink, and paint your masterpiece!”

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Photo of Susan Hozak
Susan Hozak
Publisher and Owner Midwest Nest Magazine

Our mission is to inspire readers to connect with the community by capturing cuisine, art, design, culture, and worldly inspiration – in our own backyard. Through sharing stories and supporting area causes and events, Midwest Nest strives to empower and encourage readers to become more involved in our community, follow their passions and support regional businesses.

Midwest Nest Magazine is a monthly print and online publication based in Fargo, N.D. The publication features content and photography focused on local culture, entertaining and home design. Find it in print at hundreds of retailers and all major grocery stores in the Fargo-Moorhead area, as well as in grocery stores in Grand Forks, Wahpeton/Breckenridge, Perham, Fergus Falls and popular retailers in Detroit Lakes. Midwest Nest’s team is actively involved in community and charitable events with special distribution at select events throughout the year.

Susan Hozak is Midwest Nest’s publisher and owner. She graduated from Minnesota State University Moorhead with a BS, and then from the University of Mary, Fargo Center, with an MBM.  Hozak is also the Marketing Director and Office Manager at Friendly Smiles Cosmetic Dentistry and a REALTOR at RE/MAX Legacy Realty.

She is currently on the Leadership Council of the 100inc, a stellar collaboration of Fargo-Moorhead area presidents, CEOs, owners and business leaders.

Susan grew up in a military family and has lived in places all over the world including Spain and Germany.  She has lived in Fargo since 1999 and loves the culture, people, and growth Fargo has been experiencing.

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Photo of Austen Schauer
Austen Schauer
Business Development Manager ProSource

Austen was born in Turtle Lake. However, he went to school in Portland and Sacramento. After graduating high school, he moved back to North Dakota. While in North Dakota, Austen’s father took a job as a pastor at Hebron Baptist Church. He got his Associate Arts degree in broadcasting at Dickinson State College. He would then transfer to University of North Dakota, where he would get his Bachelor in Science in Speech. He started his news broadcasting career in 1977 and ended it in 2013. After leaving his news broadcasting career, he worked in the fundraising and development field. Then, he got a job at ProSource, a recruiting team in Fargo.

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Photo of Mark Puppe
Mark Puppe
Founder Wordwork

Wordwork operates upon the premise that audiences cannot be convinced, they must agree to be won. This perspective and its effectiveness counter the norm and make Wordwork a pioneer in strategic communication. It’s an unrivaled resource for making your message matter.

What messages do you need? You tell me. Then we’ll engage unique, though proven constructs to formulate content and strategies that create opportunities for audiences to understand you and why you’re relevant and important.

Medical issues and traumatic losses have impeded my own career, but I refuse to forfeit my expertise, experience, or abilities to them. Wordwork is my platform to perform and persevere as a:

  • Writer – engaging my pen so you needn’t worry about the power in yours
  • Strategist – enlightening audiences to how you can fulfill their needs.

  • Pathfinder – enabling you to identify, seize, and optimize opportunities.

  • Advocate – enhancing revenue, membership, and enthusiasm for your cause.

  • Advisor – educating others how to communicate potently.

Collaborative service and your interests drive this business.  You just don’t get that kind of service anymore – unless you work with Wordwork.

Let’s work together!

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Photo of Maddie Schultz
Maddie Schultz
Founder Blue Cypher Bookkeeping

Blue Cypher Bookkeeping exists to make bookkeeping easy, efficient and understandable for small business owners and nonprofits.

A completely virtual firm, they are bringing accounting into the 21st century and beyond data entry. Utilizing technology and optimizing systems and processes, they take bookkeeping off the plate of busy business owners so they can get back to pursuing their passions.

Maddie Schultz is a North Dakota native and Minnesota State University Moorhead alumn. Prior to starting her business, she worked as a grants manager and saw how important it was for nonprofits and businesses in general to be able to have accurate data and solid financials. A certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor, she specializes in accounting for service-based businesses and nonprofits.

When not doing the books, she enjoys spending time with her soon-to-be husband, Zach, who is also a numbers nerd and a high school math teacher.

Want to feel more confident in your finances, knowing the books are taken care of for you and ready for tax time? Let’s chat! Email me at to schedule a free consultation.

Read: A Business Conversation With Maddie Schultz Of Blue Cypher Bookkeeping | Fargo INC! Business Magazine | 2020


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Photo of Amy L Nash
Amy L Nash
CEO and Founder Lioness Creative, LLC

Lioness Creative, LLC is a strategic, problem-solving consulting firm that utilizes design-thinking and creativity-generating techniques to address immediate “pain-points” and long-term plans for individuals, businesses, non-profits, and social-entrepreneurial ventures.

We are your trusted consultants, advisors, strategists, outsource destination, and action leader/manager in the development of solutions that capture efficiencies and expand capacity, results, impacts, and your bottom line.

We empower you and your team through custom engagement and idea generation that focuses energy on inspiration to actuality for both individuals and organizations.

We assist you and/or you organization efficiently, effectively, and innovatively so you can do what you do best—your passion and your purpose.

Amy L Nash is a designer/creative solution architect, entrepreneur, sustainability professional, and community developer/engagement specialist.  She has degrees in architecture, environmental design, interior design and emphasis in business, construction management, and art.  Amy is only her dissertation away from her Ph.D. in Sustainable Planning (NRM).  She uses her extensive strategic planning and project management knowledge and experience in organizational development of businesses, non-profits, and hybrid connectivity.  She is the Founder and Lead Creative at Lioness Creative, LLC and has a design-oriented business.  In all of her work, she emphasizes corporate social responsibility and economic/community development impact building.  Amy is passionate about strength-building and creative processes as she has a blend of design-thinking and entrepreneurial thinking in all the work she does.  She also uses these skills in teaching and development of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) with youth.  She also has done extensive teaching at a university level and engaged in numerous leadership roles at the local and state levels.  She loves to empower people in their strengths and helping them to make their dreams a reality.  She lives in Fargo in a lovely 1950’s home with her life partner and life CEO (Chief Encouragement Officer), Benjamin, and her two energetic pitbull-labs, Clementine and Clover.  She cooks, gardens, runs two to three 5k’s a month, LOVES AVIATION & FLYING, and her blue eyes are REAL…her natural color.
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Photo of Patrick Metzger
Patrick Metzger
Professional EOS Implementer PM and Associates, LLC


As a Professional EOS Implementer®, keynote speaker and coach, I partner with small to medium size businesses and organizations as a facilitator, teacher and coach in helping you clarify, simplify and achieve your vision.

In working directly with leadership teams, the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®) helps to get everyone on the same page with where your organization is currently at, where you’re going and exactly how you’re going to get there.

Along with developing a simplified and extremely effective strategic plan, we bring discipline and accountability to your organization so everyone makes progress each day toward achieving that vision by using simple concepts and practical tools.

Finally, we build a more healthy and cohesive leadership team. As you know, so goes your leadership team, so goes the rest of your organization.

The result: A healthy, focused leadership team and organization that makes continual progress towards achieving everything in your vision.

Core Focus™: Partnering with and supporting teams and leaders for growth and success

Core Values: Humbly Confident, Grow or Die, Do What We Say, Do the Right Thing, Help First

3 Uniques™: Open & Honest, Relatable & Real, Above & Beyond

Offerings: Professional EOS Implementation, Keynote Speaking, Professional Training & Development, High Performance Coaching

Specialties: Team Communication, Functionality & Health, High Performance, Self-Development

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Photo of Jackson Strom
Jackson Strom
Principal Architect Strom Architecture

Jackson Strom discovered a love for drawing at a young age while growing up in rural South Dakota. In addition to working on the farm, he built homes with his Dad during the summer, and poured concrete for a local contractor. He often looks back to the experience he gained during those years to assist in his current design outlook.

Jackson earned his Master’s Degree in Architecture from North Dakota State University while working for one of the premier architecture firms in the region. During this time, his growing interest in design led him to spend his free time studying architecture, and growing his knowledge of the profession. These experiences would lead him to become a design principal in a regionally renowned and award-winning firm.

With over a decade of experience, Jackson’s passion for the profession led him to found Strom Architecture. Outside of the office, Jackson loves to spend time with his wife, Lindsey, and their son, Sully. Click here to read a recent interview Jackson did in regards to starting Strom Architecture.

To contact Jackson directly, reach him through email at

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Photo of Matthew J Breker
Matthew J Breker
Financial Advisor

Matt is a relationship builder and problem solver who works to understand high-net worth clients to simplify their financial lives. He assists clients in identifying and prioritizing their goals including estate planning, investments, tax minimization strategies, wealth transfer, business transition, and retirement income.  He develops a personalized strategy based on the client’s goals, circumstances, and personal perspective.  He strives to gain clients’ trust and is committed to providing value to make the most of their financial resources.

He holds a B.S. and M.S. in Agricultural Economics from North Dakota State University.  A native of Rutland, North Dakota, he was raised on the family farm and learned the ethics of hard work, honesty, and integrity.  Today, he makes his home in Oxbow, North Dakota.  Outside of the office, Matt enjoys spending time at the family farm, the lake, hunting, fishing, and volunteering with local organizations.

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Photo of Brett Meyers
Brett Meyers
Owner and Broker Ag Experts Land and Auction

Being in the farming industry my whole life and still running my own farm, I feel I am an excellent resource when it comes to the realities of farming and the valuation of assets (land) that surround the farming industry.

I get the whole agricultural picture. I am not just another sales person trying to make a buck.

As a working farmer, Realtor, Accountant, MBA, and Graduate of Western College of Auctioneering in Montana, I’m educated and armed to better assist you and your family in legacy and disposition of assets.

In today’s real estate market, figuring an accurate farmland value is tough. Knowing soils composition maps and understanding water tables is key. Two quarter sections on the opposite side of the road of each other can have dramatically different yields due to these factors. I have full access to soils maps for the latest listings, so contact me today to help you find your next farm.


If you currently own your farmland, it’s important to know what it’s worth. Whether you are selling or looking to rent out land, understanding the current value and rental rates of your farmland is the first step. Figuring out farmland values isn’t as easy as figuring out home values, and that is why farmland appraisals can cost 2-4 times as much as home appraisals. Contact me today to get a free review of your farmland’s current value.

Are you thinking about Selling? “Let’s get together and talk. I’ll listen to what’s important to you and show you what’s going on in your market today with current data. Together we will strategize the ever important timing for you and the market to get your farmland sold on your terms!”
We have exclusive and private listings available that we can discuss confidentially to work the best scenarios for all parties. Let me show you how using sound analytics with data supports offers and strengthens negotiations.
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Photo of Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson
Owner and Optometrist Dr. Gary Johnson, O.D. PC

This is my main job and provides me a good income for other projects. If you want a fast, friendly, affordable exam, come see me at Visionworks in West Acres, Fargo. We will have your trial contact lenses in stock 99% of the time. I’m available for exams M-Sat 10-6 (later appts given if needed)
701-277-9555 for Fargo.
We take Blue Cross Blue Shield and most vision insurances. If you have vision insurance that we do not accept, we offer a discount.  Thanks and see you soon!

Founder Chek Task

Trying to make the world a better place by creating empathetic individuals and giving them opportunities to improve their moral worth.

Owner Red River Valet

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Photo of Steve Hallstrom
Steve Hallstrom
President and Managing Partner Flag Family Media | Fieldstone Group, LLC

I lead our sales, programming, on-air, and branding efforts, and just about anything else needed to run a small business. Everything we do well is thanks to God and a tremendous team of gifted people.

Fieldstone Group | As with most good things, it started in the country. Steve Hallstrom and Scott Hennen, owners of Fieldstone Group, grew up in rural communities where farm fields were dotted with nearby stone piles. These piles came from the rock that had been removed from the fields by hand, to allow the seed growing underneath to flourish.

That’s the idea behind Fieldstone Group. When a stone is removed from farm fields, there is growth and health. Today the stone we remove allows companies and organizations to reach new levels of significance and prosperity. These “stones” take many shapes: reputational damage, brand issues, unfounded narratives, sales declines, and organizational obscurity.

That’s where we come in. Fieldstone Group is a full service creative and strategic partner. We can work with your top executives to establish organizational strategy, or simply carry out your plans and ideas. Either way, we’ll give you advice backed by decades of experience and know how.

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Photo of Linda J Pederson PE
Linda J Pederson PE
Director and Project Management KFI Engineers

Linda credits television and movies for piquing her interest in architecture (think Mike Brady and The Towering Inferno). Growing up, she spent hours creating structures with Lincoln Logs, cardboard and even snow and ice. A junior high combined architectural and mechanical drafting course further honed her focus, and she zeroed in on mechanical engineering.
At KFI Engineers, Linda provides oversight and training for KFI’s project managers across all offices. She has led the mechanical design on a variety of projects including corporate, manufacturing and healthcare. And she brings over 25 years of client experience implementing a variety of project delivery methods. Her strong leadership, organizational skills and collaborative style enable a truly integrated approach enabling clients to achieve their specific goals.
“The best design solutions evolve from having the voices of all key stakeholders at the table. All stakeholders need to understand how their interests impact each other’s. They gain realization as to which aspects are most critical to helping our clients achieve their vision.”

  • Responsible for guiding and implementing best practices in project management.
  • Valued coach and mentor to all of KFI’s project managers.
  • Uniquely capable of seeing the project through multiple perspectives, due to her background managing full-service projects at an architectural/engineering firm.

Linda enjoys spending time with friends and family, especially in the Minnesota lakes area. She also loves exploring islands known for their natural beauty and water activities. Her dream downtime activity is being fully immersed in a good book (fiction or non-fiction).

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Photo of Joe Tjosvold
Joe Tjosvold
Founder and Driver Advertise Edge

Creative video marketing designed to give brands their EDGE.

Joe is from St. Paul, Minnesota. He attended Minnesota State University Moorhead studying finance & marketing. Joe was very active on campus as a football player and part of many student organizations. He racked up 6 internships for various positions by his junior year which became boring to him so he started Advertise Edge in 2017. Joe holds many roles within Advertise Edge but his main responsibility is building a culture where creativity thrives.

At Advertise Edge, we apply our experience and creativity to make your brand come alive on screen. We help businesses communicate authentically and effectively through video. We work with companies across the Midwest, the US and the World, creating a message that is communicated clearly.

A message where your audience sees you in the best light. We believe in creating partnerships with our clients and guide them through all aspects of corporate video production process.


Hi, my name is Joe Tjosvold (Chez-vold) and I’m an award-winning director for another video advertising agency called, Advertise Edge.

In 2020, I was having a conversation with one of my longest-standing clients and mentors, Mark Teckenburg. He said, “Joe, your videos are great, but I need consistent content and simply put I can’t spend thousands for every video my company needs. You know the process of producing videos and I challenge you to be more innovative and fill a void for small businesses with high-quality videos but at a fraction of the price.” After months of testing and refining new processes, Chezy was born!

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Photo of Cheryl Bergian
Cheryl Bergian
Owner Cheryl Bergian Law Office

Cheryl Bergian is an attorney with 30+ years of experience, practicing in North Dakota and Minnesota.  She concentrates in personal and small business bankruptcies, but also provides services in drafting wills, healthcare directives and powers of attorney for financial decisions.

Cheryl is a life-long resident of North Dakota, is “from” Jamestown, but has lived in Fargo since 1986.  She enjoys reading and dog walks with two re-homed dogs, and the change of seasons we have in North Dakota (although winter could be a month shorter on each side).

About Us | At Cheryl Bergian Law Office, I see my business as more than just a law firm: I’m your support network as you take on life’s financial challenges. Whether you are struggling with an unshakable debt burden or considering the best methods for protecting the estate you have worked so hard to build, I will help you move quickly and efficiently toward a resolution and better tomorrow.

A Local Firm Focused On Protecting Your Interests | When I say “focused on protecting your interests,” I am talking about more than just your finances. I will take your personal, professional and financial goals seriously and will take every precaution to discreetly and effectively safeguard your interests.

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Photo of Jason Orloske
Jason Orloske
Founder Bridge The Gap Consulting, LLC

Transformational business leader with over 20 years’ experience helping companies bridge the gap between organizational strategy and operational excellence through effective project portfolio management. As servant leader, I excel at building innovative and dynamic teams that deliver business value. I have a passion for creating a vision and purpose for team members so combined talents drive results.

Experience has taught me my professional values come down to the following:
– I don’t want credit for successes; that’s reserved for the team and the company
– A is for Accountability; I hold myself accountable and hold others accountable as well
– Though I have big ideas, I excel in execution
– I run towards fires
– I’m calm amongst chaos
– Communication is my customer service, and it’s market driven
– Conflict is a “growth industry” and I don’t shy away from it
– I’m known as a “smoke jumper” and can parachute into tough situations and turn them around

I enjoy meeting people and making professional connections. Please reach out to me if you’d like to talk Project/Program Management, creating an impactful culture, or triathlons.

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Allen Ralston
Empower Digital Marketing
  • Member since January 1, 2017
Updated 11 months ago.
Photo of Maren Gemar
Maren Gemar
Health Services Director Touchmark
Updated 4 months ago.
Photo of Gail Nelson M.Ed, LPC
Gail Nelson M.Ed, LPC
Owner Journey Counseling

In partnership with the Couples Institute and their tools in the developmental model of relating, Gail specializes in guiding couples through problems and issues that can be too much to handle on their own. Through regularly scheduled sessions or one-day intensive workshops, Gail fosters a trusting and open environment where couples can freely explore their problems and work towards productive solutions to better themselves and their relationships.

For over a decade, Gail has dedicated herself to making a lasting impact on the lives of those that walk through Journey Counseling’s doors. Her greatest satisfaction in life is watching her work make a true difference for the people she works with on a day-to-day basis. Her areas of expertise include marriage preparation, conflict mediation, individual counseling, couples counseling, and divorce coaching.

It’s an amazing legacy if a marriage can withstand the troubles in life while providing a supportive environment for the partners and the children involved. If that relationship is burdened by conflict incapable of resolving itself, those cracks can become too wide to repair. It’s our goal to explore the root of the issues and begin to nurture them back to health before it’s too late. In situations where unresolvable patterns present themselves with no workable solution, Gail can offer you help in getting “unmarried.” That way you can craft the next phase of your relationship to be better in the future with less conflict involved.

Gail has been married for 36 years and has the joy and privilege of raising two amazing kids, both newly married. In her spare time, she fancies herself something of an amateur botanist, raising orchids and a variety of succulents while tending to her miniature fairy garden. Her favorite authors are Brene Brown and Pema Chodron, and if she had just one last meal to enjoy, it’d be a Hawaiian poke bowl. She’s spent part of her career working as a professional corporate trainer, a parent educator, a conflict resolution expert, and as a director for an outpatient addiction treatment program.

Gail just completed a course on “Managing Sex issues in Couples Therapy” with sex therapist Martha Kauppi – founder of the Institute for Relational Intimacy. Gail is part of  the Couples Institute Master Mentor group of 20 Couples therapists training with Dr. Ellyn Bader and Dr. Peter Pearson who authored the Developmental Model of Couples Therapy.

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Photo of Erik Jacobson
Erik Jacobson
General Manager Dagger Machinery

Dagger Machinery is primarily engaged in the restoration and management of equipment. Powered by AUCTIONTIME, we have one of the largest global audiences. We buy, sell, rent and provide auction services for a wide variety of equipment.

Erik is also Founder of

  • Blue Line Walleye Tournament
  • EJ Contract Employment
  • Serve-All Fargo/Moorhead
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Photo of Landon Vogel
Landon Vogel
President and Owner Prairie Ag Products

Landon purchased Prairie Ag Products in July 2019, after spending 5 years with Agassiz Seed & Supply. Prairie Ag Products provides sales and service in the Ag Industry on Grain Moisture Testing, Grain Analyzing and Grain Grading Equipment in the Dakotas, Minnesota, and Montana. Also work with best in market Industrial Supplies companies providing day to day products.

In 2014, Landon organized Fargo Defender Dash,  a 5K, 8K, and Kids Fun run to raise funds and awareness for veterans and their families benefiting organizations like Wounded Warrior Project, Brady Oberg Legacy Foundation, American Heroes Outdoors, and K9 for Warriors. The mission is to honor and give back to those that have served for us, while inspiring a healthy lifestyle and building a better community. Landon operated Fargo Defender Dash until 2020.

Landon is also a Committee member for the American Federation of Suicide Prevention Out of the Darkness Walk to help raise funds and awareness for suicide prevention and mental health. Also lead chairman for the Sponsorship and In Kind portion of the committee.

Updated 4 months ago.
Photo of Heather Aal
Heather Aal
Owner Aal Yours – Consignments and Refinishing

We are looking for gently used upscale consignments, we are not a thrift store and may not accept everything that comes through our door but you can always be guaranteed that you will find something interesting in our store. We take most consignments on a 90 day contract so our inventory is always changing. See our consignment page.

We refinish, repair, repurpose and generally reimagine furniture pieces. You know the piece you have out in the garage because it didn’t match or it was broken? Bring it to us and you will want to bring it back into the house when we are done. From scratches to broken corners, from missing trim to peeling veneer, we can repair your favorite pieces as well. We have not met a challenge we won’t try yet….see our furniture restoration page.

We also give space for local artisans to sell their work. We look for unique and interesting locally made items that will have a home in our shop for 120 days. Please send photos of your work to for more information.

Please reach out with questions or to schedule an appointment. Note: We are not accepting consignments until early 2021 – but may still have room for some furniture projects until we launch.

Updated 4 months ago.
Photo of Beverly Boone
Beverly Boone
CEO Boone Charitable Foundation

Beverly is a native of Grafton N.D and holds a B.S. in Education from the University of North Dakota. In the 1980’s she learned the potato brokerage business from her father and was one of few female potato brokers in the state. After a long career in education, she moved to Fargo to continue her twenty-year role as C.E.O. of the Boone Charitable Foundation. In 2019 Beverly also accepted a position in Donor Development at New Life Center in Fargo.

Outside of the office, Beverly enjoys spending time with her grandsons, travel, photography and volunteer work.

Updated 3 months ago.
Photo of Dr Shelley J Lenz
Dr Shelley J Lenz
Owner Killdeer Vet/State Ave Vet

Dr. Shelley is the owner of Killdeer Vet Clinic and State Ave Vet Clinic.

Dr. Shelley earned her Ph.D. in pharmacology from University of Pennsylvania in 1996. She earned her DVM degree from Ohio State University in 2001. She worked as an equine vet at the prestigious Hagyard-Davidson-McGee in Lexington, KY until 2004. Realizing her vocation in life is to bring quality and accessible veterinary care to rural areas,  she moved to the Great Plains and also began to work internationally serving the underserved.

She also is the founder of Sustainable Vets International, a 501c3 nonprofit international organization whose mission is to ‘reduce animal suffering globally’. When she’s not working she enjoys a simple life in her straw-bale house reading.  Travel to Nicaragua keeps Dr. Shelley on the run.  She is currently not seeing medical appointments so she can focus her clinic on Ometepe Island in Nicaragua, sharing her sustainable growing project with those in Uganda, Africa and educating others on personal health and wellness, which contributes to easing animal suffering internationally.

Her belief is ‘Wellness starts at home’.

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Photo of Thomas M Stadum
Thomas M Stadum
Founder and Wealth Advisor Fjell Capital

As a third-generation financial advisor, Tom Stadum carries on the tradition of his grandfather and father by delivering comprehensive financial plans, prudent investment strategies, and timely service. 

Outside of work, he enjoys golfing, racing sailboats, traveling, and spending time with his wife, Camila, and daughter, Lucy.  Tom is active in the community and serves on several non-profit advisory boards.

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Photo of Shaun Engelsrud
Shaun Engelsrud
Owner Dakota Water Conditioning

My name is Shaun Engelsrud and I am a Water Professional with Dakota Water Conditioning in West Fargo, ND. I grew up in Detroit Lakes, MN, where I was active in sports, hunting, summer and winter activities. I have been in the FM area for over 20 years and so happy to be apart of this thriving community.

Dakota Water Conditioning is locally owned FULL service water management company and we specialize in all types of water issues, whether it’s Iron, Hardness, Chlorine/Chloramine, “Rotten Egg” smell, Arsenic, Tannins, Bacteria, etc. we can fix it. We carry over 20 products that will provide perfect water for any situation. Our residential softeners and drinking water systems come with a 5 year warranty and we stand behind everything we install.

Whether it’s new construction, a remodel, seasonal, or commercial, our softeners and treatment systems can handle it.

We carry and install a line of commercial softeners and filtration systems that can handle any application. Whether it be farm operations, boilers, apartment buildings, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, car washes, salons, etc. our systems can be sized and set to provide perfect water for your needs

I would be more than happy to answer any questions and provide a free water analysis to anyone who is wondering about their water, I can be reached at 701-552-0969 or

Additional Companies: The Water Minion – portable

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Photo of Julie Halverson
Julie Halverson
Sales Manager iDigital Outdoor & Media

I am from Kindred, ND.  I have 3 children; Kayla Carlson who is married to Craig and my granddaughters Taylor and Emma Carlson, my son Robi Sorum, and another son Dylan Halverson.  I worked at Newman Outdoor for 14 years as an Account Executive, until moving in September to IDigital Outdoor as the Sales Manager.  I have been an Ambassador with the Fargo, MHD, and West Fargo Chamber for 10 plus years.

iDigital is a local, innovative, out-of-home media company based in North Dakota. In short order, we’ve positioned ourselves as the advertising partner of choice for Fargo area businesses. We fully understand consumer interaction in the digital age, and our creative team is known for developing successful advertising strategies for our clients. We’re always on the lookout for software development opportunities and territory growth, and our solid, Midwest work ethic sets us apart from the rest.In an information-saturated world, there’s really only one place left that consumers remain largely undistracted by their mobile phones: In the car, on the road.

iDigital works one-on-one with companies to develop innovative advertising campaigns that make a difference. We’re locally-owned, on the grow, and working hard to create the largest independent network of digital billboards in the Fargo area. Our mission is to install digital billboards in high-visibility, well-travelled corridors and city streets, allowing our clients to make the most impact possible with their money.
We look forward to working with you on developing a strategy to reach motorists with your local, regional, or national advertising campaign, and we can’t wait for you to experience the thrill of digital billboard advertising!
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Photo of Chris Poer
Chris Poer
Financial Associate Thrivent
I’m proud to be a Thrivent financial professional. I provide personalized financial guidance to people at all stages of life. At Thrivent, we view money not as a goal, but as a tool — one that can afford you a life rich in meaning and gratitude. We believe humanity thrives when individuals make the most of all they’ve been given. I’m here to help you do just that.
At Thrivent, we believe money is a tool, not a goal. Driven by a higher purpose at our core, we are committed to helping people make the most of all they’ve been given. Contact me directly if you have questions.
State(s) Licensed: AZ, IL, MN, ND, SD, TN, WA
Fashion Nails is a locally and family owned nail salon that has been in business since 2001. They have been offering nothing but the highest level of customer service. Our team has 18 years of experience in the industry.
Updated 4 months ago.
Photo of Cassie Temple
Cassie Temple
Owner Beyond Benefits ND
I help small to medium sized businesses set up their employee benefit packages. From health insurance to voluntary benefits, dental and vision to group life plans, and everything in between.
A long time ago, I noticed a gap in the health insurance industry when it comes to small and medium sized businesses and their employee benefits. They simply weren’t getting the attention they deserve. I chose to focus my attention on these businesses to consult, educate and implement benefits.
I also serve on the Board of Directors for the Moorhead Business Association, multiple committee’s within the MBA, and the planning committee for FM Wine & Dine for The Village Family Services.
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Photo of Mike Gallagher
Mike Gallagher
President and CEO Robert Gibb & Sons, Inc.

Mike took over the CEO position at Robert Gibb & Sons in August 2020, after spending 9 years at Spectrum Aeromed as VP Director of Production and Project Manager.

Mike has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from NDSU and Masters of Business Administration from the University of Mary. He also serves on the Board of Directors with Impact Dakota, who’s Mission is to positively impact business results of manufacturers and other industries.

Robert Gibb & Sons is a leading full-service mechanical contractor in the Midwest specializing in plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and electrical services.

The company was founded in 1915 by the late Robert Gibb Senior, who immigrated to the United States from his native Scotland. Born and raised in an industrial community, his interests and talent directed him toward a career in the mechanical industry. Following World War II, Mr. Gibb’s four sons joined him in the business, accelerating the expansion and diversification of the firm.

Today, the Gibb company remains a family-run corporation, with two of Robert Gibb’s grandsons as the owners. With multi-million dollar commercial and industrial construction projects, the people at Robert Gibb & Sons understand that excellence isn’t just a goal, it’s a responsibility.

Indoor air quality has never been more important than today.

What if there was a no-maintenance system that could virtually eliminate pollutants, dust, dander, pollen, smoke and even pathogens such as mold, viruses and bacteria in your space quietly and efficiently? A system that reduced SARS-Cov-2 in a lab test by 99.9% in 30 minutes?

Check with Robert Gibb & Sons to learn more about the GPS NPBI Bipolar Ionization unit which can increase the filter efficiency of your existing HVAC system by 4-5 MERV levels.



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Photo of Brad Ness
Brad Ness
President S&S Promotional Group

Brad Ness, MAS is the President and CEO of S&S Promotional Group, Inc.

Located in Fargo, ND, S&S has built its business success on the philosophies of hard work, ethical business practices, and a dedication to serve their customers and employees. S&S also lives by our core values of Entrepreneurial Spirit, Integrity, I Care, Respect, Responsibility and Teamwork.

Brad completed his B.A. in business administration at Concordia College in Moorhead, MN, where he also served on their National Alumni Board and has been a mentor for students.

Brad served on the Board of Directors for the Upper Midwest Association of Promotional Professionals and on their scholarship committee. Brad has also been an active Member of the Fargo/Moorhead/West Fargo Chamber of Commerce since 1981. He has served as an Ambassador, Chair of the Chairman’s Club and Chair of the Board of Directors.

Brad is also a Member of Promotional Products Association International. Through the PPAI Speakers Bureau, Brad has had the opportunity to speak to local students about the promotional products industry. He also served on PPAI’s Legislative Education & Action Day Committee. Brad is currently a Member of Kiwanis, FMWF Chamber of Commerce, North Dakota State Chamber of Commerce and NDSU Team Makers.

Brad and his wife Deanna, who is the Co-Owner of S&S Promotional Group, live in Fargo and have three adult children. When he’s not working, Brad enjoys hunting, watching NDSU and Concordia football, Concordia hockey and spending time at their Minnesota lake place with family and friends.

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Photo of Greg Peterson
Greg Peterson
Owner | Operator B&G Beverages, Inc. | Ace Beer & Liquors | Town Hall Bar


bio and contact information coming soon

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Photo of Josh Hutchins
Josh Hutchins
Franchise Owner Two Men and a Truck

Josh Hutchins was born in Wisconsin and moved to Rochester, MN after meeting his now wife Stephanie.

His career with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK started in 2014 in Rochester, MN. He started on the trucks as a driver and worked many different positions before moving his family to the Fargo area and opening TWO MEN AND A TRUCK- Fargo.

Josh is a husband and father of two. When he is not in the office or building work relationships, he can be found in the hunting blind or ice fishing shanty.

Josh’s favorite thing about TWO MEN AND A TRUCK is the sense of family throughout the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK system and especially his franchise. Josh’s biggest word of advice for customers is to start the planning process early to ensure there are no surprises.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® started in the early 1980s as a way for two brothers to make extra money while they were in high school. Now, 30 years later, the company has grown to more than 350 locations worldwide.

Brothers Brig Sorber and Jon Sorber started moving people in the Lansing area using an old pickup truck. They had their mom, Mary Ellen Sheets, develop a logo to put in a weekly community newspaper. That stick-men logo still rests on every truck, sign and advertisement.

That first truck Sheets bought in 1985 has now multiplied into a fleet of more than 2,800 trucks. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® is the nation’s largest franchised local moving company. Customers benefit from having trained, uniformed movers who are insured and bonded to handle any home and business moving tasks.

The company has come a long way – and logged a lot of miles – since Sheets sketched the first “stick-men.” The TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® system continues to pave the way for future growth and innovation, while remaining rooted in the core principles of exceeding customers’ expectations.

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Photo of Stephanie Larscheid
Stephanie Larscheid
Executive Director Prairie Family Business Association

Stephanie served as Executive Director of PFBA from 2015 – 2018 and returned in 2019 to lead the Association. She has a proven record of building relationships with members and developing programs that add value to family businesses. Stephanie earned her undergraduate degree from Iowa State University Ivy College of Business and a MBA from the University of South Dakota Beacom School of Business.


To help family businesses thrive through generations

Our Core Values

  • Professional: We operate in a highly professional manner. From our written communication to our verbal communication and everything in between.
  • Focused: We are focused on our mission each day by striving to provide high value to our members.
  • Building Connections: We help families navigate the complexities of being in business together. Connections are established among fellow members, sponsors and advisors.
  • Above and Beyond: We deliver on the needs of families and provide them with valuable resources. Customer service is important to us.

We are honored to help our member families succeed today and plan for the future.

“Working with family businesses is a pleasure and a privilege,” said Larscheid. “I’m excited to lead an organization that has an outstanding reputation for serving families, advisors and communities across the Midwest.”

The Prairie Family Business Association, founded in 1993, contributes to the Midwest economy through its mission of enhancing long-term survival and success of its family business members through quality education, programming and networking. The association serves nearly 200 member businesses in South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska.

Press Release 8.29.2019

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Photo of Jay Evans
Jay Evans
Co-Founder and Owner Off Color Media

Off Color Productions provides a team of talented and consistent individuals that are here to help through all of your video production processes.

We follow through on every job all the while creating long lasting relationships as well as content that will forever be a staple in your media presence. Offering competitive pricing supplemented by consistent shooting and finished products, we vow to produce the highest quality production on every project. We simply enjoy all aspects of what we do at OffColor Productions!

Seeing the many delighted faces during our photography sessions or the smiles from our clients as we review their production has to be the biggest highlight of what we do. Not only is it inspirational for us but also allows us to keep progressing in our profession. Capturing timeless moments for your wedding or getting the perfect content for your business, we guarantee to provide the best services every time.

Founded March 2017

Updated 3 months ago.
Photo of Cal Braun
Cal Braun
Agent Integrity First Insurance

I live in West Fargo, North Dakota with my wife Kris, son Logan and two black labs, Maggie and Jazzy. I am a proud Shriner and member of the El Zagal Director’s Staff motorcycle corp parade and competition team. Not only do I love to raise money to support Shriner’s Hospitals for Children, I love the camaraderie that it brings. I also love to hunt, fish, ride motorcycle and camp with family and friends.

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Photo of Duane Maatz
Duane Maatz
Financial Professional Thrivent
  • former Executive Director, Red River Valley Sugarbeet Growers Association
  • former Executive Director, US Dry Bean Council
  • former Executive Director, Wisconsin Potato & Vegetable Growers Association
  • former President & CEO, Northern Plains Potato Growers Association
  • former College & High School Ag Instructor
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Photo of Kelsey Tollefson
Kelsey Tollefson
Official Executives’ Club Bartender Grindstone
Updated 4 months ago.
Photo of Kurt McSparron
Kurt McSparron
Founder and President The100,Inc., dba The Executives’ Club of Fargo-Moorhead

McSparron was raised on a farm near Grandin, ND. and attended Hillsboro schools through freshman year, then moved on to Moorhead High for a year and back to Hillsboro for his junior year before squeaking out a diploma from Norman County West in Halstad, MN in 1985. Apparently, in all of that moving, McSparron missed ACT/SAT testing day, so he never applied for college. McSparron did, however, manage a Radio/TV Broadcasting diploma from the now-defunct School of Communication Arts in Minneapolis some time in the late 80’s. After a couple decades of crazy jobs and even crazier adventures, McSparron found himself back home, in Fargo, and couldn’t be happier!

What is your favorite thing about your professional life?

Each day, I get to have impactful and powerful conversations with some of the area’s best business leaders, plus I get to lend a hand in their innovation, their creativity and, hopefully, their fulfillment.

What are some unique facts about yourself?

I’m not sure there’s anything unique, or worth mentioning. I did live in Gatwick Airport for a few weeks in the fall of 1985. That’s unique, I suppose. Also, I may be the only person without a podcast.

What are some of your favorite things about the Fargo-Moorhead area?

People are generally and genuinely nice to each other. I would argue there is no place in America that consistently displays more goodwill, empathy and philanthropy than this community. I am very proud to call North Dakota home.

If you weren’t working in your current profession, what would you be doing?

Tough to say… Maybe eating a sandwich and watching some television.

What are some things you like to do in your spare time?

Being creative. Solving problems. Building things. I love to be outside, simply working around the farm. The list of projects is never-ending. I’m certain that I’ll end before the list does.

What are some books or podcasts you recommend people check out?

I read The Shining in 1977 and Traction in 2015. Beyond that, I don’t read books, nor do I listen to podcasts. Quite frankly, I never learned to read at a rate I felt effective enough to justify the time that’s required to finish most books. If one comes highly recommended, I’ll give it a 30-minute scan, but I never commit hours or days to it. Podcasts? I’ve heard of them. Throughout the day, I absorb a lot of information from a lot of sources, but none of which takes more than 15 minutes. I’ve always gotten more from living the chapters of my life, rather than reading them.

If you could change or impact one thing in our business community, what would it be?

I would like to see greater and expanded opportunities for mentorship between our senior business leaders and our start-up community, and frankly, amongst our entire business community. Everyone has something they can teach and everyone has something new to learn. Let’s do some more of that.

Why work with Fargo INC?

Mike is dedicated to our community and committed to the success of this magazine. Plus, if you’re reading this… It obviously works!

What are three business tips you can give?

Have a group. Have a system. Have a coach. Call me, I’m happy to expand on that.

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