Welcome to The Club

Jim Buus, President and Founder of JBC Commercial Real Estate, explains what the Club really is

Lisa Bortnem-Wiser, Owner of Mid-States Wireless and Managing Partner with Bortnem Family Limited Partnership, talks about what the Club has to offer area business leaders

Dave Nelson, Co-owner of Knight Printing, Fargo, and Image Printing, Bismarck, tells us what the Club is not

Miranda Burfeind, Owner of Phone-n-Fix, tells us why the Club is great

DJ Colter, Owner of DJ Colter Agency, Inc., share the value of Membership in the Club

Sarah Koustrup, Chief Strategy Officer with National Hospitality Services, talks about The Executives’ Club

Tom Stadum, Founder of Fjell Capital, explains the “unique value proposition” of The Executives’ Club

Michael Johnson, CEO and Founder of ClearPath Advisors, explains “what this organization is here for”

Jason Orloske, Founder of Bridge The Gap Consulting, tells us “what the Club does best”

David Dietz, CEO and President with Preference Employment Solutions, on why he recommends joining the Club

Matt Lachowitzer, Founder of Matt’s Automotive Service Centers, explains why the Club is different from other groups

Thank you to Joe Tjosvold, Luke Steichen and the team at Chezy for your work on these videos!

The Executives' Club of Fargo-Moorhead