the first thing we encourage you to notice about The Executives’ Club of Fargo-Moorhead is one of our key differentiators…our Membership list. 

you’ll see that our list is not a list of companies, like many business groups, but rather a list of the individuals who own, operate and have most-often founded their companies.

our Members are the Presidents, the CEOs, the Owners, Founders, Executive Directors and Managing Partners…the decision-makers.

“This is one group that can relate and connect at the C-level.  Every time I leave an event I wonder why I don’t attend more of them.” – Roger Christianson

secondly, our conversations are different.

we have candid, profound, “inside baseball” conversations that most employees, and even many spouses, seldom appreciate.

we talk shop…a lot.

“I had been involved in various organizations, but always felt a void. I found this organization checked every box I was missing! Being able to directly talk to others about high-level business ideas or problems is highly-valuable.”– Kia Mikesh

Leadership development is personal development.

our Members understand that it is essentially impossible to improve our leadership capacity without improving ourselves personally.

the best leaders are wealthy, filthy rich with self-awareness. They have done the difficult personal work to better understand themselves, and, in turn, create richer, more meaningful relationships with their teams.

This is where The Club is focused.

“I’m thankful for Kurt and The Club. His passion to help business people grow their businesses and more importantly their personal growth is unique. Passion is a powerful pill to take every morning, especially when you mix it with purpose.” – Kent Satrang

Being an authentic and genuine leader is not something we are born with. It’s part of a journey of personal growth that we take throughout our lives; in the challenges we face; the individuals we encounter; and our ability to adapt and affect change. Significant moments of clarity, adversity and diversity, change how we understand ourselves and ultimately shape our leadership approach.

“Membership in The Club has been transformational for our companies this past year…the networking, collaboration, partnership and growth opportunities have exceeded my expectations and I continue to be amazed by the variety of educational and training opportunities that are made available not only to Members of the Club, but also to our community and business leaders.”– Rachael Boyer


connecting people to people,

connecting people to projects,

helping business leaders lead.

As an organization, we are committed to helping our Members grow, to elevate their consciousness about themselves and their lives, and to giving them the tools and mindset to elevate their leadership and the potential of those around them.

“Real business solutions.” – Michael Johnson

“Whether it’s a weekly lunch, monthly seminar session, or a social gathering, I always walk away with nugget of business knowledge that I can apply to my business. Thank you for allowing me to be part of this amazing organization.” – Dave Harmon







“I’m thankful that The Club added non-profits into the mix, as I’ve gained valuable insights from phenomenal business people I may not have crossed paths with otherwise. We have more in common than not and I’ve valued everyone’s willingness to share ideas.” – Amber Metz

Club Founder, Kurt McSparron

It doesn’t have to be lonely at the top.