“This is one group that can relate and connect at the C-level.  Every time I leave an event I wonder why I don’t attend more of them.” – Roger Christianson, Founder, Christianson’s Business Furniture. Member since 2016

“I had been involved in various organizations, but always felt a void. I found this organization checked every box I was missing from other organizations! Being able to directly talk to others about high-level business ideas or problems is highly-valuable.” – Kia Mikesh, CEO, Adams Independent Testing, Vice-President, NDGI, Member since 2018

“I’m thankful for Kurt and the Club. His passion to help business people grow their businesses and more importantly their personal growth is unique. Passion is a powerful pill to take every morning, especially when you mix it with purpose.” – Kent Satrang, CEO, PetroServe USA. Founding Member since 2015

Welcome to The Club.

A Member-driven initiative, where business and community leaders share ideas, explore opportunities and engage in trusted inner-circle discussions. Designed exclusively for Presidents, CEOs, Founders and serial entrepreneurs, (the key decision-makers), the Club is focused on candid conversations, honest feedback, direct insights, and real stories of failure and success. we talk about leadership…unfiltered.

Ron Fuhrman Liberty Business Systems

Ron Fuhrman, Founder, Liberty Business Systems, Inc., Member since 2015. GOLD Sponsor

OUR MISSION is to bring business leaders together for extraordinary conversations.

Tom Stadum succession

Tom Stadum, Founder, Fjell Capital, Member since 2020

Kent Satrang, Petro Serve USA

Kent Satrang, CEO, Petro Serve USA, Member since 2015

OUR PURPOSE is to connect people to people, connect people to projects, and help leaders lead

Rachael Boyer Robin Nelson Dave Ekman

Dave Ekman, Rachael Boyer, Robin Nelson

Andrew Abernathy

Andrew Abernathey, CEO and Chairman, Abernathey Holdings


our UNDER 10 Roundtable Series hosted at Grindstone

Mike Warner

Mike Warner, Co-Founder, Pedigree Technologies

Andrea Don Jim

Andrea Hochhalter, Don Hochhalter  Jim Buus


Cindy Cole-Softing and Cassie Temple

It doesn’t have to be lonely at the top