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Photo of Darcy Pope Fuchs
Darcy Pope Fuchs
Founder and President (retired) Payroll Express, Inc. | Overland Payroll, Inc.
Hometown: Bowman, ND
ND State College of Science
MEMBER 29 | AUGUST 29, 2015
Executives’ Club GOLD Sponsor
Executives’ Club Lifetime LEGACY Member


Darcy is a Bowman, ND native, graduated from ND State College of Science and worked in the dental industry for nearly a decade following college. In 1995, she founded Payroll Express, Inc. to manage the Human Resources for small to mid-size businesses, becoming the “off-site HR department”; handling everything from hiring, benefits, and performance reviews to exits and terminations. And, yes, accurate and on-time payroll too. In 1998, she founded Overland Payroll, Inc., to manage the payroll and human resources for construction and seasonal businesses.

Along with her husband, Todd, and the rest of the team, Payroll Express became the region’s premier small business HR service and within years, built new offices “the stable” on Sheyenne Street in West Fargo. In 2020, Darcy and Todd sold Payroll Express, Inc. to a local staffing agency and have been enjoying the freedom of retirement ever since. Congratulations on your success – and THANK YOU for all of your generous contributions to our Club!

Photo of Zach Paxton
Zach Paxton
President and Owner Custom Graphics, Inc.
Hometown: Marshall, MN
marschall Senior High
Moorhead State University
Member 33 | September 8, 2015
Executives’ Club GOLD Sponsor


While growing up, Zach worked alongside his father at Paxton signs from 5th grade through college. Taught by his grandfather and dad, Zach learned how to hand letter vehicles and signs. In 1985, Zach installed the first version of a computer based vinyl cutter for his dad. Eventually, Zach ended up moving to Moorhead to attend MSU and pursue a degree in small business administration with a minor in accounting. Between graduating high school and attending college, Zach’s grandfather taught him how to bend neon. By bending neon in the late hours of the night, Zach was able to pay for some of his college. Eventually, Zach was recruited by his father’s cousin Paul Paxton, to work at Custom Graphics. In 2016, general manager Zach took over the family business after the untimely passing of founder Paul Paxton. Since that time, Zach has lead Custom Graphics to expand further into the digital printing and signage industry.

Outside of Custom Graphics, Zach is a husband and father of four children – three daughters and one son. Zach has been married to his wife Shelley for 20 years. Their two eldest children Lea and Jordan each got married in the past year, Dana works at Custom Graphics in Customer Service while Annie, their youngest, is in middle school.
  • Favorite Childhood Movie? – ET, Star Wars, Goonies
  • Favorite Restaurant? – Pizza Ranch or Fryin’ Pan
  • Hobbies: – In Zach’s free time, he enjoys being involved with his church and is currently the children’s ministries director. – Zach also enjoys spending time backpacking and camping with his wife Shelley.
  • Fun Facts: – Zach’s birthday is on Christmas Eve! – He is secretly good at drawing Looney Tunes characters!
Photo of Dan Parker
Dan Parker
Franchise Owner Any Lab Test Now
Hometown: Rugby, ND
Rugby High
University of North Dakota
Founding Member 63 | December 11, 2015


How are you managing your drug free workplace program? You need a simple solution to manage your pre-employment drug testing, random testing program, reasonable suspicion, post-incident and back-to-work drug and alcohol testing. It is easier for you, your business, your candidates, and your employees if that one resource can also help you with heavy metals and other occupational exposure testing services, as well as background screens and even employee wellness programs. ANY LAB TEST NOW® is your solution.

Employer Testing services include, but are not limited to:

  • Drug and Alcohol Testing: Pre-employment, Random Screening, Post-Accident, Suspicion
  • DOT Testing
  • Background Screening
  • Nicotine/Cotinine Testing
  • Heavy Metal Testing
  • COVID19 Testing (Rapid Antigen, RT-PCR, Antibody)
  • Specimen Testing options:  Urine, Hair, Nails, Saliva, and Breath
Greg Peterson
President and Owner B&G Beverages, Inc.Member since February 8, 2021

Town Hall Bar has been in this community for 85+ years, Small town feel with great prices.

“Ace, we are the Little Round Liquor Store with a Drive Through!”

Town Hall Bar and Ace Beer and Liquors are both located at 1st Street and Main Ave in West Fargo.