Join the Club

Thank you for your interest in joining The Executives’ Club of Fargo-Moorhead.

We appreciate you taking the time.

First, three quick questions to help determine if we’re a good fit for each other…

Are you the key decision-maker for your organization?

Conversations at the Club are different than regular business groups; our Membership is limited to private business Owners, Presidents, Founders, Managing Partners, Executive Directors, CEOs and serial entrepreneurs.

Are you here looking for new clients?

If so, this is definitely NOT the group for you. Our Members are interested in leadership perspectives, not leads and prospects. In fact, hard-selling to fellow Members is grounds for removal. Our Members do a lot of business together, but those relationships are built organically, over time.

Has it ever felt lonely at the top?

Employees, friends and spouses, even members of your leadership team, cannot always relate to the unique onus of “key decision-maker”. Our Members understand and welcome that responsibility. The Club is a trusted circle of colleagues that have been where you’re at.

If you appreciate candid conversations.

If you don’t want to be sold to.

If you’re looking for something completely different.

If another networking group is the last thing that you need.

We invite you to apply for Membership…


√  CLUB MEMBERSHIP is $1 per day

√  VIP MEMBERSHIP is $3 per day


ONE…pay your annual dues. Beyond that, there are no requirements. Your level of engagement and participation is entirely up to you. The Club is built on individual initiative.


MODERATE. We expect to see you now and again at Wednesday lunches, once-in-a-while at private happy hours, and somewhat regularly at exclusive Club events. Occasionally, we expect our Members to step-up and lead a lunch presentation or discussion, sponsor a happy hour, or spearhead a Club project or event.


HIGH. We hope your involvement in The Executives’ Club is life-changing. It only takes one conversation with the right person; one investment in the right project; one decision at the right time; for your Membership to be invaluable.


Executives’ Club of Fargo-Moorhead Members choose to be straightforward, honest and forthright, both with our words and our intentions. We get-to-the-point by being direct, real and even vulnerable, because we understand that vulnerability leads to accountability and is the truest source of genuine authenticity.


Executives’ Club Members put people first, without exception. We want to hear your story and understand your whyWe enter professional relationships with a mutual respect of the roads each other have traveled and an appreciation of the milestones we’ve reached.


There are two types of best practices: those we learn the hard way, and those we learn from others. Each day, the Members of The Executives’ Club contribute of our depth of knowledge and the breadth of experience of our circle. We accept teaching as an integral responsibility of managing. If we’re not teaching, we’re not really leading.


Executives’ Club Members look for opportunities to create moments that are pivotal, empowering and defining. Many people miss these daily opportunities because they’re looking through too large a lens; they’re looking at the whole world, rather than their world. Our best leaders understand how to show up in the small, even mundane encounters and interactions we experience each day.


Purpose. Fulfillment. Significance. Conviction. Members of The Executives’ Club of Fargo-Moorhead chart a path that will impact the lives of others and make a difference in our communities. We love what we do, but understand that our jobs don’t define us as individuals. Through commitment and discipline to our first four core values, we set a course to the fifth.

Thank you.

a message from Kurt…

As executives, we spend hours studying “leadership development” and have most-likely invested in some type of “personal growth” program, but it’s generally not until an unexpected moment arises, that we flip the switch and begin to live our lives intentionally, and with purpose.

Our life experiences are critical to how leadership skills are formed, but more importantly, our responses and reactions to those experiences determine the type of leaders we will become.

Being an authentic and genuine leader is not something we are born with. It’s part of a journey of personal growth that we take throughout our lives; in the challenges we face; the individuals we encounter; and our ability to adapt and affect change. Significant moments of clarity, adversity and diversity, change how we understand ourselves and ultimately shape our leadership approach.

Leadership is personal. Leadership development IS personal development.  It is essentially impossible to improve our leadership capacity without improving ourselves personally. This is where our Executives’ Club is focused.

Great leaders are wealthy, filthy rich with self-awareness. They are comfortable getting uncomfortable. They have done the difficult personal work to better understand themselves, and, in turn, create richer, more meaningful relationships with their teams.

As a Member of The Executives’ Club of Fargo-Moorhead, you are enrolled in a personal development program. You are joining a “business initiative”, where we discuss leadership development and business growth, but one who’s primary purpose is ingrained in personal growth. 

Personal growth develops you as a leader and motivates you to strive for excellence, versus mediocrity. In so doing, you will make a positive impact not only in your life and career, but in the lives of those around you.

As an organization, we are committed to helping our Members grow, to elevate their consciousness about themselves and their lives, and to giving them the tools and mindset to elevate their leadership and the potential of those around them.

We were founded, not simply as an initiative, but rather to test your initiative. We provide a series of opportunities designed to draw forth your innovation, your creativity, and your determination. We create situations (or the opportunity for you to create situations) which require greatness to succeed. Our intentional purpose is to create that unexpected moment where you “flip the switch”, rise to the challenge, lead the team and live intentionally.

This is our model.

We tend to grow in spurts, with periods of great focus, followed by periods of complacency. The Executives’ Club, with Signature Programs designed to address each of these periods, is your club, a catalyst for personal development and the development of your leadership abilities. We thank you for taking the initiative!

If you’ve read this far, thanks, that means a lot to us. We’re looking for individuals with that initiative and commitment. 

As mentioned, this is not a typical networking group. If you’re here primarily for business leads, you’re in the wrong place. There are numerous groups in Fargo-Moorhead that do an incredible job of that.

If you’re here because you’re looking for something different, something challenging, something more meaningful, (yet fun), I believe you’re in the right place.

Many people come and go from the Club without ever realizing its’ intended purpose, and we quietly allow that to happen. They didn’t grasp the opportunity.

The Club is collectively yours; to help determine its’ direction; to help bring value to other Members; to help shape its’ future.

You’re invited to…

  • lead a conversation
  • develop a program 
  • run a workshop
  • sponsor an event
  • recruit fellow business leaders and colleagues
  • bring your ideas to the table

As Founder, I am personally committed to the professional success and personal fulfillment of our Members  who engage, and available to them at any time, for any reason.

My contribution to this organization is a deep network of friendships and associations with many of the area’s best business leaders and my desire to make those connections to you and your organization.

Please schedule a visit. Use my Calendar to find a time for us to visit. Let’s talk about your projects and who you need to meet to move each of them forward.

thank you very, very much.

Sincerely, Kurt McSparron