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Shaun Engelsrud

Owner Dakota Water Conditioning
105 Gold Court Unit E Mapleton North Dakota 58059 Work #: (701) 552-0969 Member since: October 27, 2020 Website:
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Hometown: Detroit Lakes, Minnesota
Detroit Lakes High
Mount Ranier High
Minnesota State University Moorhead
Member 248 | October 27, 2020


I grew up in Detroit Lakes, MN, where I was active in sports, hunting, summer and winter activities. I have been in the FM area for over 20 years and so happy to be apart of this thriving community.

I am a Water Professional with Dakota Water Conditioning in West Fargo, ND. Dakota Water Conditioning is locally owned FULL service water management company and we specialize in all types of water issues, whether it’s Iron, Hardness, Chlorine/Chloramine, “Rotten Egg” smell, Arsenic, Tannins, Bacteria, etc. we can fix it. We carry over 20 products that will provide perfect water for any situation. Our residential softeners and drinking water systems come with a 5 year warranty and we stand behind everything we install.

Whether it’s new construction, a remodel, seasonal, or commercial, our softeners and treatment systems can handle it. We carry and install a line of commercial softeners and filtration systems that can handle any application. Whether it be farm operations, boilers, apartment buildings, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, car washes, salons, etc. our systems can be sized and set to provide perfect water for your needs

I would be more than happy to answer any questions and provide a free water analysis to anyone who is wondering about their water, I can be reached at 701-552-0969 or

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