Executive Expo II | videos + highlights

Thank you to our vendors, to our speakers, our sponsors, the incredible staff of the Avalon, and especially to all of you who made time to attend this year’s Expo!

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Jim Buus, Todd Fisher and Stu Stockmoe
Lisa Bortnem Wiser, Jodee Bock and Dave Harmon
Ryan Keel, Miranda and Carl Burfeind
Cindy Cole and Chad Softing

Business Leaders Gather for Second Annual Executive Expo

January 23, 2019 by Tim Scott

FARGO, N.D. — Several business executives learned new ways to guide their businesses in the right direction. The second annual “Executive Expo” gave leaders a chance to have candid conversations about developing their brands, while also learning tips about how to help their companies grow.

Organizers say gathering these prominent people together helps tighten the metro’s business community. “The key to this event, compared to a lot of them, is that 95% are business owners and leaders of their organizations, so it’s a completely different mindset, responsibility that they have compared to an employee, and that’s really what sets this event apart,” said Kurt McSparron, the Founder of The100, Inc.

The group that sponsored the expo, The100 Inc., is made up of executives that look to make the metro a better place for business.

Business Leaders Gather for Second Annual “Executive Expo” click to watch

Hundreds Attend “TED-style” Fargo Business Networking Expo

January 23, 2019 by Hannah Schlosser

FARGO — Hundreds of members of the Fargo-Moorhead business community met to share and hone their skills at a business expo in Fargo Wednesday afternoon, Jan. 23.

More than 300 business leaders, executives and entrepreneurs gathered at the Avalon Events Center to hear 20 business leaders give “TED-style” talks about networking, leadership development, and business insight. The Executive Expo also had booths for 50 local businesses. Host and organizer The100,inc., a local business initiative, said the expo focused on lessons you can’t learn through business books.

“We want candid, real life experience — which to most of our attendees is going to be the most valuable insight you can get,” said Kurt McSparron, the initiative’s founder.

Hundreds Attend “TED-style” Fargo Business Networking Expo | click to watch

Avalon’s Millenium Ballroom
FF Fisher Sales & Leasing
Neil & Deb Blanchard | Profit Pros
Donn Groth | Midwest Radio FM
Lynn Hanson & Barry Dresser | ArtCo Promotional
Deb Asp | Nelco First Aid, Inc.

THANK YOU to Leah Backstrom, Dustin Moore and Steve Hallstrom at Flag Family Media for recording each of our speakers at this year’s event!

Individual videos are linked from each speaker’s section below.

SESSION I | 1:00 to 2:00


“You vs Them”

Paul Bougie, Visionary

House of Bouge Creative Services


13:30 click to watch at AM100TheFlag.com


“Build It, and Let It Be Lead”

Dave Nelson, President

Knight Printing


09:13 click to watch at AM1100TheFlag.com


“a rose by any other name…Ramifications of a Misnomer”

Heather Aal, Non-Profit Sales Consultant

Profit Pros


08:39 click to watch at AM1100TheFlag.com


“What a Woman Wants: Fitting In, Standing Out and the Unintended Consequences of the #METOO Movement”

Lisa Bortnem-Wiser, President

MidStates Wireless


10:04 click to watch at AM1100TheFlag.com


“Diversifying the North Dakota Economy”

Mike Warner, Founder

Pedigree Technologies


15:38 click to watch at AM1100TheFlag.com

Wes Henry and Paul Bougie

Rachael and Jeff Boyer
Jim Buus and Dave Harmon

SESSION II | 2:30 to 3:30


“I am a Hypocrite”

Jodee Bock, Founder  meet Jodee

Bock’s Office


09:52 click to watch at AM1100TheFlag.com



“No One Cares…and that’s OK”

Josh Christy, Founder and CEO



06:46 click to watch at AM1100TheFlag.com


“Your 30-Day Vacation is Ready…are you?”

Neil Blanchard, Founder and CEO  meet Neil

Profit Pros


10:46 click to watch at AM1100TheFlag.com


“Bravery vs Bullshit”

Rachael Boyer, CEO  meet Rachael

The Home Authority, Inc


08:13 click to watch at AM1100TheFlag.com


“2 Acquisitions in 6 Months: the good, the bad and the ugly”

Wes Henry, CPO | Partner  meet Wes

Zac Paulson, CEO | Partner  meet Zac

True IT



19:34 click to watch at AM1100TheFlag.com

Donn Groth and Dave Harmon
Mark J Lindquist and Jodee Bock

Bill Erickson and Dana Sand

SESSION III | 4:00 to 5:00


“Stop GIVING to Charities”

Patrick Kirby, Founder  meet Patrick

Do Good Better Consulting


06:12 click to watch at AM1100TheFlag.com


“Three Overlooked Leadership Plays”

David Dietz, President and CEO  meet David

Preference Employment Solutions


10:15 click to watch at AM1100TheFlag.com


“Leadership Rx”

Dr. Mason Orth, President and CEO  meet Mason

ChiroHealth & Rehab


12:57 click to watch at AM1100TheFlag.com


“Breaking all the Rules…Except One”

Cindy Cole, President

Altel, Inc


07:50 click to watch at AM100TheFlag.com


“Drug Dealers Network Better Than Suits…why?”

Adam Martin, Founder

F5 Project


10:15 click to watch at AM1100TheFlag.com


“Who Am I?”

Chuck Hoge, Executive Director

NDSU Research and Technology Park


10:42 click to watch at AM1100TheFlag.com


“Seeking Significance”

Jim Buus, President  meet Jim

Goldmark Commercial Real Estate, Inc.


19:15 click to watch at AM1100TheFlag.com


“Wrap-up: Making the Most of It”

Kurt McSparron, Founder

the100, inc


Millenium Ballroom business displays

Speakers in bold

CLICK Business Name to visit their site!

  1. Altel – Alternative Telecom, Inc | Cindy Cole
  2. Preference Employment Solutions | David Dietz
  3. Payroll Express, Inc. | Darcy Pope-Fuchs
  4. ClearPath Advisors | Michael Johnson
  5. Elite Therapeutic Massage | Shelle Hagen
  6. Anne Carlsen Center | Tim Eissinger
  7. Midwest Radio Fargo Moorhead  | Dan Cash
  8. Fargo INC! | Mike Dragosavich
  9. Custom Graphics, Inc. | Zach Paxton
  10. Yarn Productions | Rob Burke
  11. Be More Colorful | Matthew Chaussee
  12. ArtCo Promotional Products | Barry Dresser
  13. Monitor Marketing | Stu Stockmoe
  14. Bock’s Office Consulting | Jodee Bock
  15. Corporate Elements | Ole P Rygg
  16. Codelation | Josh Christy
  17. True IT | Wes Henry / Zac Paulson
  18. Dakota Business Lending | Steve Dusek
  19. Lake Agassiz Development Group | Amber Metz
  20. Profit Pros | Neil Blanchard
  21. Superior Insurance | Jorin Johnson
  22. Nelco First Aid | Deb Asp
  23. CEO Solutions | Harlan Goerger
  24. ChiroHealth & Rehab | Dr. Mason Orth
  25. Mama Ducks Cleaning Service | Sandra Vigen
  26. Gateway Building Systems | Mike Peyerl
  27. The Home Authority | Rachael Boyer
  28. Express Pros | Don Arvidson
  29. FF Fisher Sales & Leasing | Todd Fisher
  30. FF Fisher + Hannaher’s Workplace Interiors
  31. Harmon Entertainment | Dave Harmon
Millenium Ballroom (main floor)

The Mezzanine business displays

24z. Univ of Jamestown | MacKenzie Tadych

25z. Charism | James Nagbe

26z. OnSharp | Jacob Dahl

29z. Do Good Better Consulting | Patrick Kirby

30z. Arvig | Ken Rossen

31z. Grow UpStream | Troy White

32z. Affordacare Insurance | Daryl Kawasaki

33z. Country Financial | Janelle Albrecht

34z. RetzFlex Health Management | Dan Retzlaff

35z. Implementation Specialists, Inc | Chelsey Freng

Mezzanine Lounge

The Loft business displays

  1. Grain Designs | Blain Mikkonen & Grant Koenig
  2. J Allen Paul Photography | Jesse Hoorlebeck
  3. Liberty Business Systems | Ron Fuhrman
  4. Emergency Food Pantry | Stacie Loegering
  5. University of Mary | Deb Balzer Plagemann
  6. CollegeSmart | Ryan Keel
  7. Ira’s Custom Cabinets | John Giddings
  8. The Arts Partnership | Dayna Del Val
the Loft Ballroom

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