Member Connect

Members of The Executives’ Club of Fargo-Moorhead experience a level of relationship-building far beyond the typical networking group; they build valuable, lasting connections.

7 reasons why building connections is (much) better than networking!

  1. New connections can lead to new business
  2. New connections can result in new referrals
  3. New connections open doors for you
  4. New connections may advise you on best practices
  5. New connections may become strategic partners, investors, and acquisition and merger candidates
  6. New connections introduce you to new vendors, key advisors and business specialists to help your company
  7. New connections can lead to lasting friendships and business alliances

Our Members also enjoy exclusive benefits and professional services beyond the scope of any ordinary business organization.

  • Wednesdays 12to1 private lunches
  • Friday Morning Mentors 5-on-1 strategy sessions
  • Access to Grindstone, Members Only Workshop, located at 20 4th St, WF
  • Kurt-for-Hire (almost) unlimited professional services
  • Miranda-for-Hire organizational assistance
  • Significant business and personal growth initiatives

Members can contact Kurt any time (701) 541-1073 or

  • with questions
  • for assistance
  • for introductions
  • with opportunities

Take advantage of exclusive benefits & services, including:

  • Miranda-For-Hire | schedule a 4-hr block at $100 | 1 block available per week
  • Kurt-For-Hire | schedule a 4-hr block at $100 | 5 blocks available per week
  • Friday Morning Mentors | 5-person, 3+hour strategy sessions at your business | 1 available per week
  • Member-to-Member personal introductions
  • Member-to-Member product & service promotions
  • Member-t0-Member qualified leads & referrals
  • Member-to-Member direct B2B sales
  • Business coaching & consulting referrals
  • Assistance with small-event planning
  • Assistance with fundraising, sponsorships & event promotion
  • Private, focused weekly lunches | Wednesdays 12to1 | Porter Creek Hardwood Grill  COST $0

What is FM (Friday Morning) Mentors?

Kurt, plus 3 other Executives’ Club Members will come to your office (or any location you prefer) to confidentially discuss and evaluate your organization for 4 hours, from 8:00am to lunch time.

Members are volunteering their time to

  • lend guidance as personal mentors
  • give advice as fellow executives
  • share insight as consumers or prospects
  • help you move your organization forward


Click the FRIDAY MORNING MENTORS button to select an upcoming date.

We will build an event in our private Facebook group, where up to 3 Members will be able to volunteer to attend.

You can also discuss privately with Kurt to request specific Members. Kurt will check availability and willingness with them.

Prior to our meeting, we’ll ask you to provide some basic company information and meeting objectives to the mentorship group. This will allow us to prepare some feedback and make the best use of our 4 hours together. 

FRIDAY MORNING MENTORS sessions are 100% confidential. Non-disclosure agreements will be signed, if requested by the host.

COST: The host Member (mentee) will be asked to make a minimum contribution of $100. When you reserve a date, you will be emailed an online invoice from The Executives’ Club


Miranda Burfeind

  • Phone calls
  • Data entry
  • Organizing
  • Customer Relations
  • Photos/Marketing
  • Errands
  • and more!


Kurt McSparron

  • Ideas, Big or Small
  • Solutions and Strategies
  • Outside Perspectives
  • Organization & Evaluation
  • Audits & Referrals
  • Personal conversations
  • and much more!


How can we help?

All Member Connect services must be paid in advance. Miranda will directly invoice you for her services and they are to be paid directly to her. Miranda-For-Hire operates separately but in collaboration with The100,Inc. The Executives’ Club of Fargo-Moorhead provides no guarantee and is in no way liable for Miranda-For-Hire services.

Kurt-For-Hire and Friday Morning Mentors will be billed through standard invoicing by The Executives’ Club of Fargo-Moorhead and are due prior to your scheduled appointment.

Member Connect Catalog

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