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Stephen Schmitz

Executive Director Wheatcrest Hills Healthcare Center
1311 Vander Horck St Britton South Dakota 57430 Work #: (605) 448-2251 Member since: December 8, 2023 Website: Wheatcrest Hills
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Hometown: Wheaton, Minnesota
Wheaton High
Valley City State University
Collegiate Management Institute
University of Mary 
Member 308 | December 8, 2023


“I excel at finding and fixing problems. I love challenges and believe that progress should never be standing still. There is always something to improve, grow and learn. Under my leadership, you won’t find many things standing still unless they work very well. I feel strongly that my job is to grow and improve the people and programs under my care. Turning around staffing and other departmental or program challenges has been an extremely gratifying part of my experience. I have learned much and continue to learn on a daily basis.

When I left law enforcement, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do next. I wanted to try something new and found that the only way to do that was to accept employment. As a result, my resume looks like I changed jobs frequently when, in fact, it reflects experimentation and learning opportunities.

During my journey, I found that I thoroughly enjoy program administration, coordination, learning from others and embracing new challenges. I have numerous goals and I track and work towards improvement daily.

I am a very motivated, ethical person who is open to feedback and learning opportunities. I love challenges and excel at reading people and finding opportunities for self-improvement and I am passionate about assisting others and helping them grow as individuals and when appropriate as a team.”

Schmitz is a Wheaton, MN native. His dad was a sheriff and his mother a kindergarten teacher, so it’s no wonder that Schmitz would eventually be in the business of helping others. He spent 17 years in law enforcement, mostly in North Dakota.

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