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Skyler Dutton

Co-Founder and General Manager Thunder Coffee
300 Sheyenne St #190 West Fargo North Dakota 58078 1702 1st Ave N Fargo North Dakota 58102 Work #: 701.404.7743 Member since: March 1, 2022 Website: Thunder.Coffee
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University of Jamestown
Member 275 | March 1, 2022


Nothing is more satisfying to me than to know the work I am doing is purposeful and that I am having a positive influence on another person. It is this internal drive that led me to making a difference in communities as a police officer, volunteer firefighter, football coach, direct care provider and safety professional.

I thrive in roles that allow me to make decisions and problem solve in a dynamic environment, be empathetic to others, and otherwise use my strengths to build relationships with customers and team members.

My leadership style focuses on clear communication, tact and teamwork towards a clearly defined vision and goal. I strive to improve processes and procedures to make work easier and more efficient rather than settling for “that’s the way we’ve always done it.” My teams know that I care due to the investments I make towards their professional and personal development.

I am family oriented and work to not only provide for my children but also to enjoy the experience of raising a family and supporting them in their endeavors.

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