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Katherine Kiernan

Founder and Owner Aspire Realty | Sterling Grace, Inc.
4150 19th Ave S Fargo ND 58103 Work #: 701-306-8303 Member since: December 31, 2022 Website: KatherineKiernan.com Website: Aspire Realty
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Hometown: Wanamingo, Minnesota
Kenyon-Wanamingo senior high
University of Wisconsin – Stout
Metro State University
Member 288 | December 31, 2022


My passion in anything that I’ve done professionally has always grown from the relationships I have formed with my clients. Professionally my career has always been in a Finance focused role. From my first professional experiences at Merrill Lynch as a Client Associate, to an expansive career within banking in roles ranging from Personal Banking to Human Resources to Branch Management the one thing that has always propelled me is forming long-lasting, trust based relationships with all of my clients regardless of their financial standing or personal situations.

This love and passion for the client and the long term picture that recognizes “what we do today will have a long-term, lasting effect” was the catalyst that sent me into the real estate realm. It is my true belief that Real Estate is one of the best wealth harvesting and supporting arenas that one can invest their money in. However, it is one of the most dangerous as well. One bad investment decision can be financially crippling. I have seen this in the past with clients and I have seen that when this situation arrives my banking clients have felt lost.

With this client driven perspective, I dove head first into Realty to assist our clients and loved ones in avoiding these situations head on but also for people to have and advocate to call should they find themselves in this position. This is our passion and all that we strive to for; and when your passion meets your purpose the path is clear and unwavering.

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