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Hannah Bettenhausen

Founder 654 Business Strategies
654 Wyndemere Drive West Fargo North Dakota 58078 Work #: (701) 367-2680 Member since: September 22, 2023 Website: 654Strategies.com
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Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota
South Sr High
Minnesota State University Moorhead
Member 298 | September 22, 2023


“Empowering businesses to scale, streamline, and succeed.”

With 14+ years of pioneering operational growth, strategic insights, and operational expertise, I stand at the helm of diverse industries to architect transformative solutions for startups and businesses, guiding them towards success.

I’ve discovered that every organization, big or small, has a unique pulse. I’ve aimed to understand that pulse, helping to refine operational procedures, and mentoring teams, always with an underlying goal: to achieve cohesive, sustainable growth.

At 654 Business Strategies, we offer not just services but transformative solutions tailored to unique organizational needs. As an Integrator, I’ve transformed visions into actionable plans, bridged communication chasms within diverse teams, and mentored tomorrow’s leaders.

Our mission? To catalyze growth, refine processes, and pave the roadmap, setting businesses firmly on the path to success.

Having laid the groundwork for multiple flourishing ventures, my forte lies in amplifying profitability, mentoring executives, and bridging communication divides.

But, it’s not just about numbers and strategies; it’s about a passion to elevate and inspire. As the host of ‘The Flourish Mindset’ podcast, I empower fellow entrepreneurs and business mavens to bring their dreams to fruition.

As a passionate public speaker and a leadership course creator, I’m keen to share insights on leadership, championing women at the corporate forefront, and the essence of productivity. It’s my humble attempt to share insights, inspire, and learn alongside others.

In a world awash with noise, I believe in making a difference – not just an impression. Every business has its symphony; I help you find and fine-tune yours.✨

If you’re driven by passion, innovation, and excellence, let’s navigate the maze of business growth together.

For inquiries, collaborations, and opportunities, drop me an email at: hannah@654strategies.com.

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