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Derek Nolte

Founder and Owner TruHome Property Solutions
1119 N 42nd St Grand Forks North Dakota 58203 Work #: (701) 620-1597 Member since: January 29, 2024 Website:
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Hometown: Fertile, Minnesota
Fertile-Beltrami High
University of North Dakota
Lake Region State College
Member 312 | January 29, 2024


In the community of Grand Forks, a groundbreaking idea took shape in 2016. Derek Nolte, with a decade of property management experience, embarked on a new adventure – launching TruHome Property Solutions. Derek’s vision was bold and straightforward: to transform the property management landscape by integrating advanced technology with a deep emphasis on personal connections.

TruHome’s philosophy extends beyond mere property upkeep. Our mission is to make each property a delightful place for its residents. We utilize the latest tech solutions to streamline processes, but our core focus remains on nurturing strong, personal relationships with our clients and tenants. Every property we manage is treated as a unique community, deserving of special attention and care.

What truly sets TruHome apart is our dynamic leadership team, collectively holding over 50 years of industry expertise. Guided by Derek’s leadership, we’re a group united by a shared passion: to redefine the standards of property management. For us, TruHome is more than a business – it’s a family committed to excellence and innovation.

Today, TruHome stands as a pillar of innovation in Grand Forks, ND. We have grown to a formidable team of 20, managing 700 residential rentals. But our impact goes beyond numbers. We’re deeply invested in the community, consistently seeking ways to contribute positively and foster a spirit of togetherness.

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