100 Moments 2016-2019

Andrew Abernathey and Dr. Mason Orth trading best practices
Jessica Hoppe and Bob Sinner after hours
Kent Satrang, CEO of Petro Serve USA, lends some executive insight
Jim Buus and Bob Gibb sharing stories
Kristi Ulrich, Tracy Green and Robin Nelson at the annual FF Fisher Member Social
Donn Groth and Dave Harmon at Executive Expo II
Dave Ekman at wednesdays 12to1
the FF Fisher team getting ready for the annual Member Social
Patrick Kirby, Melissa Rademacher and Rob Burke lead a 3rd Wednesday discussion
Jon Kungel taking it easy!
Author, Tom Bouwer, gives the Get a Grip on Your Business presentation
Don Arvidson gives the Executive Insight during a 3rd Wednesday lunch at the NDSU Research and Technology Park
Deb Asp and Kristi Larkin after a 3rd Wednesday lunch at Pioneer Place
Cheers! an impromptu happy hour at Frank’s Lounge
Kurt McSparron, Mark J Lindquist and Jodee Bock at the 1st January Expo
BNG Team groundbreaking with CEO Brady Nash
a wednesdays 12to1 caravan with Rachael and Cindy
Cindy in her ruby slippers!
Business + Politics lunch with ND Representatives Jim Kasper, Ben Koppelman and Tom Kading, along with ND Senator Lonnie Laffen and the100,inc’s Kurt McSparron
Todd Fuchs and Josh Christy at wednesdays 12to1
young gun Anthony Molzahn
Lisa, Jodee and Dave at Executive Expo II
Todd, Jessica and Rich at the Custom Cinema Member Social
Roger Christianson and Barry Gish…most likely talking EOS!
Chuck Hoge presenting at Leadership Unfiltered
the Leadership Council in session: Bill, Todd, Josh, Todd, Cindy, Rachael and Jodee
Dave Groshong, Todd Fisher and Kurt McSparron solving the world’s problems
Lisa Bortnem Wiser and Art Rosenberg at wednesdays 12to1
Patrick Kirby enjoying a 3rd Wednesday lunch presentation
Andrea Hochhalter and Eric Monson after leading a 3rd Wednesday discussion
Bob Gibb gives us his executive insight
Mike, Brian and Andrew lead a discussion on Conflict
Steve M Scheel with Todd and Darcy Fuchs
Miranda and Carl Burfiend at Executive Expo II
Jim Kasper and Kent Satrang
Ron Fuhrman and Wayne Bradley
Cindy and Clevy!
David Dietz and Harlan Goerger at an FF Fisher Member Social
We love when we make the lead story!
Local coverage of the annual Executive Expo
More local coverage
Ole Rygg leads a 3rd Wednesday lunch conversation at Pioneer Place
Jay Peltier, Brady Nash and Dave Harmon lead a discussion on Debt
Rachael Boyer, DJ Colter and Jodee Bock led Extreme Leadership
Robin Nelson leads a discussion on Profit
Drago showing off the latest Fargo INC!
Don Arvidson sharing his insight
Jodee Bock always brings something extra to the conversation!
Trent Lee takes us through Exit Strategy
Craig, Dean and Cindy at the 2016 Fisher Social
Darcy, Bouge and Kelly at the 2018 Fisher Social
Zack, Austen, Matt and Don at the 2017 Fisher Social
John, Jodee and Brian at the 2019 Fisher Member Social
Brian Rinke at The ABCs or ESOPs
Mike Warner sharing real business solutions
DJ Colter shares his experience
Teresa Lewis and Chuck Hoge at the Hannahers Social
Harlan, Zac and Wes after a 3rd Wednesday lunch
Jim, Todd and Stu at Executive Expo
John Fisher and Mike Meagher after a 3rd Wednesday lunch
ArtCo Promotional Products at Executive Expo
Donn with the Midwest Radio booth
the Harmon Entertainment green screen
Neil and Deb Blanchard with Profit Pros

Paul Bougie delivers the WELCOME at Executive Expo

Miranda and Kurt having a 2.60.10 meeting (2 people. 60 minutes. 10 courses of action)
Bob, Jim and Eric at a pre-meeting meeting
Lisa and Heather at a 3rd Wednesday lunch
Cindy, Andrea and Dayna at wednesdays 12to1
Wes, Brady, Harlan, Roger and Kent after the Introduction to Traction luncheon
Ryan Keel and Mike Brevik
Brady Nash discusses leadership
Patrick Emerson, LMT, Emerson Therapeutic Massage
Dayna Del Val and Paul Hannaher at Hannahers Member Social
Neil and Todd at the Custom Cinema Member Social
Bonanzaville Member Social 2018
Jessica Hoppe, Andrea Hochhalter and Jim Buus
Michael Johnson leads a 3rd Wednesday lunch
Matthew Chaussee gives a wednesday 12to1 presentation
The Advisory Board at a quarterly meeting
wednesdays 12to1 introductions – Jodee Bock
Wes Henry, Member #1, August 14, 2015!
Andrew Abernathey discusses Compensation Strategies at a 3rd Wednesday lunch
Rep. Tom Kading, President, Precision Ventures
Jon Kungel, President, Custom Cinema and Sound
Ben Meland, President, Enclave Companies
Mark Giddings, CPA hard at work
Deb Asp, President of Nelco First Aid
on the rooftop of Pioneer Place after a 3rd Wednesday lunch, hosted by EPIC Companies
Cindy Cole on running a debt-free business
Todd Fuchs at wednesdays 12to1
Whats Your Network Worth in Fargo INC!
Dr. Jim Carlson give executive insight at the first Executive Expo
David Dietz and his custom Preference tie!
Kurt and Dave as Thelma and Louise
classic Miranda!
another impromptu happy hour at Herd-n-Horns
that time 150 people stood me up for lunch
that time Cindy bought lunch for the whole table…both of us!
Kurt and Andrea getting ready to open the doors for the first Executive Expo!

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