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Stu Stockmoe

Owner and President SaveCoin and Monitor Marketing
Work 3481 University Drive S Suite 204 Fargo ND 58104 United States Work #: 701.365.0404 Cell #: 701.306.9621 Member since: April 13, 2016 Website: Website:
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I offer the most unique and dynamic advertising solutions in the Fargo-Moorhead area through my 2 companies. I work with all types of businesses, and with my 23 years of experience in the advertising industry can help businesses create successful campaigns reaching many thousands of people, to help build your brand and get you new customers as well.

Monitor Marketing is a digital media company offering a dynamic advertising solution for businesses of all types.  We have one of the largest indoor digital advertising networks in the Fargo-Moorhead area with several host locations in the lakes area as well. The monitors serve as indoor digital billboards with many key benefits over outdoor including a much more captive audience, more creative capabilities and best of all much lower pricing.  Also, this isn’t bathroom advertising, our monitors are placed in the main open traffic areas of the host businesses.  You’ll be able to specify your target market and reduce advertising waste by delivering venue or community-wide targeting.


Our Mission To provide great deals in North Dakota and Minnesota to help our customers branch out and experience more of what the local area has to offer. We also believe in providing quality service to our customers and if one of our deals lets you down, we will make sure we make it up to you.

SaveCoin Works For Your Business!

SaveCoin, headquartered in Fargo, ND, offers dynamic advertising solutions to a growing interactive audience of 34,000 email subscribers, 500 SMS/Test subscribers, 10,000+ facebook followers, 600 Twitter followers, and 26,000 unique weekly website visitors. There are Several distinct options; Daily Deal campaign, Coupon program, exclusive and targeted “Showcase” emails, and banner ads.

What a Daily Deal Campaign Means To You

You Pay Us…Nothing!!! Yes, nothing! We create the campaign, we promote your business to many thousands of people through multiple media, they buy your deal and receive a redeemable voucher, we simply split the purchase revenue and WE pay YOU. It’s that simple. If no deals are purchased it literally costs you nothing!

We Only Win If You Win!!! SaveCoin offers your business efficient, measurable, risk-free marketing, Exponential viral marketing opportunity, Track customers and sales , Drives people to your business, Builds your web presence, Generates traffic to your website, Shares your business story, Puts your business in the spotlight.

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