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Stacie Loegering

Executive Director, Emergency Food Pantry CEO, STORM Training & Consulting, LLC
1101 4th Ave N Fargo ND 58108 United States Work #: 701.237.9337 Member since: October 17, 2017 Website:
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Hometown: West Fargo, North Dakota
West Fargo High
University of Minnesota Duluth
North Dakota State University
Club Member 185 | October 17, 2017


Stacie has spent her entire career in nonprofits, including Director of Information and Crisis Services at FirstLink for 7yrs, before joining The Emergency Food Pantry in 2015. She said every job she has had has been about connecting people with resources. 

The Emergency Food Pantry’s mission is to support the community by providing food to reduce hunger. For over 45 years, they have helped feed people in difficult situations.

“For me, if we can have the system in place for people to just say, ‘I’m fed today’ or ‘I’m fed for the week,’ then that’s going to give people the ability to work on other things that need to be stabilized in their life. If we’re hungry, we don’t do well. If you’re trying to figure out how you’re going to pay bills and put food on the table, if we can minimize those choices they have to make, we can help them keep their energy up so they’re able to get beyond that survival situation.”

Stacie is also CEO of STORM Training & Consulting, LLC. Areas of focus include Suicide Prevention, Team Dynamics, Organizational Effectiveness, Resilience, and Motivational Change.

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