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Ross Almlie

President Future Bright, LLC
Work 935 37th Ave S Suite 128 Moorhead MN 56560 United States Work #: 701.306.7631 Member since: May 27, 2016 Anniversary: February 4, 2019 Member since: October 30, 2018 Website: FutureBright 4U .com Website: BreadVault
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Interview with Wes Henry’s Business Connection Project (Financial Education)

This is my 24th year in the financial services industry. After spending five years in Phoenix, AZ and then another five years in Minneapolis, my family relocated to Fargo, North Dakota, where I founded RDA Financial Advisors in 2003. In 2009, RDA Financial Advisors was acquired and became known as TCI Financial Advisors, part of the TCI family of companies. In February of 2014, TCI Financial Advisors was acquired by Jamieson Capital Advisors, which became Contego Capital Advisors. (I agree, that’s a lot of changes!)

After feeling the exhaustion from company name changes, I decided to step back out on my own to launch a brand new financial advisory firm called Future Bright LLC. Future Bright taps into the strengths of Silicon Valley’s recent disruption of the traditional Wall Street model and brings the benefits of that industry innovation right here to the Red River Valley.

Using today’s latest technology, a less erosive pricing model, and a brokerage platform located in Silicon Valley and not on Wall Street, Future Bright advisors are proving that a small firm can achieve economies of scale as effectively as its larger competitors. But there’s a key difference. Instead of passing the cost savings up the food chain of our company, we pass the cost savings out to our clients.

We are changing the culture of our industry and leveling the playing field between clients and advisors. By simply shifting the bias away from the product sale and placing it squarely on the advice delivered throughout your financial life, Future Bright is committing to providing you a better way to achieve financial independence.

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