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Nick Horob

Founder and Owner Harvest Profit
Work 520 Oak Ridge Way E West Fargo ND 58078 United States Cell #: 701.361.7070 Member since: September 8, 2016 Website: Harvest Profit .com Blog: Harvest Profit Blog
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Harvest Profit, Farm Business Software

Helping your farm thrive in an ever-volatile farm economy.

“We have approximately 250 customers in 26 states and four (Canadian) provinces. Our goal is to help farmers make more-profitable long-term business decisions by making it easier for them to track their numbers.” – Nick

What started out as a side project has turned into a full-time job for Harvest Profit Founder Nick Horob. The idea behind Harvest Profit, a tool to help farmers track and manage their profitability, began when Horob worked for a private equity firm doing finance work and started diving deep into the farm economy. It was eye-opening for him seeing the opportunities and risks on the farm.

Horob recognized an opportunity and started doing consulting work for a handful of farms in Minnesota and the Dakotas. During this consulting, he noticed a lack of tools focused on the business side of farming, so he hired two “cheap” overseas firms in 2012-13 to build a program; it crashed and burned each time, costing him $30,000.

After teaching himself how to program, he eventually realized the number of years it would take to build a quality product on his own, so in 2015, he hired Codelation, a Fargo-based software-development company, to help him create a minimum viable product.

Harvest Profit was launched in December 2016, and within months, more than 100 farms from all over the country signed up. A year later, Horob faced a decision about whether to keep it as a side project or make it a full-time gig. The revenue was built up, and now, with a staff of three others, the Williston native and University of Minnesota graduate pulled away from his consulting work to focus his days on the software without taking a huge risk.

excerpt from: How Harvest Profit is Planting The Seed – Fargo INC! Magazine


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