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Miranda Burfeind

Owner and Entrepreneur Phone-n-Fix | Replay GamesMember since January 18, 2019
3902 13th Ave S West Acres Mall Fargo ND 58103 United States Work #: 701.639.2523 Member since: January 18, 2019 Website: PhonenFix.com Website: ReplayGames.us
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I am a Mom of two tiny humans, wife, and multi-business owner. I often joke that I love chaos, but in reality I simply thrive being busy and love a good challenge! “Why not!?”

My husband and I bought Phone-n-Fix in 2017, two months before having our first child LOL. At Phone-n-Fix we buy, sell, and repair cell phones, tablets, and computers. Basically if it’s electronic, we we can fix it!

In May of 2022 we partnered with Replay Games Downtown Fargo. Replay Games is a community-supported modern-day video game and board game arcade. We have over 6,000 video games, over 600 board games, virtual reality featuring the valve index, 10 gaming PCs for 5v5 team-based games, puzzles, and more! Our arcade features a kid friendly atmosphere covering over 45 years of gaming history! Ranging from the OG Atari 2600, to the original Nintendo (and yes, we have Duck Hunt with the gun!) to the modern day with Nintendo Switch and multiple PlayStation 5s!

  • Executives’ Club GOLD Sponsor
  • Hometown: Lake Benton, MN
  • Education: Ridgewater College
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