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Gail Nelson M.Ed, LPC

Owner Journey Counseling
Work 1401 32nd St S Fargo ND 58104 Work #: 701-356-5544 Member since: July 13, 2020 Website: Blog: Couples Counseling
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In partnership with the Couples Institute and their tools in the developmental model of relating, Gail specializes in guiding couples through problems and issues that can be too much to handle on their own. Through regularly scheduled sessions or one-day intensive workshops, Gail fosters a trusting and open environment where couples can freely explore their problems and work towards productive solutions to better themselves and their relationships.

For over a decade, Gail has dedicated herself to making a lasting impact on the lives of those that walk through Journey Counseling’s doors. Her greatest satisfaction in life is watching her work make a true difference for the people she works with on a day-to-day basis. Her areas of expertise include marriage preparation, conflict mediation, individual counseling, couples counseling, and divorce coaching.

It’s an amazing legacy if a marriage can withstand the troubles in life while providing a supportive environment for the partners and the children involved. If that relationship is burdened by conflict incapable of resolving itself, those cracks can become too wide to repair. It’s our goal to explore the root of the issues and begin to nurture them back to health before it’s too late. In situations where unresolvable patterns present themselves with no workable solution, Gail can offer you help in getting “unmarried.” That way you can craft the next phase of your relationship to be better in the future with less conflict involved.

Gail has been married for 36 years and has the joy and privilege of raising two amazing kids, both newly married. In her spare time, she fancies herself something of an amateur botanist, raising orchids and a variety of succulents while tending to her miniature fairy garden. Her favorite authors are Brene Brown and Pema Chodron, and if she had just one last meal to enjoy, it’d be a Hawaiian poke bowl. She’s spent part of her career working as a professional corporate trainer, a parent educator, a conflict resolution expert, and as a director for an outpatient addiction treatment program.

Gail just completed a course on “Managing Sex issues in Couples Therapy” with sex therapist Martha Kauppi – founder of the Institute for Relational Intimacy. Gail is part of  the Couples Institute Master Mentor group of 20 Couples therapists training with Dr. Ellyn Bader and Dr. Peter Pearson who authored the Developmental Model of Couples Therapy.

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