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Dean Vollmer

President Priority Payments Systems Great Plains
Work 51 Prairiewood Drive S Fargo ND 58103 United States Work #: 701.297.7641 Cell #: 701.261.5141 Member since: August 18, 2015 Website: Priority Payment Systems Great Plains Website: Town and Country Realty | Agent
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ATM’s, credit card processing, gift cards and check guarantee placement. Providing wholesale pricing and consulting, business planning, maximizing income for merchants point of sale equipment and software. Focusing on reducing costs for processing, equipment and protecting liability as well as boosting income for businesses of all sizes.
With over 18 years experience in the industry I credit our success to on the spot top notch customer service driven by HONESTY and complete information. Our customers are our most trusted asset and it shows. You will know instantly this is a different approach to doing business. With over 1600 customers we feel our position is proven that we can show you a better way to make your business more money.

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