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Andrew J Abernathey

Founder | CEO Abernathey Holding Co.
Work 819 30th Ave S Suite 206A Moorhead MN 56560 United States Work #: 701.263.7425 Member since: August 4, 2017 Website: Abernathey Holding Co .com Website:
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Andrew J. Abernathey is the Founder & CEO of Abernathey Holding Co. Mr. Abernathey began his investing career at the age of 13, investing in a variety of public securities and achieved an annual growth rate of 171.44% for 3 years. Since the beginning, Mr. Abernathey has been deeply interested in Warren Buffett’s value investing approach. 

Prior to beginning his investment career in full earnest, Mr. Abernathey always had a deep interest in business. This passion was exhibited by Mr. Abernathey with the commencement of other business operations. Mr. Abernathey, alongside his brother, founded Abernathey Brothers Farm, which is in the business of planting, growing, and harvesting thousands of acres of small grains to then sell in the open market. The operations have quickly grown into multiple locations in Lansford and Bottineau North Dakota. Mr. Abernathey believes Mr. Buffett’s quote “One is a better businessman because he is an investor, and a better investor because he is a businessman.”

Mr. Abernathey launched Abernathey Holding Co.’s first value oriented investment partnership in August of 2012. Abernathey Holding Co.’s first investment partnership was inspired by the original 1950’s Warren Buffett partnership. Since inception, the investment partnerships have achieved market-beating returns for its investors/partners and has grown its assets under management. 

Abernathey Holding Co. prides itself on being a boutique fund for the sophisticated investor and was created with a partner-first mentality. Mr. Abernathey’s competitive advantage in the marketplace is due to his unique selling proposition for his partners and his approach to investing for the long-term. Abernathey Holding Co. never rushes into an investment and only focuses it’s attention on companies with at least a 10-year track record, and a solid management team in place. Mr. Abernathey’s only looks for opportunities that produce superior returns, with minimal risks for his partners.

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