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Andrea Hochhalter

President Beyond Facilitation
Work Lake Park MN United States Cell #: 701.361.3873 Member since: September 6, 2017 Company founded: April 1, 2017 Website: Beyond Facilitation .com
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Passionate about helping teams, organizations, and communities succeed and solve issues by providing facilitative leadership; guiding groups through a process to reach their desired outcomes, Andrea is a professional facilitator and the owner of Beyond Facilitation, a company she founded on the premise that “People support a world they help create.”

Using participatory methods Andrea designs facilitated meetings and events, engages participants to stimulate innovative thinking, enables collaboration, and develops facilitative leadership skills in others.

Andrea has worked with executives, managers, project leaders, human resource professionals, educators, and communities to solve issues and build teams for higher performance, saving time and energy while tapping into group wisdom and achieving better outcomes.

The work of Beyond Facilitation includes:

* Long-range strategic planning

* Development of team and individual strategic initiatives

* Community wide and cross-sector environmental scanning events

* Action planning for implementation projects

* Consensus workshops to help groups reach agreement

* Leadership meeting and retreat facilitation

* Change management initiatives

Andrea’s leadership experience with corporate, nonprofit, start-ups, Information technology, and organizational development provides her the unique ability to understand issues your organization is trying to solve.

A trained Technology of Participation (ToP) facilitation practitioner using methods, tools, and approaches to foster participation and meaningful collaboration, Andrea is a member of a global network and team of ToP professionals. She is also a certified Vision Facilitator for Rotary International and certified in the Dale Carnegie process.

Before her life as an entrepreneur, Andrea worked at Microsoft developing teams and leading projects nationally and internationally. She has an MBA in Information Systems and a Bachelors in Psychology.


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