daily opportunities

(private: Members only + key personnel and invited guests)

Daily, the Members of the100,inc. host…

  • Facebook private group, to ask questions, share events, celebrate success and simply get to know the other Members personally. limited to 250
  • Forums are smaller meetings held between Members, focused on a specific business issue or topic. Members can organize a Forum in our private Facebook group or by contacting one of our Leadership Council.
  • 1-on-1 meetings take place with Kurt, to strategize, create ideas and  explore the100,inc.’s resources and between Members for collaboration, coaching or just coffee.

JOIN the conversation!

If you have questions

about anything regarding the100,inc., how it operates, your Membership or how to get the most from it, please do not hesitate to schedule an appointment.

You can also email directly to kurt@the100.work

or call/text anytime to 701-541-1073



with Jodee Bock, Bock’s Office
with Miranda, Phone-n-Fix
with Todd at Fisher Leasing
with David at Preference