Brady Nash

The Executives’ Club Member since December 7, 2015

What Brady Does For BNG

As CEO and an owner, Brady leads the overall direction of all our companies as well as negotiating contracts and new partnerships. His other primary focus is working with the executive team to assure every aspect of the company is operating with excellence, and empowering department heads to achieve our various business goals. In addition to the daily grind of running the business, he dedicates time to maintaining the company culture of BNG by developing strategies and working with the HR team to implement new benefits for team members and their families.

Brady’s Past & Passion

Born in Winnipeg, Canada, Brady was raised in a conservative, faithful family who soon moved to North Dakota. Being raised in a Free Lutheran church contributed to the core values Brady strives to embody, “Love one another as you would love yourself.” Both of Brady’s Parents were Collegiate Athletes in Valley City, North Dakota where they met. With this background, Brady grew up loving competition in everything and understanding teamwork. To this day, he still values ambition, and having a happy attitude, fundamental skills that have contributed to the company’s success.

Before becoming CEO, Brady worked in sales, and still enjoys working with the various sales teams at BNG, to satisfy his passion (and prove to himself that he still has it). From a high level, he wants to keep a pulse on the struggles the sales and customer service teams encounter every day. Recently, Brady has dabbled with public speaking about entrepreneurship, the importance of recurring revenue, and how companies can improve their cash flow.

In His Spare Time

When Brady is not working, he spends time with his wife Brandi and their 5 beautiful children. Brady’s other hobbies include basketball, golf, softball, bowling, lifting weights, and watching various sports on TV.

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