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Work 3301 13th Ave S Suite 102 Fargo ND 58103 Work Phone: 701.388.3503 Cell Phone: 701.306.9521 Membership: March 7, 2016 Website:
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10302539_768194803225326_4537147365143868606_nTracy Green understands that everything looks better in color

One of Tracy’s favorite activities is hosting guests at her home, which she does often.

One of Tracy’s favorite activities is hosting guests at her home, which she does often.

It wasn’t the Christmas Carols that bothered Tracy Green; it was the idea of reenacting the same old renditions, doing it the same way it had been done every year before this one. So Tracy, then 16, organized a new direction for her fellow church chorus. And she turned a simple Christmas recital into a full-fledged production that featured interpretive dance. It was Silent Night meets Saturday Night Fever. Tracy will never forget how the faces of the congregation went from shocked, to amused, and then to proud. It reminds her that people respect a unique performance, and appreciate a colorful approach.

Adding Spice

Tracy’s colorful approach is built on enhancing situations by refusing to settle for average, or unoriginal. It’s about adding spice to life’s simple and mundane. Tracy will always go the extra mile to improve the quality of any ordinary circumstance.

Unique Flair

This outlook has always left its mark on Tracy’s surroundings. When she worked in radio advertising for a Top 40 station, it didn’t take her long to become the top-biller at the station. Tracy’s ability to connect with people made her a natural, and her positive personality and unique flair made her stand apart. She still does, as she drives the streets of Fargo in her “fun” bright red Cadillac CTS, one of only a couple of its kind found in the city limits. Tracy can make fun out of virtually any situation, but finds pleasure in traveling every three months and hosting dinner parties for friends.

It’s fitting that her last name would be Green, because Tracy is adding color to real estate in her career as an agent. She’s taking what could be an ordinary experience and livening it up by doing what it takes to make things interesting. Tracy often lends her expertise in Feng Shui, just to change things up. She wants reaching your ideal lifestyle to be more than a process, but an experience.

Invaluable Experience

Tracy has a bond with her clients that often extends beyond the real estate process.

Tracy has a bond with her clients that often extends beyond the real estate process.

Tracy has invaluable experience in the Fargo Moorhead area that helps those working with her get a true understanding of their marketplace. Tracy grew up in Fargo, and attended Minnesota State University in Moorhead. She regularly takes advantage of the symphony, the film festivals and all the cultural staples of the area. Her wealth of knowledge can not only give you an edge in understanding your investment, but knowing the lifestyle as well. Tracy has more than 20 years of successful sales experience that gives her a unique business savvy and allows her to be an excellent negotiator on your behalf.

So when you’re ready to venture out into the Fargo Moorhead area real estate market, don’t settle for a black and white experience, think in terms of color. Tracy Green is adding life to buying or selling a home. She’s helping you reach your real estate dreams with A Colorful Approach. Call Tracy today.

Tracy Green

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