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Contact: Russ Richards, Executive Director
Work 700 Main Ave Suite 10 Fargo ND 58103 Work Phone: 701.356.7836 Cell Phone: 701.799.0127 Membership: September 27, 2017 Website: Rebuilding Together
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We offer home repair and renovation services; FREE of charge to low income families across Cass and Clay County. Many live in substandard conditions and the need continues to grow as more homeowners are forced to choose between vital necessities and critical home repair and maintenance.

We serve the hundreds of low income families in need of home repair with an emphasis on helping seniors, Veterans and people living with disabilities. Our goal is to help homeowners stay safe and healthy in their home by completing 30-50 projects each year.

Russ Richards | Executive Director

Beth Jansen | Development Director

Lisa Nixon | Program Coordinator

Who is eligible for Rebuilding Together services?

Low-income homeowners who cannot maintain their homes, as well as

nonprofit facilities, are eligible for our services. Some of the most common

types of homeowners are the elderly, persons with disabilities, veterans,

and families with children. To be considered for home assistance,

candidates must complete and submit an application form and provide

documentation of total household income, such as tax forms or pay stubs.

Some of our clients are referred through congregations, schools, community

agencies and service groups, or by self-referral.




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