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Contact: Michael Johnson, CEO
Work 107 Graystone Plaza Detroit Lakes MN 56501 Work Phone: 866.823.1492 Work Phone: 218.847.5225 Membership: December 27, 2017 Website: My ClearPath
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A holistic approach to helping people in business execute real solutions for the real problems they encounter every day. At the core is a leadership, brand and culture focused approach to coaching people through their challenges to become who they want to be as a person in the world, and as a person in business. Services include business coaching, tax advisory, accounting advisory and investment advisory.

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Consulting is a pretty vague term.

Every business is a “consultant” in some form, regarding their respective industry.

Here, we’ve listed those Members of the100,inc. that specifically provide consulting in their field of expertise:

  • business consulting
  • technology
  • accounting and tax
  • financial
  • legal
  • human resources
  • benefits
  • insurance
  • real estate
  • energy
  • manufacturing | product design
  • engineering
  • health and wellness

as always, if you have questions, or would like an introduction to one of our Members, please contact me at 701.541.1073 or

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