Leadership Development

OUR MISSION at the100,inc. is

“To create unequivocal value for business owners and executives by connecting people to people, connecting people to projects and helping leaders lead.

To accept the challenge of epitomizing self-reliance while being the benchmark for collaboration.

To lead by example.”

Within this initiative, we are proud to list many of the Fargo-Moorhead area’s most-experienced and well-respected business coaches as Members. We’re also honored by our associations, partnerships and Memberships with several local business networks.

Each business network offers unique value and opportunity.

We invite you to take in a meeting with one of the following groups and if it feels like a good fit for you…please consider joining! We have shared Members with each of these groups and are proud to be working together to build our FMWF business community!

what you know + who you know + initiative = success!
inaugural Executive Expo | January 24, 2018



Hiring a business coach, corporate trainer or speaker for your company event is as individual an experience as buying a car.

It’s a decision based on features, performance and price, but also (and perhaps, mostly) it’s a decision based on personal preferences and a connection to you and your organization.

For the same reason that many of the best car dealers in Fargo are located in the SW corner of Main Avenue and I-29, many of the best business coaches and leadership trainers in Fargo-Moorhead are Members of the100,inc.

“Who’s the best business coach?” The answer, is the one that gets the best results for YOU and YOUR company!

If I can be of assistance in helping you decide or making an introduction, please let me know. thank you, Kurt kurt@the100.work

One of these business experts is generally leading our 3rd Wednesday Executive Lunch Series events.

See Lineup at our Executive Events page

The Sagency team – Brian Rinke, Mike Meagher and Tami Kilzer at the 2018 Executive Expo!

12.20.2018 Coaching and Training profiles are currently being updated

Andrea Hochhalter

Andrea leading “Facilitating Change” at the first Executive Expo in Jan 2018

contact Andrea

visit Beyond Facilitation

Member since Sep. 6, 2017

Barry Gish

Barry leading “Right Person Right Seat – there is a process” at the Avalon Events Center in Oct 2018

contact Barry

visit Traction Planning

Member since Aug. 5, 2017

Patrick Kirby

Patrick led “Creating a Point of Difference” at the Avalon Events Center in May 2018

contact Patrick

visit Do Good Better

Member since Oct. 23, 2017

Mike Meagher

Mike leading “Execution: How to turn your organization into a goal-crushing machine”

contact Mike

visit Sagency

Member since Dec. 20, 2016

Heather Aal

Heather leads “Building at C-Level” at the Avalon Events Center in Sep 2018

contact Heather

visit NDWBC – East

Member since May 9, 2017

Michael Johnson

Michael leading “CEOs Roundtable: Issues, Advice and Collective Wisdom” in July 2018

contact Michael

visit ClearPath Advisors

Member since Dec. 27, 2017

Jodee Bock

Jodee leads “Extreme Leadership” at the Avalon Events Center in Sept 2017

contact Jodi

visit Bock’s Office

Member since Apr. 20, 2016

Josh Christy

Josh leads the discussion “Rethink Brainstorming” at the Avalon Events Center in Apr 2018

contact Josh

visit Codelation

Member since Aug. 17, 2015

Teresa Lewis

Teresa leads the evening keynote “Rediscovering Possibilities” at the first Executive Expo in January 2018

contact Teresa

visit Teresa Inspires

Member since Aug. 9, 2017

The 3rd Wednesday Executive Lunch Series is led each month by one of our business coaches and consultants. Jodee Bock and Josh Christy are pictured above, along with Andy Rogers, leading the April 2018 discussion “Rethink Brainstorming”. 3rd Wednesday Lunches are open to Members and non-Members of the100,inc. Tickets and lineup are always available at the100inc.eventbrite.com

Harlan Goerger

Harlan leads “Introduction to Traction” at the Avalon Events Center in June 2017

contact Harlan

visit CEO Solutions

Member since Aug. 28, 2015

Trent Lee

Click for tickets to November 21 Executive Lunch

contact Trent

visit Vistage

Member since Mar. 1, 2018

Jay Peltier

Paul Smith

Matt Magness

Ole P. Rygg