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Wes Henry

Chief Product Officer and Partner True IT
Work 3285 47th St S Fargo ND 58104 United States Work #: 701.205.4506 Cell #: 701.388.3421 Member since: August 14, 2015 Website: TrueIT.com
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Wes is Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder at TrueIT. He is the go-to guy for clients and employees, and for good reason.

Prior to becoming one of the four founders of True|IT, Wes co-founded and operated another IT company for 11 years. He did it all in that company, from accounting and human resources to sales, tech support to software development. Before that he worked for an Internet services company, an online aviation parts broker and a local computer service company. Wes has also taught college courses on IT technologies and software development and authored 2 books; Your IT Sucks and I Can Prove It (2017) and Save Money, End Shrinkage: Loss Prevention Made Easy (2013)

  • speaker Executive Expo January 2018
  • speaker Executive Expo II: Leadership Unfiltered January 2019
  • Executives’ Club panelist May 2019 Disruption: what it really means


We Care, We Connect, We Make a Difference… Together!


WARM FUZZIES Technology and its supporters shouldn’t be cold, but rather warm, personable and comforting. Like a teddy bear.

LOYALTY A strategy and a relationship, not a single encounter, project, or event. In it for the long haul.

KAIZEN Simply getting better & better each day, not stagnant, worse, or going backwards.

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