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Dr Shelley J Lenz

Owner Killdeer Vet/State Ave Vet
Work 1920 21st St W Dickinson ND 58601 Work #: (701) 483-3181 Member since: August 31, 2020 Website: StateAveVet.com Website: SustainableVetsInternational.com
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Biographical Info

Dr. Shelley is the owner of Killdeer Vet Clinic and State Ave Vet Clinic.

Dr. Shelley earned her Ph.D. in pharmacology from University of Pennsylvania in 1996. She earned her DVM degree from Ohio State University in 2001. She worked as an equine vet at the prestigious Hagyard-Davidson-McGee in Lexington, KY until 2004. Realizing her vocation in life is to bring quality and accessible veterinary care to rural areas,  she moved to the Great Plains and also began to work internationally serving the underserved.

She also is the founder of Sustainable Vets International, a 501c3 nonprofit international organization whose mission is to ‘reduce animal suffering globally’. When she’s not working she enjoys a simple life in her straw-bale house reading.  Travel to Nicaragua keeps Dr. Shelley on the run.  She is currently not seeing medical appointments so she can focus her clinic on Ometepe Island in Nicaragua, sharing her sustainable growing project with those in Uganda, Africa and educating others on personal health and wellness, which contributes to easing animal suffering internationally.

Her belief is ‘Wellness starts at home’.

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