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Ole Rygg

Owner & Founder Corporate Elements, LLCValue Innovation Group
Work 1854 NDSU Research Circle N Fargo ND 58102 Work #: (701) 318-8700 Member since: November 1, 2018 Website: Vistrategy.com Website: TriveCulture.com Website: GetChopr.com
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My journey as an entrepreneur started with the realization that we must simplify to be truly happy and do better – in life, leadership, business and how we work together to get results. My goal is to help people and organizations commit to simpler and more effective solutions that increase their fulfillment in work and life. I hope you will join me on the journey! Our moral purpose is to build a world of organizational champions, where people on all levels have the clarity, skills and drive to find fulfillment and do extraordinary work.

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