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Brian Larry

Founder and CEO ConnectLabs
Work 1854 NDSU Research Circle N Fargo ND 58102 United States Work #: (701) 484-2772 Member since: May 25, 2016 Website: ConnectLabs.IO
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ConnectLabs is a data focused marketing company, focused on understanding consumer behavior and how to retarget them based on how they engage with brands.
For Brian, context is everything in marketing.
“Marketers need to understand why consumers go where they go,” says Larry, cofounder of ConnectLabs, a Fargo-based community-of-things (COT) platform that allows businesses to use physical devices with embedded sensors, proprietary software and interconnectivity to connect them to their target customers. “The local events and activities we choose to engage in deliver that context, providing insight into their lifestyles, interests and affinities.”
Larry says successful location-based marketing goes beyond simply knowing where consumers are at, though; it requires context and quality underlying data. That’s why ConnectLabs built the first-ever demographic target system, or DTS, to better understand consumers and deliver the most conclusive consumer audiences, insights and data possible. excerpt from:


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