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Amy L Nash

CEO and Founder Lioness Creative, LLC
Work Fargo ND 58102 Work #: (701) 799-3910 Member since: December 10, 2019 Website:
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Lioness Creative, LLC is a strategic, problem-solving consulting firm that utilizes design-thinking and creativity-generating techniques to address immediate “pain-points” and long-term plans for individuals, businesses, non-profits, and social-entrepreneurial ventures.

We are your trusted consultants, advisors, strategists, outsource destination, and action leader/manager in the development of solutions that capture efficiencies and expand capacity, results, impacts, and your bottom line.

We empower you and your team through custom engagement and idea generation that focuses energy on inspiration to actuality for both individuals and organizations.

We assist you and/or you organization efficiently, effectively, and innovatively so you can do what you do best—your passion and your purpose.

Amy L Nash is a designer/creative solution architect, entrepreneur, sustainability professional, and community developer/engagement specialist.  She has degrees in architecture, environmental design, interior design and emphasis in business, construction management, and art.  Amy is only her dissertation away from her Ph.D. in Sustainable Planning (NRM).  She uses her extensive strategic planning and project management knowledge and experience in organizational development of businesses, non-profits, and hybrid connectivity.  She is the Founder and Lead Creative at Lioness Creative, LLC and has a design-oriented business.  In all of her work, she emphasizes corporate social responsibility and economic/community development impact building.  Amy is passionate about strength-building and creative processes as she has a blend of design-thinking and entrepreneurial thinking in all the work she does.  She also uses these skills in teaching and development of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) with youth.  She also has done extensive teaching at a university level and engaged in numerous leadership roles at the local and state levels.  She loves to empower people in their strengths and helping them to make their dreams a reality.  She lives in Fargo in a lovely 1950’s home with her life partner and life CEO (Chief Encouragement Officer), Benjamin, and her two energetic pitbull-labs, Clementine and Clover.  She cooks, gardens, runs two to three 5k’s a month, LOVES AVIATION & FLYING, and her blue eyes are REAL…her natural color.
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