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Photo of David Hamilton
David Hamilton
General Director Fargo-Moorhead Opera Company
Work 3100 25th St S Suite A Fargo ND 58103 Work Phone: 701.239.4558 Membership: September 21, 2017 Website: FM Opera.org
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Photo of Paul Hannaher
Paul Hannaher
President/CEO Hannaher’s Workplace Interiors
Work 3803 Main Ave Fargo ND 58103 Other 2902 Gateway Drive Grand Forks, ND 920 Washington Avenue Detroit Lakes, MN Work Phone: 701.277.7222 Cell Phone: 701.866.2693 Membership: August 20, 2015 Website: Hannahers .com


founding Member #8

In the 1960’s, I remember going to the office with my Dad, Tom Hannaher. We would spend hours there on Saturday’s, he would catch up on things and I would wander the showroom and second floor warehouse getting into various stages of mischief, occasionally pushing the wrong button on a huge adding machine and watching it clank and chug nonstop until Dad came and shut it off. That office was in Downtown Moorhead until the great minds of the time decided that the property that was home to Hannaher’s, Inc. and Hannaher and O’neil Wholesale Groceries, prior to that, would be better suited as a parking lot. As Ridley’s/Hannaher’s (the name changed in 1964) Dad occupied that space for 15 years.

In Fall 2016, we moved into our new Fargo location at 3803 Main Avenue. Over the course of 18 years, we found ourselves in a facility that was beautiful but it wasn’t functional or efficient for the work we do. We wanted to demonstrate to our customers what we can do with a space and how we can impact the lives of everyone who works in a facility that utilizes our products and services. We truly believe that we can impact the lives of employees, creating healthy work environments and GREAT places to work. This location will provide us with the resources we need and the tools to support our customers all while living and working in a space that encompasses Power of Place theories. Stay connected with us through our social media channels and our newsletters for updates. It’s going to be fun!  read the complete letter from Paul 

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Photo of Rick Harpestad
Rick Harpestad
General Manager SRS Commodities, Ltd
Work Phone: 701.786.3402 Cell Phone: 701.430.9540 Membership: November 3, 2016 Website: http://www.srscommodities.com/
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Photo of Wes Henry
Wes Henry
Owner | Chief Information Officer True IT
Work 745 31st Ave E Suite 120 West Fargo ND 58078 Work Phone: 701.205.4506 Cell Phone: 701.388.3421 Membership: August 14, 2015 Website: True IT Website: IT Blog Website: Business Connection Project


founding Member #1

panelist 6.14.17: Traction Intro and Overview | panelist 7.20.2016: Tech Discussion

Wes is the go-to guy for our clients and employees, and for good reason. He’s the guy who gets things done. It’s no wonder; Wes is a self-made man who prides himself on being a lifelong learner. In his book there are no mysteries, only questions to be researched, answered and applied to solving your IT problems and helping you accelerate your business.

Prior to becoming one of the four founders of True|IT, Wes co-founded and operated another IT company for 11 years. He did it all in that company, from accounting and human resources to sales, tech support to software development. Before that he worked for an Internet services company, an online aviation parts broker and a local computer service company. All told, Wes brings more than 30 years of experience in IT service, support, programming, software development and IT operations to overseeing our Managed IT and Software Development departments. He also holds numerous IT and software development certifications.

Wes and his wife, Jennifer, have four children. https://www.trueit.com/portfolio-item/3-wes-henry/

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Photo of Jim Heyer PE
Jim Heyer PE
President Heyer Engineering
Work Phone: 701.280.0949 Work Fax: 701.280.9686 Cell Phone: 701.866.7731 Membership: January 25, 2016 Website: Heyer Engineering Website: Doolittles | Fargo
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Photo of Dan Hicks
Dan Hicks
President Home Design and Supply
Cell Phone: 701.793.6356 Membership: July 27, 2017 Website: Home Design and Supply | President Website: Commercial Agent | Property Resources Group Website: Murphy Business | Business Intermediary
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Photo of Paul Highness
Paul Highness
Partner Pro Resources
Work Phone: 701.298.0226 Cell Phone: 701.200.4444 Membership: March 13, 2017 Website: http://www.proresourceshr.com/
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Photo of Andrea Hochhalter
Andrea Hochhalter
Chief Operating Officer hue.life
Work Phone: 701.361.3873 Cell Phone: 701.361.3873 Membership: September 6, 2017 Website: hue.life Website: Beyond Facilitation.com


Panelist | Execution: Transforming Your Organization into a Goal-Crushing Machine 12.13.2017

HueLife helps organizations and communities solve challenges related to human understanding and engagement (that’s what hue stands for).

Our facilitators, trainers and consultants use participatory methods, organizational psychology, story-telling, team-building and self-awareness techniques to tap into the wisdom of groups, from small teams to entire organizations.

A big proponent of customer-centricity, Andrea helps clients and communities use participatory methods to solve organizational issues, plan strategically and achieve shared outcomes. She also oversees HueLife’s infrastructure and systems. Before her life as an entrepreneur, Andrea worked at Microsoft developing teams and leading projects nationally and internationally. She has an MBA in Information Systems and a Bachelors in Psychology. She is also a ToP trained practiticioner, and certified by Dale Carnegie and Rotary International. Talk to Andrea about facilitating, training or presenting at AndreaHochhalter@hue.life.

Feb13, 2018 Why I merged my business. Thrilled to announce Beyond Facilitation has merged with HueLife! My passion has always been to help organizations achieve impact through engagement. In order to better facilitate transformations in organizations and communities it became clear I needed to engage with like minded professionals on a shared vision to achieve greater good for those I serve and seek to serve. Excited about our new team and all we can achieve collectively! – Andrea

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Photo of Chuck Hoge
Chuck Hoge
Executive Director NDSU Research and Technology Park
Work 1854 NDSU Research Circle N Fargo ND 58102 Work Phone: 701.499.3601 Membership: August 7, 2017 Website: NDSU Research Park
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Photo of Jessica Hoppe CFP
Jessica Hoppe CFP
Relationship Manager Alerus
Work Phone: 701.280.5135 Cell Phone: 701.212.2610 Membership: January 31, 2017 Website: Alerus .com Website: doTerra Wellness Advocate


Panelist at November 15, 2017 Executive Luncheon, CYA, Cover Your Assets

Jessica is passionate about her work and committed to working in her client’s best interests. As a trusted financial advisor, Jessica has great skill in offering valuable advice to customers to help them achieve their goals. She takes great pride in building strong relationships with customers and getting to know them. Helping her clients succeed is the most rewarding part of her job. “I believe
banking and finance go beyond the numbers and that in my profession I can make a positive difference in people’s lives,” she says.

During her 17-year tenure in the industry, Jessica’s clients have referenced her as open minded, solution driven, knowledgeable, and strategic: “An excellent person to have on your side to link of all your business and financial needs together.”

Active in the community, Jessica volunteers her time on the board of directors of the American Lung Association of the Upper Midwest (ALAUM), the Plains Art Museum, and TNT Kids Fitness. She has also served the community in various capacities with the United Way of Cass-Clay. Jessica is a Certified Financial PlannerTM, holds a master’s degree in business (MBA) from North Dakota State University and a Bachelor of Science degree in finance from Minnesota State
University – Moorhead.

Jessica lives in Horace, North Dakota, with her husband, Bill, and their two children and a crazy Doberman named “Red.” In her free time Jessica enjoys reading, gardening, fitness, and spending as much of her summer as possible at the lake.

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Photo of Nick Horob
Nick Horob
Founder and Owner Harvest Profit
Cell Phone: 701.361.7070 Membership: September 8, 2016 Website: Harvest Profit
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Photo of James R Howe
James R Howe
Managing Partner Howe Seed Farm
Work Phone: 701.347.4879 Cell Phone: 701.238.1285 Membership: November 28, 2016 Website: http://www.howeseedfarm.com/
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Photo of David Hunstad
David Hunstad
Executive Director Moorhead Business Association
Work Phone: 218.284.4643 Membership: May 2, 2017 Website: Moorhead Business Association Website: First Avenue Promotions Website: Old Lutheran
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