Associate Members are local non-profits and area business organizations working in collaboration to build our community. 

Our network is our net worth!


Deb Balzer-Plagemann | Asst Director

since 5.10.2017 ♦ 

the100, inc. GOLD MEMBERS

Gold Members have promised a 10-year commitment and made a significant investment to the growth of our project. Thank you!

  • Payroll Services
  • Benefits Administration
  • Employee Management
  • Regulatory Compliance

301 Sheyenne Street   West Fargo, ND

Member 7 | since 9.3.15 | valid to 1.1.2028 | Thank you Darcy and Todd!

  • Painting Professionals
  • Concrete Coatings
  • Surface Preparation
  • Unparalleled Customer Service

Member 71 | since 2.4.2017 | valid to 2.4.2028 | Thank you Rachael and Jeff!


Sponsor Members go above and beyond by donating time and/or  services to promote and assist with our Executive Events. Thank you!

Thank you to Mike Dragosavich | Member70 | and his team at Fargo Inc! Business Magazine for the monthly promotion of our Executive Events Series!

Thank you to Rob Burke | Member 9 | and his team at Yarn! Rob joined the100, inc in Jan '17 and began videotaping our Executive Events in Feb '17. 

Thank you to Kathey Llewellyn | Member 88 | and her team (especially Lisa Gigler) at MPC for staffing the reception table at all of our Executive Events and assisting the hosts of our Member Socials!