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“Real business solutions.” – Michael Johnson, CEO | ClearPath Advisors, LLC | Detroit Lakes, MN / Fargo, ND

MyClearPathAdvisors.com | 866.823.1492 | MichaelJ@MyClearPathAdvisors.com | Member since December 27, 2017 | GOLD Sponsor since March 2018

“I attend because I leave every meeting with at least 2 or 3 nuggets of knowledge, without ever feeling like someone is trying to sell me something.” – Todd Fuchs, Vice President | Payroll Express, Inc | West Fargo, ND

PayrollExpressInc.com | 701.282.0619 | Todd@PayrollExpressInc.com | Member since August 20, 2015 | GOLD Sponsor since April 2017

“The 100, Inc. is a unique organization formed by pro-active business-people who see the benefit for themselves and their colleagues of getting together to discuss and collaborate on ideas of mutual concern, benefit or potential opportunity. A darn good idea initiated and developed by Kurt McSparron!” – Wayne Bradley, CEO | Bradley Business Advisors, LLC | Fargo, ND

website | 701.239.8670 | wbradley@bbadvisors.net | Member since August 18, 2015

“The 100 inc promotes collaboration of CEOs by providing a place to share ideas and listen to experts! Always relevant topics and time for questions and discussions.” – Carissa Olsen, Chief Operating Officer | Nokota Packers | Buxton, ND

NokotaPackers.com | 701.847.2200 | Carissa@NokotaPackers.com | Member since May 4, 2017

“Whether it is a weekly lunch, monthly seminar session, or a social gathering, I always walk away with a nugget of business knowledge that I can apply to my business. Thank you for allowing me be a part of this amazing organization.” – Dave Harmon, President | Harmon Entertainment | West Fargo, ND

HarmonEntertainment.biz | 701.541.7988 | DaveHarmon1@gmail.com | Member since February 26, 2018

“I am a member because when I was invited to be a member, I saw a list of who’s who in the metro and believed I could learn more about business from this esteemed group of CEO, and business professionals. I have not been disappointed. This is a real value to the members.” – Bill Erickson, President | Rapid Refill | Total Imaging

RapidRefillFargo.com | 701.297.7675 | Bill@TotalImagingOnline.com | Member since September 6, 2017

“I appreciate all the diversity in the businesses/people from the group – I have learned something useful from every single interaction I have had- be it a person to person meeting (thanks TONS Kurt McSparron!) or the Expo, or the monthly meetings! And the willingness of people wanting to help – thanks Stacie Loegering for stepping up and mentoring my daughter! I truly hope that I will be able to pay it forward and offer something of value as well.” – Kari Score, President | Dakota Storage Products | West Fargo, ND

DakotaStorageProducts.com | 800.252.6401 | Kari@DakotaStorageProducts.com | Member since February 5, 2016

“As business leaders all working not just in our own businesses but in our unique industries we often overlook the power and ability to branch out to other leaders that are facing similar challenges as well as opportunities. The 100, Inc. has given us that opportunity to connect and share all of our thoughts together in a group of like minded individuals.” – Andy Draeger, General Manager | Meridian Seeds | Mapleton, ND

MeridianSeeds.com | 866.282.7333 | ADraeger@MeridianSeeds.com | Member since August 29, 2017

“I joined the 100, Inc. immediately after meeting Kurt because he talked about networking in a way that felt different and meaningful. The great thing about this group is that the way he talked about it is what it actually is! I have met great new business people and had lots of important conversations; I even gained a board member from the group!” – Dayna Del Val, President and CEO | The Arts Partnership | Fargo, ND

TheArtsPartnership.net | 701.237.6133 | Dayna@TheArtsPartnership.net | Member since May 25, 2017

“Great group to be part of. Many who continue to push the envelope to make FM one of our countries leading entrepreneurial hubs.” – Allen Ralston, Owner | Allen Ralston Marketing

320.980.0110 | AllenRalston1@gmail.com | Member since January 2, 2017

“In the short weeks I’ve been involved I’ve made meaningful connections with several members that are resulting in legitimate business projects or ideas.” – Peter Schott, Founder | Genesis Feed Technologies

GenesisFeedTech.com | 701.353.1984 | Peter@GenesisFeedTech.com | Member since April 10, 2018

“I advocate for membership because the collective IQ of this group is out of sight. The willingness of all of the members to share their stories, insight and wisdom is immeasurable. I know that if I have a question about anything in the business world, someone in this group knows the answer AND is willing to explain it to me.” – Heather Aal, Program Director | Women’s Business Center | Fargo, ND

trainingND.com | 701.223.0707 | Heather@TrainingND.com | Member since May 9, 2017

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