2.60.10 SIRE Project

is simply…

2 people

60 minutes

10 courses of action





I’m here to help. Your Membership in the100,inc. provides you a whenever-you-need executive assistant, private business strategist, resource and network connector, personal sounding board and confidant. Sometimes you simply need an outside perspective or a fresh set of eyes. Let’s get together and spend 60 minutes purposefully identifying potential courses of action for you, your organization or a specific project!

– Thank you! Kurt

Let’s sit down and…

  • develop a strategy
  • launch a project or idea
  • bring together a collaboration of Members or non-Members
  • vet an idea before you commit to it
  • consider and review additional outside consultants
  • make warm introductions within or outside of our Membership
  • consider outsourcing professional departments or timely processes
  • discover unknown areas of expertise of other Members
  • find ways to move your organization to the next level
  • review internal, external and online performance
  • get you out of an executive rut

Simple, automated scheduling

From the Calendly selector…

  • select the “Members Only | 2.60.10 SIRE meeting”
  • select a day that fits your schedule
  • select a preferred time of day
  • Calendly will automatically add to my calendar
  • I will send you a confirmation email

if you’d prefer to meet somewhere other than your office, you’ll be asked to enter a location. I’m open to meeting anywhere in Fargo-Moorhead.

If the Calendly links don’t appear on your mobile device, visit my scheduling page directly https://calendly.com/kurt100

with Miranda Burfeind
with Todd Fisher and Dave Groshong
with Jodee Bock

The bottom line is, I certainly don’t have all of the answers, but I’ll bet that the collective wisdom of our Membership does!

Let’s sit down and find out…confidentially.

Questions? Text me at 701.541.1073 or email Kurt@the100.work

“You can do what I cannot do.  I can do what you cannot do. Together we can do great things” –  Mother Teresa