Don Arvidson | GOLD Sponsor

Don Arvidson

o: 701-297-8800

c: 218-779-9700

Hometown: Grand Forks, ND

Current City: Fargo, ND

Education: The School of Life Lessons


Member since: August 3, 2017

Owner | Express Employment Professionals

1100 19th Ave N, Suite R-1  Fargo

since 2006 | visit site

Owner | Blazing Lynx

Tell us something interesting about Express Pros? “When we “Match Great job seekers with Great companies”, it is so interesting for me to hear some of the stories of how much it means to both parties.”

Your motivation?  “Of course we all like to make money to buy a nice things, go on vacation, etc.     Beyond material things, it’s a pretty crazy world we live in these days and I think,  if you can make someone’s day just a little bit better or make them smile…….the end result seems they bless me more than I may have blessed them, so experiences like these are motivating to me.

Who has influenced your life? “Jesus number 1.    My Dad and Mom number 2.    My wife Monica number 3.   My Pastor friend Bob Bartlett number 4 and several former school coaches and a handful of Business Owners over the years.”

Personal goal? “About 15 years ago I thought,  “you know what, from this day forward, I want to be a better husband and a better dad than I was yesterday”    ……and I have been picking away at it every day since.”

Business goal? “Annual goals every year centered around our DAILY organization goal, which is to display a ‘Servants Heart’ to all of our valued job seekers and client customers every DAY.”

Something people may not know about you? “I would love to race Sprint Cars one day…..starting to look like my rookie race year may be about the time I hit retirement.”

Volunteer work or Board positions? Part Time Pastor and Deacon at our local church in Fargo

Favorite business quote? “The Harder you work, the Luckier you get!