100 Moments 2020-2022

Jim Buus, JBC Commercial, lending insight at CEO Stand-Up

Todd Berning, EPIC Companies, Group Mentorship Kickoff at Bar Down | Jan. 12, 2022

Ron Fuhrman, Liberty Business Systems, talks about Replacing Yourself | May 17, 2022

Maddie Craig, Blue Cypher Bookkeeping, addresses Wednesday lunch

Sandra, Sylvia, Janelle, Lisa and Amber enjoying Wednesday lunch

Amber Metz, Lake Agassiz Development Group, at Wednesday lunch

Darcy and Todd (June and Johnny) at Karaoke Night w/Harmon Entertainment | Aug. 18, 2021

Dave Harmon, Harmon Entertainment and Shaun Engelsrud at the mic | Aug. 18, 2021

Lisa Bortnem-Wiser and Miranda Burfeind – What a duo! | Aug. 18, 2021

Heather Aal, Aal Yours Consignments & Refinishing leads Wednesday lunch at Porter Creek

Tom Stadum talks Capital Allocation at Wednesday lunch |Aug. 11, 2021

Tom Kading, Fargo Patent & Business Law leads Wednesday lunch |Jul. 14, 2021

The Mentorship team talks with Shanna Cramer and Creatively Uncorked

Powerful Listening w/Gail Nelson, Journey Counseling | Oct. 28, 2020

The Friday Morning Mentorship team talks with Josh Christy and Codelation